Straight Talk from Yanmar About Weight, Contamination, and Pre-Injection - 09/03/2008

When it comes to repowering gas to diesel, Yanmar has taken the industry by storm. High power to weight ratios, small envelopes, concerned distributors who make their living from repowering, and savvy top management have all made Yanmar a leader in this field. Listen now, as Kevin Carlin, an expert on diesel engines, including Yanmar’s, tells us about power to weight ratio, fuel contamination and the joys of pre-injection. (See below.)

Yanmar 1 Yanmar 2 Yanmar 3
Below 350-hp Yanmar is top banana in hp/wt ratio.
How about above 350?
Which fuel is more easily contaminated --
gas or diesel?
How does Yanmar make such quiet engines with no soot?

If you are thinking about repowering your current boat, or a used boat you are thinking of buying, and have questions, send them along to us and we’ll have Yanmar’s techs answer them in a future issue of Offshore Motoryacht…simply use the box below.