Offshore Motoryacht 8/20 - 08/20/2008
Offshore Motoryacht August 20, 2008 If you cannot view the see the newsletter, click here. Tests You Can Trust

Test & Video Reviews

- Henriques 35
- Riviera Yachts 45
- Bayliner 340
- Trader 64 Sunliner
Hatteras 77

Also Inside:
- Cruisers 52' Video
- New Regulator 38
- Ferretti Factory Direct
- Sea Trial a Fairline Targa 44

- Caterpillar C9 Diesel
- Science Behind Prop Selection
- MerCruiser Bravo III
- Interview with Azimut CEO
- 10 Ways to Get 10% Off
- When the Law Hails, "Heave To"
- Kahlenberg Horns
Clean Water Solutions
- Bertram Innovations: ARG
- The Real Cost of an Engine
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We Discover Women!
See Cruisers 52' Videos

Cruisers 520 a Cruisers 520 b Cruisers 520 c
A lady's view of the cockpit and salon.  A master stateroom for real cruising. With a joystick, docking is easy. has conducted over 1,000 boat tests, but not one of them -- heaven forefend -- was conducted by a woman! As hard as that is to believe, it is the sad fact. Not only is it extremely un-PC, it is downright stupid. We are well aware that virtually no boat gets purchased without the stamp of approval from one's better half. Further, we suspect that in more cases than any man would care to admit, he doesn't care which boat he buys so long as his spouse agrees to one of them! The three videos above are the first of many to come where we offer you a woman's perspective of the boat; in this case the Cruisers Yachts 520 Sports Coupe. The lady conducting the tour is Charity Hughes, BoatTEST's Special Project Manager. No, we're not getting rid of Capt. Rob Smith -- we'll get his unvarnished look at the 520, along with performance numbers, in a future issue. Okay ladies, it is your turn and we deserve let us have away here.

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Boat Tests & Reviews

Henriques 35

Henriques 35

Henriques has been building semi-custom yachts since 1977 and with 30 years experience you can bet they’ve installed the right equipment and design requirements to meet the rigors of offshore fishing.   The 35 Express falls in the middle of the Henriques line up. The hull design is derived from the time proven soft ride of its sister, the 38 Express.  See complete test and video.

Bayliner 340 Cruiser

Bayliner 340

Bayliner’s 340 Cruiser is their flagship cruiser built to get more people into the cruising lifestyle. Her list of standard features fulfills the needs of the cruising lifestyle, while her options allow you to step it up a notch and customize your fun.  Bayliner has gone to great lengths to make sure this cruiser is not what your father had.  See complete test and video of the Bayliner's 340 Cruiser…

Riviera Yachts 45

Riviera Yachts 45 Open Flybridge

Riviera's 45 Open Flybridge features clever innovations and a functional layout. Below deck is a three-cabin configuration, a gourmet galley, and a big salon with good space to relax after a hard day of trolling. Come aboard as BoatTEST's Editor-in-Chief reviews the Riviera 45 Open Flybridge.

Trader 64 Sunliner

Trader Sunliner 64

The Trader 64 Sunliner is a luxury cruising yacht easily accommodating 8 for dinner, even when miles from shore. Her megayacht-like features and highly engineered systems allow her to be operated with confidence and without a professional crew. See Capt. Smith’s video…step aboard the Trader 64 Sunliner.

Hatteras 77

Hatteras 77The 77 Convertible from Hatteras is the company's largest convertible, and has features that will appeal not only to fishermen, but to the avid cruiser, too. The 76'10'' length and 22' beam allows for plenty of space to entertain and fish including room for ten guests on the enclosed flybridge and five staterooms below. Come aboard the Hatteras 77 Convertible.

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New Boat

YOU Customize the All New
38' Regulator and WIN!

Regulator 38
The winners of our “Regulator 38 Customization Contest” get one
of’s most coveted awards.

Hull #1 should be ready at the Norwalk Boat Show Sept. 18th, but already dealers tell us that they have customers who have sketched out their customization plans for this new – and still very virgin, as it were – 38’ Center Console Regulator. Below is a small galley, head and double bunk, but topside is where most of the creativity will come in. Regulator tells us the boat is designed for the offshore angler who also wants to take his family day cruising, as well as entertain a gang of friends. Some new owners will be moving up, while others are downsizing from large convertibles. We see lots of possibilities for this new Regulator and we invite you to share your creative customization ideas with us – and with the folks at Regulator in Edenton, NC. To find out more about the new boat AND to give us your customization ideas AND to find out exactly what the coveted prizes are…sharpen your pencil.

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Industry News

Huge Factory-Direct Move by Ferretti Group

Azimut 62 Sovran 35  Maritimo
The sale could have an important impact on U.S. sales of Azimut, Tiara and Maritimo.

Ferretti SpA, parent company of Italy's Ferretti Group, has signed a contract to acquire the assets, brands and ongoing operations of U.S. yacht distribution and service provider Allied Richard Bertram Marine Group (ARBMG). Headquartered in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, Allied Richard Bertram is a dealer for Azimut, Bertram, Maritimo, and Tiara Yachts. The company has nine sales and service locations scattered around the coast of Florida, and one in Puerto Rico, and also has large brokerage, insurance and charter operations. Ferretti is Azimut’s largest motoryacht competitor, which makes this acquisition particularly interesting. To learn more…acquire your mouse.

See interview of Allied Richard Bertram President, George Jousma, before the Ferretti buy out…

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Builder Interview

Paolo Vitelli Talks about Azimut's
Past, Present and Future

Paolo Vitelli Paolo Vitelli 2 Vitelli 3
The history
behind Azimut.
Is the current market saturated? Azimut's future plans in America.

The man who has probably had more to do with the evolution of motoryachts from the conservative, traditional nautical designs of the 1950s to the sleek, romantic vessels of the 21st Century is Italian Paolo Vitelli, CEO and owner of Azimut. It was his vision over two decades ago that has brought motoryachts to their current state of design. Azimut is now a $1.3 billion company and Vitelli attributes his company’s success to a “passion for innovation.” To learn more about the man who brought a sea change to power yachting, join BoatTEST editor Jeff Hammond as he talks with Paolo Vitelli about the incredible success of Azimut and about the company’s future plans in America.

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Diesel Engine News

C9 Diesel
from Caterpillar

Caterpillar C9
Capt. Rob explores the 8.8L diesel engine. 

Caterpillar offers pleasurecraft diesel power range through continuously evolving product line.  The C9 is an electronically controlled, turbo charged and aftercooled in-line 6 cylinder 8.8 liter diesel engine that is well designed for ease of maintenance. This engine has a 24 month warranty with unlimited hours from date of delivery.  See video.

Prop Solutions

The Science Behind
Selecting Props

Powertech... the science
A quick lesson on why propping your boat correctly really matters.

Captain Robert Smith has told us time and time again that a prop is not a prop is not a prop.  Now he is going to teach us how to test out the prop you have on your boat to make sure that it meets your current boating needs.   Watch video.

Watch all PowerTech Videos.

In the Engine Room

MerCruiser Bravo III

MerCruiser Bravo III
Twin counter-rotating props
enable easy handling.

MerCruiser's Bravo III is designed for single or twin applications with engines up to 525-hp and speeds up to 65 mph. According to MerCruiser, the new Bravo III offers best-in-class shifting and is 85% better than their own previous models.  See Capt. Rob Smith’s video featuring the MerCruiser Bravo III drive. 


First Again


Prop Info

Larson Banner

yamaha pwc


boat history



Boat Attitude

Larson Banner

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Fairline Targa 44 Gran Turismo

We are Looking for a Few Good Tests!

Fairline bow Fairline Targa 44 fairline galley
From the electric sliding roof to the bright inviting interiors,
the Targa 44 Gran Turismo is designed for a grand time.

Fairline is known for their sporty look and European up-market amenties.  The relatively small, low windscreen of the 44 coupe definitely maintains this style.  The designer has thoughtfully put a power-driven sliding sunroof right over the helm so the driver can stand.  The Targa 44 is the first Fairline designed specifically for Volvo IPS and Fairline embraced the added space which comes with this new engine package.  Captain Rob has taken this model out twice to test, but so far no cigar.  If you are considering a 44 express, we'd like you to take a sea trial and give us your report.


See Capt. Smith's Video about the Targa 44...

To schedule a test ride on the Targa 44... Sea Trial

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Boat Buying Tips

10 Ways to Get a
10% Discount off a
$2 to $6 Million Yacht

Yacht Discounts

Most new boat buyers are businessmen used to driving a hard bargain. The trouble is that most of these “yachtsmen” don’t know the realities of the big boat business – where fewer than 1,000 new 50’+ powerboats are sold in the U.S. each year. Builders and dealers are working together to make sure both stay economically healthy and inventories stay low. 

To find out about the new paradigm in big boat buying and 10 ways to really save 10%+…plunk your magic twanger.

Boating Safety

When the Law Hails
"Heave To"

Police boats come in many different shapes and sizes these days. Here are some tips for making a stop quick and painless.

Each year over 650 Americans die in boating accidents, most of which are due to operator error. Moreover, boaters all around the world are notoriously careless when it comes to having required safety gear aboard. Marine police – both paid and volunteer – are on the water to make it safer for you and your family, so when you are stopped don’t cop an attitude. As you have seen on these pages, there are some pretty bad actors on the water.  To find out how to deal with marine police and minimize hassle…heave to here.

Product Video

Kahlenberg Horns

Clean Water

Kahlenberg Brothers Company has manufactured horns for megayachts for years, and just recenly they have begun offering horns for the 22-40' boat range.  All Kahlenberg Horns have deep, rich tones and the units are designed for durability in the most adverse conditions. Hear all about them...

Visit Kahlenberg.

Product Video

Clean Water Solutions

Clean Water

If you have ever spilled oil on your boat, you know that the clean up can be messier than the actual spill.  Clean Water Solutions uses products that efficiently  "bioremediate oil and other pollutants." These products are both safe and simple to use, protecting your boat, the water and your environment. Watch Clean Water Solutions video.

Visit Clean Water Solutions. 

Boat Builders

Bertram Innovation: Anti-Rolling Gyro (ARG)

Anti rolling gyroscopes smoothe out the effect of rolling seas so that more people can enjoy the ride.

Bertram Yachts was the first to bring Anti-Rolling Gyros (ARG) to production boats.  Bertram uses exclusive ARG technology, which suppresses rolling motion and reduces rolling angle by up to 50 percent, according to the builder.  Captain Rob Smith explains how the ARG system works and why you'll want it on your boat.

Boat Buying Tip

The Real Cost of Maintaining an Engine

Maintaining your Engine
Capt. Forrest Roberts knows motoryachts well.

Once you've narrowed down your new boat list, the next step is to review the available engines  and find out the real cost of maintaining each model.  This takes a bit of time and effort on your part, but in the long run it could end up saving you quite a bit of cash and aggravation.  Sit with Captain Rob Smith and Captain Forrest Roberts as they discuss what you must consider when choosing the "best" engine.

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Why We Boat

Sailfish Extravaganza Under the Boat
Photographs by Paul Nicklen

This is an actual picture taken just below the surface off Isla Mujeres, Mexico. Oh, if only we could have been there (with rod and reel, of course).

We had the pleasure of meeting the renowned National Geographic photographer Paul Nicklen a few years ago on a cruise to Baffin Island. He lives in Whitehorse in the Yukon Territory (how neat is that!) and is world famous for his arctic photos, many taken under icebergs. For these incredible pictures of sailfish feeding, he simply slipped off of a power boat and sank a few feet under the surface off of Isla Mujeres, Mexico, in the Straits of Yucatan. These photos and many more appear in the September issue of National Geographic. We offer them to you because it reminds us of why there is no sport in the world quite like boating. Whether you are a fisherman or a scuba diver or just love nature you’ll love these Nicklen photos…catch and release.

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