New Yamaha F40 EFI Is Feature-Rich - 07/16/2008
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Before Yamaha entered the American outboard engine market nearly 30 years ago it did something stunning: it sent its engineers to the States to talk with fishermen and boat builders to find out what they wanted. The rest, as they say, is history. Now, Yamaha has done the same thing again, albeit on a smaller scale, with its new F40 EFI which replaces their old carbeurated model. The new F40 has a laundry list of user-friendly features such as trolling speeds from 650 to 900 rpm, rpm's can be changed with a thumb switch in 50 rpm increments for more precise control, and the tiller handle can be adjusted into a wide range of positions.
Fly-by-wire is optional which means that you can have all of Yamaha's latest engine readouts in addition to Command Link control. The engine has a standard 3-year warranty.

The F40 is a real workhorse, so join Capt. Rob Smith as he takes a video look...