Offshore Motoryacht - 06/25/2008
Offshore Motoryacht June 25, 2008 If you cannot view the see the newsletter, click here. Tests You Can Trust

Test & Video Reviews

- Ovation 52
- Sunseeker Manhattan 70
- Rampage 41 Express
- Regal 4060 Commodore
- Carver 56 Voyager SE
Bayliner 340 Cruiser
- Strike 37 Walk Around
- Marquis 40 SC

- Mainship Pilot 31 Sedan

Also Inside:
- Why People Get Hooked
Mercury Marine's SmartCraft
- New Fairline Targa 64
- Search BoatTEST Articles
- OceanLED Goes Underwater
- Interview with Formula Boats
- VideoRay & Fish Farming
- Watercounter Review
- Merc's New 350 Verados
- Earthrace Saga
- Rate Your Boat
- Onboard Weather
- Fire Danger
- PPV Videos
Ducky Award Winner
- EPA Permit Fiasco

Why Do People Get Hooked on Boating?

Why do People Get Hooked on Boating
“Breezing Up” by Winslow Homer captures youngsters sailing off the New England coast 100 years ago.

If you are a dyed-in-the-wool boater we bet you’ve never asked yourself that question, but some of your friends may wonder. All boaters have some things in common and that is why whenever they meet, they have so much to talk about. Boating is not for just anyone. It takes time, money, knowledge, experience, patience, fortitude, and one must have a romantic soul. Boaters are a different breed of men and women. They value things differently than landlubbers. They love nature and like to be out in it, not sitting in front of a TV watching it on the Discovery Channel. And they all love one thing more than any other... to find out what that is…open this secret.

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Boat Tests & Reviews

Rampage 41 Express

Rampage 41 Express

Rampage Yachts offers the 41 Express with optional double stateroom configuration consisting of a forward stateroom with a comfortable island queen berth and second stateroom featuring two twin Pullman-style berths. The aft cockpit is well designed with over 100 square feet of space for big fish action and modular to plan the functionality to fit your style of fishing armament. See Capt. Rob's video review.

Marquis 40 SC

Marquis 40 SCMarquis developed the 40 SC for the lucky few who appreciate the best in quality and design. The company's intention is to bring megayacht luxury to an express cruiser scale and do it with exceptional styling, construction and performance. Penned by the Italian naval architect firm of Nuvolari-Lenard this sumptuous machine offers striking lines and an open-air salon unlike anything else in her class. See complete test and video.

Bayliner 340

Bayliner 340 Cruiser

The 340 Cruiser is Bayliner's flagship cruiser geared toward value conscious buyers and it is equipped with a host of standard features and intelligent, contemporary styling. If inland waters are your cruising domain and you're price savvy about that playtime, then Bayliner’s 340 Cruiser might just be the cure for those work day blues. See complete test and video.

Ovation 52

Ovation 52

Ovation is a new brand developed by Silverton Marine. The Ovation 52 is being built on a dedicated production line with a dedicated work force. All aspects of the boat will be handled autonomously from the Silverton Marine line of boats. Editor Jeff Hammond and author Eric Sorensen sort through the details of the new Ovation 52, finding things they like and things to change. See video reviews.

Sunseeker Manhattan 70

Sunseeker Manhattan 70

If you are looking for one of the sleekest motoryachts in the world, one that looks like it is going 50 knots at the dock, then you need look no further than the Manhattan 70 by Sunseeker. The Manhattan 70 features four ensuite staterooms and Euro-styling that creates a vessel ideal for world-class venues.
Take a video tour through the beautiful Manhattan 70…

Regal 4060 Commodore

Regal 4060

We have come to recognize Regal as a builder focused on design and quality, but there seems to be a case to make for efficiency as well. The updated 4060 has some interesting fuel burn numbers at cruise speeds. We tested this model in St. Petersburg, FL in some rough conditions and came away impressed with the handling, performance and the amenities that abound in this luxurious yacht. See complete test and video.

Carver 56 Voyager SE

Carver 56 SE

The 56 Voyager SE is the flagship of the Carver fleet and it has some impressive design features starting with the contemporary pilothouse. If you’re looking for an update to the traditional dual-station layout that provides style, luxury, and value then check out the Voyager SE from Carver. Some Carver dealers are selling 2007 boats for below their cost...check it out here.
Come aboard with Captain John for the complete test and video review.

Strike 37 Walk Around

Strike 37 WA

The standout feature of the Strike 37 Walk Around is the single level wide walkaround. Any man, woman or child can safely move stern to bow while fishing the monster fish or just enjoying the view. It has all of the simplicity of the center console and yet all of the added features of a full cuddy cabin. Rick O'Neill from Strike discusses the Cummins engine package. See video review.

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Downeast Style

Mainship Pilot 31 Sedan Invites Comparison

Mainship 31
The new Mainship Pilot 31 Sedan has Downeast lobster boat lines and plenty of utility.

It is not often that one boat builder asks you to compare its boat with another brand, but Mainship is doing just that with its new Pilot 31, a Downeast-styled boat with broad appeal. Mainship is inviting all interested parties to compare their new Pilot 31 with the Back Cove 29, another Downeast-styled boat with a single diesel engine. Mainship’s 31 is a four-sleeper, and unlike the Back Cove 29, the galley is on the bridge deck in a bright, airy arrangement that we like. Capt. Smith has been aboard the Mainship 31 and you can see his video remarks below. He plans to run test numbers out west soon, and we’ll pass them on. In the meantime, check out Mainship’s comparison data with the Back Cove.

See Capt. Smith’s video remarks on the Mainship Pilot 31…

See Mainship’s comparison with the Back Cove 29…

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Product Video

Mercury Marine's SmartCraft Gets Smarter

Smartcraft bob Smartcraft vessel view smartcraft depth Smartcraft DTS

As engines technologies continue to advance the need to monitor engine performance has become an important part of the boating experience. MerCruiser currently offers a system called SmartCraft which they continually update. Having a multitude of engine function data at your fingertips is more than just convenient, it helps to enhance your enjoyment of boating as well as providing an added layer of safety. Captain Robert Smith reviews Mercury’s new SmartCraft technology, Vessel View and Digital Throttle and Shift (DTS) which help simplify the dash, reduce the weight and connections, and allow you to set up the information in a view that makes sense to you.

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New Boat

New Fairline Targa 64
Coming to U.S. this Fall

Targa 64
The first new Targa 64 to hit U.S. shores should be at the Norwalk Boat Show this fall.

Fairline has packed a lot of accommodations into this three-stateroom, three head, galley down 64’ express cruiser. Powered by twin 1015-hp Cat diesels it is the flagship of the Targa fleet. The bridge deck is larger than it appears in the photo above and Fairline has done a good job of making this boat a high-power day boat or a comfortable cruising boat for 6 plus a captain. The builder plans on making about 25 of these units in the next 12 months for the world market, but only 2 will be allocated to the U.S. To see the accommodation drawings and to find out more about the Targa 64…read on.

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BoatTEST News

“Article Search” Joins BoatTEST
Video Search

Library Search
The ancient library of Alexandria was the repository of all human knowledge 2000 years ago. Now it is Google, and BoatTEST for powerboat info.

In its never-ending quest to come up with more information you can use to help you enjoy your boating experience, has recently introduced an “Article Search" feature. It is close to the top of the homepage and the button is just to the right of the “Video Search” button. Just type in the keyword in the box provided and presto, article links will come up. If does not have an appropriate article in its massive archives, the system will automatically display whatever Google finds on the WWW. So now, when you are doing research on any nautical subject, just come to, and ask.

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Underwater Lights

OceanLED Goes Underwater

OceanLED1 OceanLED2
Why LED light replaces old "bulb" technology.

OceanLED3 OceanLED4
Are all LED underwater lights the same?

Lee Savage is the CEO of OceanLED, the Pied Piper of underwater LED lights for yachts. While he would of course like you to buy his brand of underwater lights, he says so long as you go with an LED system, that is the most important decision. (What a refreshing approach!) Savage says, “bulb” technology such as halogen and Xenon lights are things of the past. Take a look at these two very informative videos as Capt. Rob Smith investigates underwater lights.

Formula Boats

Designer John Adams Discusses His Work

John Adams John Adams
John Adams has been Formula’s designer
for 36 years.
Adams talks about
fit 'n' finish and the
trend to coupes.

Not many builders can say they have had the same designer for 36 years, but John Adams has that distinction with Formula Boats – and he is still a young man! That 36 years of experience is a valuable asset to both Formula and consumers because it means his mistakes are well behind him. These two videos, and several others, were made by Formula so that John could tell the story of his Super Sport day boats. All the videos are available when you go to a Formula test and here are direct links to two of them…

The Super Sport day boat concept…

A look at Formula’s quality and the future…

See all Formula’s test videos…

New Product

Fish Farming is Fishy

VideoRay Salmon
This VideoRay-eye view of what really goes on
in fish farms is enlightening.

If you have never visited a salmon fish farm, count yourself as lucky. Once you have you may never eat farmed salmon again. Below is a link to a video taken underwater by a VideoRay robot camera. This is a great demo of what this marvelous device can do, in addition to checking your prop, your anchor set, the bottom conditions, and of course looking for fish. Prices start at $6k and you’re in business. If you have a large yacht, you should never leave the dock without one.

See underwater video of salmon farm…

Visit VideoRay’s website…


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New Product

Everyone Needs a Watercounter

Capt. Smith takes a look at a simple device that can warn you when water is low.

It is important to have both enough water under your boat as well as in your water tank when cruising. How many times have you gone to take a shower, wash your clothes or make some coffee only to discover that your on board well has gone dry?

Take a look at our video report on the new Watercounter…splish splash here.

Engine News

Reggie Discusses Merc’s New
350-hp Verados

reggie Fountain with 350-hp Mercs
Mercury went to Reggie Fountain to test their new 350-hp outboards. Here’s what he reports.

It is no secret that Mercury Marine and Reggie Fountain, Founder and CEO of Fountain Powerboats and now also Baja by Fountain, have a close working relationship. It was not surprising, then, that Mercury asked Reggie to wring out their prototypes of the new 350-hp Verado last January. Reggie put three of them on one of his 38’ center consoles. Merc says production units will be available in October. We are waiting to be given the green light to test production units. In the meantime, if you are thinking about buying a brace of these ponies, then you’ll want to hear what Fountain has to say…super charge this.

Earthrace Saga

6 Days of Monsoons Don't Stop Earthrace

Here at the helm of Earthrace is one of the ship’s crew and skipper Pete Bethune (r).
The vessel has no AC or shower.

After six days of monsoon weather and 6 to 8 foot seas crossing the Indian Ocean, Earthrace made her scheduled pit stop in Oman without incident. Then through the Gulf of Aden without being attacked by pirates and into the safety of the Red Sea where no one messes with either the Saudi or Egyptian navies. Earthrace had to slow down in the Suez Canal on Monday, June 23, where single file at idle speed is mandatory. As you read this she is on her way across the Med to the finish line in Saugata, Spain. Stay tuned next week for a complete wrap up of the new record holder of the “Around the World Powerboat Record”...if she makes it.

Rate Your Boat

How Does Your
Boat Score?

Rate Your Boat
Some boats are more fuel efficient and comfortable than others.

For years boat owners have told us what they like and don’t like about their boats, citing specific brands and models. BoatTEST puts that in its database and shares it with prospective new boat buyers when they search our test pages. Your review can save a new buyer lots of money and frustration, by helping them get the right engine (usually bigger), the important options (such as the anchor windlass), and alert them as to what to watch out for (such has the helm seat).

To add your two cents worth about your boat…ping here.

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Onboard Weather

XM WX Weather Service Lets You Dodge Cells

WxWorx1 WxWorx2 WxWorx3 WxWorx 4

The above screen shots give you an idea of how you can track
and avoid bad weather with this terrific new system.

Of all of the new products we have seen come out in the last year for boaters, the XM WX WxWorx weather system is the highest tech and the most useful. After all, given the kind of weather we have been having lately, with thunderstorm cells coming through packing 50-knot winds, it would be nice to know what is coming and going. The company sends all you need in a small box, besides your chartplotter or laptop, and Capt. Smith got the system up and running in 5 minutes. The provider takes data from all available sources and sends it by satellite to your antenna. In addition to radar weather maps you also get data from NOAA buoys and even where different fish species are supposed to be biting. There is nothing like it. Take a moment and see Capt. Smith’s video demonstration…

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Fire Danger

Halogen Lights Can Be Dangerous

Miami Barca_fire.jpg hatteras boatfire.jpg boat_fire2

There are many ways a fire can start aboard a boat, but one of the most over-looked causes is halogen lights. They can and do start fires that can burn a yacht to the waterline. Two years ago one of our friends got aboard his new, large motoryacht and smelled smoke. A quick run around the boat turned up nothing until a closet door that was ajar was opened. Inside, a halogen light was doing a nice job of burning through a cardboard box that had been placed on a shelf below it. Flames had not yet erupted, but they were only a couple of minutes away. To find out more about halogen lights and what to do if you have them on your boat...strike this match.

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Ducky Award Winner

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First Place
“Honey…I think I am stuck between a rock and a windlass!” – A. Rickelman

Second Place
“Hey babe, one anchor will not be enough today so get ready to jump, okay?”
– S. Lindeman

Honorable (almost) Mention
“This d- - - anchor will catch anything except the bottom!” –B. Mann-Charlotte

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