The mission of is to help you zero-in on the best boat for your purposes and pocketbook. Here’s how to get the most out of the material we have to offer—

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  2. At the top of virtually every page there is a light green box that says, “New Boat Information & Tests.” Go There.

  3. Go to the box that says “Any Size” and click on the size range in which you are interested.

  4. You do NOT have to pick a Manufacturer. While you might have a builder in mind, we recommend that you first look at all of the boats we have tested in your type and size range.

  5. Then hit the green GO button. It will take you to a list of boats we have tested in the type and size range you selected. Pick one and examine the test.

  6. On the test pages you will find a wealth of information as well as one or more videos. Be sure to read the “Captain’s Report” and view both the “Test Results” and the test video.

  7. Note that above the performance chart on the “Test Results” page it says "(Printer Friendly Page)". Click on those words and print out a copy of the performance information.

  8. Next, look at several other boats. Then, use the “Compare” feature to see the important measurements and equipment on each of the three boats compared side-by-side.

  9. If you want to see any of our articles or videos on a particular subject, just go to the Home Page, and near the top of the page is a blank field and to the right is the search icon. Simply type in the subject you would like to know more about.

  10. For our current newsletter or all archived newsletters, visit Home Page, then look for Newsletters tab.

  11. has over 255,000 pages of information about powerboats and related equipment and subjects. Snoop around on our Home Page and investigate all of the buttons and links to a whole new world of information.