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Tiara 4500 Sovran (2011-)
(w/ Currently no test numbers)

Captain's reports and/or test numbers for this model are archived.
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Brief Summary

Tiara made waves at the recent Fort Lauderdale boat show with its introduction of the 4500 Sovran, a replacement for the company's star performer, the 4300 Sovran. But the 4500 isn't just a stretched 4300 – it has a different hull, a different deck, a modified arrangement plan, a new hardtop design and lots of small improvements on the earlier model, many inspired by input from Tiara owners. "We didn't just add a couple of feet and call it a new boat," said company president David Slikkers. "It's a completely different boat." Since the 4300 Sovran became Tiara's strongest seller in a shorter time than any previous model, it took courage for the company to retire it in favor of the 4500. Did they do the right thing, or should Tiara have kept the 4300 Sovran around for a while longer

Tiara 4500 Sovran (2011-) Captain's Report is archived.