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Tiara 4800 Convertible (2010-)
(w/ Currently no test numbers)

Captain's reports and/or test numbers for this model are archived.
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Brief Summary

Tiara Yachts’ new 4800 Convertible is a sign of the times. She is Tiara’s largest convertible, she has three staterooms and two heads packed into 48’, and we can see her going toe-to-toe with even bigger battlewagons. In many respects the Tiara has all of the functionality of a 55’ convertible but is on the order of $700,000 less than 6-sleeper convertibles in the mid-50’ range from top-tier builders. And, Tiara has always been a top-tier builder, right there with Viking, Hatteras and Bertram, although generally building smaller boats. The Tiara 4800 Convertible might just be a giant killer. With clever design, Tiara (which is not known for building inexpensive boats) has produced what we think is a remarkably good value for someone looking for a large battlewagon for offshore fishing, or just plain cruising and entertaining.

Tiara 4800 Convertible (2010-) Captain's Report is archived.