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Marquis 420 Sport Bridge (2014-)
(w/ Currently no test numbers)

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Brief Summary

The Marquis 420 Sport Bridge is one of the most Italian-styled sun bridge boats built in the U.S. While this yacht’s strong suit is styling -- both exterior and interior -- there have been significant and far-reaching changes at Marquis that make this vessel more attractive than every before. In this case beauty is more than skin deep.

Key Features

  • Transom hot and cold freshwater handshower
  • 34' swim platform with 3 step boarding ladder
  • Transom lounge, accomodates 4 adults
  • Fly bridge with sun pad and table with 2 drink holders
  • Electronic arch with premium grade acrylic urethane topcoat
  • Salon entertainment group eith LCD TV, stereo, DVD player, and iPod dock
  • Salon table converts into double berth with filler cushions
  • Dark Brazillian cherry wood flooring in galley and salon
  • Under counter refrigerator/freezer in galley
  • Specifications

    Length Overall 42’ 6''
    12.9 m
    Beam 13’ 11''
    4.2 m
    Dry Weight 29,000 lbs.
    13,154 kg
    Tested Weight N/A
    Draft 42''
    1.07 m
    - Draft Up N/A
    - Draft Down N/A
    - Air Draft N/A
    Deadrise/Transom N/A
    Max Headroom 6’ 5''
    2 m
    Bridge Clearance 14’ 0''
    4.3 m
    Weight Capacity N/A
    Person Capacity N/A
    Fuel Capacity 300 gal.
    1,136 L
    Water Capacity 140 gal.
    530 L
    Length on Trailer N/A
    Height on Trailer N/A
    Trailer Weight N/A
    Total Weight
    (Trailer, Boat, & Engine)

    Prices, features, designs, and equipment are subject to change. Please see your local dealer or visit the builder's website for the latest information available on this boat model.

    Engine Options

    Std. Power Not Available
    Tested Power Currently no test numbers
    Opt. Power 1 x 400-hp Volvo Penta IPS550 gas
    1 x 370-hp Volvo Penta D6 IPS500
    1 x 435-hp Volvo Penta D6 IPS600
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    Captain's Report

    Marquis 420 Sport Bridge
    The exterior color of the Marquis 420 sets the tone of this vessel both inside and out. She is a boat designed for the French Riviera but built in Pulaski, Wisconsin.

    Mission of the Marquis 420 Sport Bridge

    While European style has influenced express cruisers built in the U.S. for years, Marquis has set itself apart by going virtually 100% Italian in design and styling both inside and out. This approach has proved to be quite popular world-wide as half of its production goes outside the U.S.The second mission of the new Marquis 420 SB is to be as well-built on the inside as she is stunning-looking on the outside. This is the big message we discovered when examining the boat recently. This is not your uncle Pete's Marquis. The company now states that its mission is a "…dependable yacht that represents ultra-premium construction, craftsmanship and components."

    Marquis 420 Sport Bridge
    The boat's rub rail is 2" (50 cm) stainless steel, but important construction details don't end there. "A" -- Skylights laminated into the deck so there is no leaking; "B" -- Drain in the low spot on side decks so water doesn't pool and then overflow down the hull side; "C" -- Drain exit at boot stripe to eliminate black streaks on hull; "D" -- Raised water deflector on hull side so spray does not flow into the engine room air intake.

    Distinguishing Features

    Styling, Styling, Styling.

    At the risk of becoming repetitive, exterior styling and an interior treatment right out of Milano are this boat’s distinguishing features.●

    Interior Décor.

    The Marquis 420 SB – built in the American Midwest – looks like something that has come right out of the Genoa Boat Show.●

    Painted Hull Sides.

    While stone gray metallic polyurethane paint on the hull sides is standard, Marquis will "paint the hull any color the customer wants." Then the paint is buffed to a high shine. ●

    Specify "ANY" Interior Wood

    This is a biggie and quite unusual, even for builders of production megayachts. Marquis states that it will highly customize the interior of the 420 to fit a customer's tastes. Want walnut, teak, or wenge wood inside on bulkheads and cabinetry? Just ask.●

    CE Class "A" Ocean Standards

    Marquis tells us that "The 420 SB are -- as all Marquis yachts -- built to CE Class "A" Ocean standards." This is a very rare characteristic, indeed, for a 42' (12.8 m) powerboat.●

    IPS Gas Propulsion.

    The standard boat is powered by twin 400-hp Volvo Penta gas engines hooked up to IPS pods. This combination is unusual as most IPS-powered boats have diesel power, and has the advantages of lower-priced gas engines and more fuel-efficient pod drives. Two IPS diesel options are available: twin 370-hp to 435-hp systems using the company D6 engine. All engines have freshwater cooling.●


    Because the boat has IPS propulsion no matter which engine options are selected, joystick control for easier close-quarter maneuvering is standard. Steering is drive-by-wire.●

    Expandable Aft Deck.

    The transom bench seat moves aft 9” with the push of a button creating 6 sq. ft. more of aft deck space, expanding it from 54 sq. ft. to 60 sq. ft. It is one of the only boats we know of with this feature.●


    The 420 SB comes standard with a Kohler 10 kW LOW CO gas generator. The unit has a sound shield and a 5-year warranty.

    Marquis 420 Sport Bridge
    Stone gray polyurethane paint comes standard on the 420's hull sides but customers can opt for any paint color they want. This is an unusual option.

    Brazilian Cherry Decking.

    This dark cherry wood is one of the most dazzling aspects of the boat in our opinion. ●

    Air Conditioning.

    The 420 SB has three condensers in two zones to cool or heat the boat. The BTU capacities are 10,000, 12,000, and 16,000.●

    Two Fuel Tanks.

    There are two 150-gallon (568 L) fuel tanks aboard so that a problem with one system will not shut down the boat’s operation. ●

    Lectrotab Trim Tabs.

    These stainless steel flat planes have gained a good reputation in the market place for strength and durability.●

    Integral Aluminum Overhead Truss

    reinforcement in cabin top structure which reduces weight and provides strength.●


    Acoustical and thermal, integrated into the laminate. This is one of the latest industry techniques for reducing boat noise.●

    Flying Bridge Arch.

    The standard light-weight arch is welded premium-grade aluminum painted with AWLCRAFT, a polyurethane coating.●

    4-Way Power Seat.

    The lower helm seat is a 4-way power seat much the same that is fitted into the driver's side of most automobiles. While common in cars this amenity is unusual in boats.

    Marquis 420 Sport Bridge
    The main deck of the Marquis 420 SB.
    Marquis 420 Sport Bridge
    Note the unobtrusive staircase to the bridge. Two, wide aft doors bring the outside into the salon.

    The Salon

    Remember the days when virtually all boat interiors had upholstery in red, white and blue? Remember the anchor and wooden ship’s wheel motifs on the cushions and fabrics? Then there were the bed spreads with sea shells, sea horses and light houses. These were particularly popular on middle market cruisers. On the Marquis 420 those days are long past.

    Marquis 420 Sport Bridge
    Our 6’3” (1.98 m), 230 lb. (104.5 kg.) captain demonstrates the size of the loveseat opposite the dinette in the salon.

    Interior Décor.

    Upon entering the salon the first thing one notices is the wide-planed dark-stained Brazilian cherry decking. The premium fabrics and colors, seating upholstery, black lacquer accents, cherry cabinetry and bulkheads, and chrome highlights all combine to create an aura of luxurious modernity. To starboard the three-part table folds up and may be lowered to serve as a cocktail table, it can be raised and opened to be a dining table, and lowered to be a platform for a filler cushion, making a third bed. To port is a smart-looking loveseat for two, allowing a total of six people to sit in the salon and rehash their day on the water.

    Marquis 420 Sport Bridge
    A close-up view of the overhead in the salon. The new 420 SB is awash in small details that give this boat so much eye-appeal. Note the black lacquered wood accent on the overhead that breaks up what would otherwise be a sea of white fabric. It also defines the overhead inset soffit. Look closely and see the reflection of the blue rope indirect lighting that seems to glow at night and looks cool.
    Marquis 420 Sport Bridge
    Looking forward in the Marquis 420 SB. This interior wood treatment is light-colored. Dark cherry wood is standard and we prefer it.
    Marquis 420 Sport Bridge
    An example of what the dark cherry stain looks like in the 420 Sport Bridge. The layouts of the two models are identical except for the credenza at left in the Sport Bridge instead of the love seat.
    Marquis 420 Sport Bridge
    Note the black lacquered accents: "A"-- Wood strip in the overhead; "B" -- Wood frame around the flats creen TV; “C” -- Lacquered wood border on table and on frame of the cabinet.
    Marquis 420 Sport Bridge
    This double-wide helm seat has a bolster as well as powered up and down, fore and aft. There is 5'11" (1.82 m) standing headroom at the helm.
    Marquis 420 Sport Bridge
    The wheel is moved toward the center of the boat allowing the navigator to sit outboard where the two large navigation screens are located. The captain can also see these screens as the one outboard is angled inward. The joystick is behind the wheel to the left. In all likelihood the captain will be standing to the left of the wheel looking aft when backing in to a slip, so it is not as unhandy as it may at first seem.

    The Helm

    Helm Seat.

    Perhaps the first thing that is noticed about the helm of the Marquis 420 is that it has a raised foot platform made of thick Lexan with a slight green tint. That adds a cool, modern look to the boat. The single bench seat is a double, wide enough for a captain and navigator. The helm position is inboard and the companion position is outboard, which is a switch to what we often see. This design has its pros and cons, but overall we like it.

    Improving Visibility.

    One of the unavoidable aspects to lower helms in these types of boats is that in nearly all cases the hardtop support forward to starboard provides a visual obstruction for the captain. The closer the skipper’s eyes are to the mullion, the greater is the forward blind spot. Marquis --by moving the helm position inboard -- has both distanced the captain’s eyes from the support thus reducing the degrees of the obstructed field.

    Marquis 420 Sport Bridge
    The lower helm is designed for sitting and steering. While underway a 5-degree bow-high running angle and the low instrument panel will permit good visibility forward even for tall captains when seated.
    Marquis 420 Sport Bridge
    Our test captain is 6'3" (1.90 m) so he will not be standing at this helm when underway.

    The downside to the 420’s helm seat design is that the companion is trapped inside of the captain, meaning that the helm must be briefly vacated to make the exit of the navigator possible. This is a small inconvenience to pay for the advantages of improved helm visibility, in our opinion.

    Power Seat.

    The helm seat has 4-way power adjustment. If automobile makers can put power seats in virtually every car on the planet, then why can't builders of premium yachts do the same? The fact is, we can count on one hand the number of builders which do. Marquis is a member of a very select fraternity. The seat even has a bolster.


    Finally, in true Italian tradition, the captain cannot stand at this helm unless the sunroof is open or he/she is under 5'11" (1.82 m). Even then, because the windshield is low and raked, steering must be done while seated. This little detail seems not to bother European boaters as most boats built in this size range have such a design. The two windshields have wipers and defoggers, port and starboard.

    Marquis 420 Sport Bridge
    The galley has all of the basics in a compact space. Of course the stove top needs sea rails and the counter needs fiddles, but what's new? Since the 420 is essentially a day boat the galley will usually only be used at the dock or at anchor in a quiet cove.

    The Galley

    The galley deck is lowered slightly in order to give the chef good visibility outside the boat. Essentially the 420 will be used as a day boat, so the galley need not be particularly big, and in this size boat, it really cannot be. Nevertheless it has a ss sink, two burners with a Ceran top and an exhaust fan. There is a microwave oven and a 5.6 sq. ft. (159 L) refrigerator/freezer under the counter. Counter space is limited, but is helped somewhat by the glass stovetop and the dash under the windshield which is a good place to put trays of food when working. By the companionway there is a large two-tiered liquor cabinet with indirect lighting which will make colored bottles look festive.


    Under the galley deck is a large, deep storage compartment that essentially becomes the lazarette of this boat. Remember, she is powered by an IPS system that has the engine and drive systems in the stern, right where the laz would be in a conventional design. This is a somewhat inconvenient place for things such as cans of oil, tools, a spare anchor and many other things normally kept in a lazerette. On the other hand, it is more inviting for things like beverages, wine bottles, canned and boxed food and spare bedding.

    Marquis 420 Sport Bridge
    The swim platform is integral to the hull. Note the cleats on the platform. The bench seat on the aft deck is large enough for four adults. All teak is optional.

    The Stern

    Swim Platform.

    The swim platform is 34 q. ft. ( 3.2 sq. m.) and is integral to the hull, not a bolted on addition. This gives it great weight-carrying capacity and it should be wide enough to carry a small tender. The trick will be launching and retrieving it which can probably be done with a small hydraulic davit. Also a Weaver device can be added to the aft lip of the swim platform.Otherwise the “teak beach” makes a fine place for sunning, swimming and greeting friends who come to visit by dinghy. There are port and starboard cleats on the platform which will be ideal for tying up painters for dinghies, making this area a mini-marina.

    Aft Deck.

    We have already discussed how the seat slides back to add 9” (22.7 cm) fore-and-aft clearance on the deck. The 9” is crucial to making it possible to add a table and two folding chairs for al fresco dining. The engine compartment is below and accessed through a hatch in the sole. There is also a storage compartment for lines and fenders under the seats. We like the fact that Marquis has chosen to have only one access point to the aft deck, instead of two for symmetry’s sake. In this way a precious seat is saved.

    Teak Step Option.

    The steps to the flying bridge are fiberglass with normal-height risers but they are somewhat narrow. Teak treads on these steps and on those going to the side decks are optional and we urge all boaters to make sure any fiberglass steps are covered with this naturally non-skid material. This is important advice for any boat as fiberglass steps are extremely slippery when wet.

    Aftermarket Items.

    Since boaters tend to use their aft decks for all sorts of purposes, Marquis does not make an aft deck table standard. If one is desired we would suggest having one custom built to meet an owner’s specific requirements. The flying bridge does overhang the aft deck enough to permit it to be buttoned up with isinglass. For people in northern latitudes we would recommend that aftermarket addition. It creates three-season living space for a minimum of dollars spent.

    Marquis 420 Sport Bridge
    The two-staterooms of the 420 are down three steps. “A” – Storage space accessed through a hatch in the galley deck. “B” – The engine room has space for the standard 10 kW generator and other equipment as well.
    Marquis 420 Sport Bridge
    Down three steps to the head and the two staterooms. Note the liquor cabinet at left.


    The Marquis 420’s two cabins and single head is a fairly standard layout for this size boat. What is not so usual, however, is the execution. And that starts with the easy three steps down from the galley deck that are set slightly to port.

    The master cabin

    forward has the standard arrangement. There are two long skylights in the deck which are unusual and will bring in lots of light. In addition, there are two opening round, retro-style portlights port and starboard. There is a translucent forward opening deck hatch.

    Marquis 420 Sport Bridge
    This is the master stateroom from the headboard looking aft to the door at right. The twin opening doors at left are to the hanging locker. Blue lights play on the curtains over the skylights to give this cabin the same cool, blue glow at night as seen in the salon.
    Marquis 420 Sport Bridge
    The master done in dark cherry and earth tones shows how classy and cozy this cabin can be. “A”—There are two deep drawers for storage. The innerspring mattress and platform lift up to reveal a dedicated storage space for the dining table. “B”—Note the rounded corner of the pedestal bed. “C” – The black lacquered accent on the cabinet. “D”—More black accent treatments on the overhead. “E”—The black solid surface with indented notch instead of a bullnose with a chrome accent. “F” – We’d like to see the same chocolate brown wainscoting here as is used in the guest stateroom. (See below.)
    Marquis 420 Sport Bridge
    Note the high-quality stainless steel fixtures in the head and the deep wash basin.

    The single head

    has a separate shower stall with a fiberglass seat which is a fine feature. Teak is an option. The shower door is glass with an aluminum frame. There is a skylight and opening portlights both in the shower stall and over the wash basin. There is a standard exhaust fan and the toilet is a VacuFlush.

    Guest Stateroom

    Marquis 420 Sport Bridge
    This is the view our cameraman caught when entering the guest stateroom to starboard. He had standing headroom and was greeted by the attractively designed hanging locker and cabinet.
    Marquis 420 Sport Bridge
    Above is an available color scheme for the guest cabin. Although this picture was taken with a wide-angle lens there is a decent amount of room between the beds. Note the small night stand. Most important is the tasteful and harmonious color scheme that makes the guest cabin look like it is on a million dollar boat.
    Marquis 420 Sport Bridge
    The same space with different décor: “A” – Here we see the tufted diamond quilted wainscoting that we think is an important design element. “B” – “Chair rail” with chrome accent. “C” – Decorative smoked glass window in the hull side which lets in light, plus an opening portlight. “D” – Black lacquered frame around mirror (“E”) and cabinet. “F” – View of skylight as seen in the mirror.

    The Guest Stateroom

    on this boat is noteworthy and is one of the features that sets this vessel apart from others in class. Guest staterooms are usually an afterthought in most boats, but not here. Like virtually all boats in class it is fitted to port under the helm and dinette. There is standing headroom at the entrance but then headroom descends as the cabin stretches aft, just as it does in most boats in class.

    Let There Be Width.

    The important feature of this cabin is that its single beds are a bit wider than on many boats in class, particularly several European boats we can think of. Also, the aisle in between is a bit wider than on most boats in this size range. And there is a small night table between the beds.

    Marquis 420 Sport Bridge
    The 420 SB painted hull cuts an exciting figure through water no matter where she might be.

    A Little Secret.

    The reason for this cabin’s bunk width is that the boat’s companionway is not dead-center in the middle of the boat, but rather is off-set a few inches to port. These few inches are critical because not only do they allow these beds to be wider, but they also allow the helm to be moved a few extra inches inboard.

    Attention to Décor Detail.

    This is probably one of the brightest guest cabins in class as it has a large, round portlight in a curved window as well as a skylight. Finishing off the cabin is an attractive diamond-patterned wainscoting in brown with a decorative “chair rail” accent. The result of all of these little design details is a guest cabin as luxurious as they come in class. And none of this is hurt by the innerspring mattresses just like the ones at home.

    Marquis 420 Sport Bridge
    The flying bridge and outside deck plan of the Marquis 420 SB. Note the abundant sunning areas – bow, flying bridge and stern platform.
    Marquis 420 Sport Bridge
    The acrylic wind deflector adds some forward height to the top hamper of the 420 SB but otherwise this is a place to enjoy when the sun is shining and seas are relatively calm.
    Marquis 420 Sport Bridge
    A wide-angle lens view from the stern shows pretty much the whole flying bridge. Important features of this space are: 1) Seating for 5 at the table, six with a folding chair. 2) A large sun pad can be created by readjusting the backrest. 3) There is a wet bar and place for optional refrigerator/freezer or ice maker. 4) There is a companion seat next to the helm chair. 5) The helm seat is on the center line for good port and starboard visibility.
    Marquis 420 Sport Bridge
    View from the flying bridge. Note placement of the joystick so that right-handed captains can stand and face aft when backing into a slip.
    Marquis 420 Sport Bridge
    With the seat back repositioned there is a large sunning area just forward of the boat’s radar arch.

    The Flying Bridge

    The flying bridge of the 420 SB is clearly made for entertaining and sight-seeing. An L-shaped settee will seat five adults around a triangular table. To port is a wet bar that can be optioned out in any number of ways. A clever back rest on the settee can be re-positioned so that the area can be made into a large sun pad.


    Like virtually all European upper helm stations on boats in class there is not much top hamper. The boat meets ABYC standards of having a physical restraint of 24” (60.5 cm) above a weather deck by means of a railing. As far as the fiberglass superstructure itself goes, it is low and has an acrylic smoked wind deflector forward, again something that is typical of Euro-designs in class.

    Sun Bridge.

    Like the lower helm, the captain must sit at the upper helm in order to steer. There will be no standing here. It is important to realize that this boat is not a convertible or even a conventional sedan, but rather, as the name states – a “Sport Bridge.” Indeed, some builders call these designs “Sun Bridges” because they are primarily meant to be a semi-private sun pad with the convenience of a helm added.


    A lot of work has gone into making the new Marquis 420 Sport Bridge as good looking and functional on the inside as she is stunning on the outside. In fact, few builders in the U.S. are going to the level of detail that we see in his boat. Generally 42' production boats do not permit the wide degree of customization that is possible on the Marquis 420, and in fact, the company says that "No two Marquis we build are the same." This is a strong reason for consumers looking to have a boat built their way to consider the Marquis 420.

    Standard and Optional Features

    Marine Electronics

    Autopilot Optional
    GPS/Chart Optional
    Radar Optional
    VHF Radio Optional


    Air Cond./Heat Standard
    Battery Charger/Converter Standard
    CD Stereo Standard
    Head: Fixed Standard
    Shore Power Standard
    Trim Tabs Standard
    TV/DVD Standard
    Water Heater Standard
    Windlass Standard


    Microwave Standard
    Refrigerator Standard
    Stove Standard

    Exterior Features

    Outlet: 12-Volt Acc Standard
    Swim Ladder Standard
    Swim Platform Standard
    Transom Shower Standard

    Boats More Than 30 Feet

    Freezer Standard
    Generator Standard
    Vacuum Optional


    Full Warranty Information on this brand coming soon!

    See the PRICE