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Mako 284 Center Console (2013-)
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Mako 284 Center Console (2013-)
Mako 284 Center Console (2013-)
It is about time that we explode a widely-held myth about Mako boats: The legendary Makos of the 1970s and '80s were not better than the ones being built today. Mako center consoles were king of the hill in its day -- and rightly revered at the time -- but they had warts and bruises that fading memories have forgotten. (They also didn't have much competition.) Makos are now built by Tracker Marine Group, which has the expertise, infrastructure, and -- frankly -- the money, to do what the earlier builders of Mako boats would never have done. The Mako 284 Center Console, the largest boat in the 4-boat Mako Offshore line, is a good example of how Tracker has actually made offshore Makos better than they were in the "good old days".

Mako 284 Center Console (2013-) Captain's Report is archived.

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