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Lund 1625 Rebel XL SS (2010-)
(w/ 1 x 50-hp Mercury 4-Stroke)

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Lund 1625 Rebel XL SS (2010-)
Lund 1625 Rebel XL SS (2010-)
Just because a boat is targeting the family anglers, doesn’t mean it has to be short on features. We recently put the Lund 1625 Rebel XL through a full test and review to see if it had what it takes to keep a serious angler happy, especially if he has a family to introduce to the sport.

Key Features

  • 10 gallon aerated livewell
  • Aft casting platform
  • Aluminum bow and corner castings
  • Battery storage compartments with battery holders
  • Bilge pump (one manual)
  • Bow and stern eyes
  • Bow casting platform with storage
  • Bubble windshield
  • Chrome cleats (4)
  • Deck-mounting pad
  • Double-riveted seams
  • Heavy-duty gunwale extrusions
  • IPSTM — Integrated Power Strake hull
  • Marine-grade 5052 H34 aluminum


Lund 1625 Rebel XL SS (2010-) Specifications
Length Overall 16' 3''
4.95 m
Dry Weight 820 lbs.
371.9 kg
Beam 84''
2.13 m
Tested Weight N/A
Draft N/A Weight Capacity N/A
Draft Up N/A Person Capacity N/A
Draft Down N/A Fuel Capacity 19 gal.
71.9 L
Air Draft N/A Water Capacity none
Deadrise/Transom N/A Length on Trailer N/A
Max Headroom open Height on Trailer N/A
Bridge Clearance N/A Trailer Weight N/A
Total Package Weight (Trailer,Boat & Engine) N/A
Prices, features, designs, and equipment are subject to change. Please see your local dealer or visit the builder's website for the latest information available on this boat model.

Engine Options

Lund 1625 Rebel XL SS (2010-) Engine options
Std. Power 1 x 50-hp Mercury 2-stroke
Tested Power 1 x 50-hp Mercury 4-Stroke
Opt. Power Various Mercury and Honda engines up to 75-hp

Lund 1625 Rebel XL SS (2010-) Line Drawing


Lund 1625 Rebel XL SS (2010-) Captain's Report

Lund Rebel 1625 XL

The Lund 1625 Rebel XL has an open layout that lends itself to fishing with ease and hauling on the trailer is even easier.

Capt. Steve’s Report...

I approached the 1625 Rebel XL with the attitude of bringing my own family onboard, and asked myself if they would be comfortable and able to fish with relative ease. Trailering was simple enough with its light 1,136 lbs. loaded weight. Even a small station wagon can handle towing that, so we wouldn’t have to invest in a heavy duty pickup to add to the reasonable $12,995 price of the boat/motor/trailer package. Backing down the ramp until the water reaches the tops of the fenders had the boat floating in the stern while the bow was in the water but still held fast by the trailer. I released the bow winch from the tow ring, started up and backed her off the trailer. High points so far, anyone can launch and retrieve the Rebel XL single handed.

The Layout

We can’t lose sight of the fact that we aren’t tournament fishing in this boat, so the fact that it has a 50-hp outboard bolted to the transom is a good thing. Neither me, nor my family will be getting into trouble in this boat. Our test boat was the SS version. It’s a single console layout, so the expected slow speed will not mean that we’ll be getting blown around the cockpit either.

Lund Rebel 1625 XL

The 1625 Rebel XL comes in three layouts; a dual console, our test boat’s single console, and a tiller driven version. All feature the same storage and livewell configurations.

There is a raised carpeted deck at the bow with storage underneath. It’s not really made to serve as a casting platform, rather a mount for the optional trolling motor. Just abaft is a raised casting deck with a seat base flanked by two storage hatches leading to the single storage compartment.

The after end of the casting deck has a 34” (86.4cm) long 10 gallon (37.9L) livewell. Lund describes a baitwell to the side of the livewell, and I suppose they’re technically correct in that, but it’s actually a removable enclosed bait bucket that fits in a circular mount in the livewell itself. That ought to freak the little minnows out, having to share a compartment with the guys who want to have them for dinner.

The 19 gallon (72 L) fuel tank is mounted in the center of the hull, below the deck. Lund thoughtfully made the deck over the fuel tank removable so repairs will not mean cutting up your deck, which carries a lifetime warranty. Two more seat bases flank the removable deck.

Side bench seats allow for rod storage underneath, and the kids will be tempted to use these spaces as seats while underway, but I would discourage that as the safety level isn’t all I’d like it to be. While stopped and fishing, is certainly another matter entirely.

An aft casting deck accommodates another seat base and two more storage compartments. Finding a place to stow items is the least of the concerns on the 1625 Rebel XL.

Lund Rebel 1625 XL

This is about as uncomplicated and basic a helm as you’re likely to find. That means there’s less to go wrong!


This is clearly a boat that I would feel right at ease handing the kids the keys to. With a 50-hp Mercury hanging off the transom, the performance and handling was docile to say the least. Top speed was found to be 33.6 mph, and the little four-stroke was working its hardest at 6000 rpms to reach that speed. Being a light boat, you can imagine the ride was a bit jarring at that speed, with every wave feeling like a speed-bump. However, pulled back to a more sedate 4000 rpms and both the engine and boat were much more at ease. Now the speed was a comfortable 20.1 mph and the 1625 handled the waves with an easy slice. There was still some tossing about, but nothing that rattled fillings and caused a death grip. At that speed, the fuel burn was only 2.5 gallons an hour giving a range of 135 miles with a 10% reserve.

Turns were easy at cruise speed, but at full throttle, the propeller would ventilate and cause you to slow down, so not only do you need to slow to a more gentle handling speed, if you don’t, the engine will do it for you. I view this as a positive in a family boat. Yet another reason that no one can get into trouble short of running the boat into a bridge abutment, and no manufacturer can build out stupid.

Stability Test

The 1625 Rebel XL was also very stable as a fishing platform. There’ll be a lot of standing when you're fishing, and you need to have a boat that won’t dump you on your rump, or worse, overboard. I ran and jumped all around the boat and stood where you aren’t supposed to stand, and found no uneasy tipping motions or anything that had me doing a balancing act.

One thing that left a lasting impression was the steering. Obviously this is a price-point boat, so you won’t find hydraulic or no-feedback steering. Therefore, it takes a heavy hand on the wheel to drive. That may be well and good when running to your fishing hole, but testing requires a lot of bankin' and yankin' and at the end of the day, I had a sore wrist from all the crankin'. It’s not really a fault of the boat as much as the way I had to handle it, but there it is.


On the plus side, looking at it from the position of a die-hard weekend fishing fanatic with a family, the 1625 Rebel XL is well suited. You won’t get the skiing and tubing performance of a sportboat, but you won’t get the price tag of one either. I’d say Lund knew what they were doing and who they were targeting when they rolled this one out the door, and hit the mark spot on.

Lund 1625 Rebel XL SS (2010-) Test Result Highlights

  • Top speed for the Lund 1625 Rebel XL SS (2010-) is 33.6 mph (54.1 kph), burning 4.6 gallons per hour (gph) or 17.41 liters per hour (lph).
  • Best cruise for the Lund 1625 Rebel XL SS (2010-) is 20.1 mph (32.3 kph), and the boat gets 7.90 miles per gallon (mpg) or 3.36 kilometers per liter (kpl), giving the boat a cruising range of 135 miles (217.26 kilometers).
  • Tested power is 1 x 50-hp Mercury 4-Stroke.
For complete test results including fuel consumption, range and sound levels
go to our Test Results section.

Standard and Optional Equipment

Lund 1625 Rebel XL SS (2010-) Standard and Optional Equipment
Marine Electronics
Fishfinder Standard
Battery Charger/Converter Optional
Trailer Standard
Exterior Features
Outlet: 12-Volt Acc Standard
Bimini Top Optional
Cockpit Cover Optional
Full Canvas Optional

Standard = Standard Optional = Optional

Lund 1625 Rebel XL SS (2010-) Warranty

Lund 1625 Rebel XL SS (2010-) Warranty Information
Warranties change from time to time. While BoatTEST.com has tried to ensure the most up-to-date warranty offered by each builder, it does not guarantee the accuracies of the information presented below. Please check with the boat builder or your local dealer before you buy any boat.
Hull Warranty
Years Lifetime Warranty

Lund 1625 Rebel XL SS (2010-) Price

Lund 1625 Rebel XL SS (2010-) Price
Pricing Range $12,995.00
Prices, features, designs, and equipment are subject to change. Please see your local dealer or visit the builder's website for the latest information available on this boat model.

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