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Intrepid Boats 350 Center Console (2013-)
(w/ Currently no test numbers)

Captain's reports and/or test numbers for this model are archived.
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Brief Summary

After the 200-something foot luxury yacht tied up to the dock, a large section of the starboard side opened up and revealed... an Intrepid Center Console. Now why would this owner, who can clearly afford any boat he desires, choose an Intrepid as his yacht’s tender? As it turns out, with very good reason. Intrepids have a long history of bringing more to the table, including luxury, class, and style, than you might find in a typical center console or nearly any boat for that matter. Fortunately for the manufacturer the Intrepid 350 CC continues the tradition and possesses all of these qualities.

Intrepid Boats 350 Center Console (2013-) Captain's Report is archived.