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Glastron GT 225 (2015-)
(w/ Currently no test numbers)


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Brief Summary

Glastron has created the GT line to celebrate traditional sportboat speed and style to the runabout market, and at the same time decided to offer the availability of two different versions with increasing levels of amenities to appeal to wider market segments. The GT 225 can be had in the standard GT or Grand Turing version, or in the GTS, a sportier version.

Key Features

  • SSV Hull
  • Glastron custom trailer
  • Two-tone deck and hull
  • Unique windshield design
  • Glastron custom gauges
  • Unique pull-knob switches
  • Stainless steel ski tow
  • Integrated swim platform with skid-resistant surface
  • Aft sundeck converts to chaise lounge and aft facing lounge seat
  • Sony AM/FM/CD stereo
  • Specifications

    Length Overall 22' 0''
    6.71 m
    Beam 8' 4''
    2.54 m
    Dry Weight 3,350 lbs.
    1,520 kg
    Tested Weight N/A
    Draft 34''
    86 cm
    - Draft Up N/A
    - Draft Down N/A
    - Air Draft N/A
    Deadrise/Transom 20-deg.
    Max Headroom open
    Bridge Clearance 6' 3''
    1.9 m (with arch)
    Weight Capacity N/A
    Person Capacity N/A
    Fuel Capacity 40 gal.
    151 L
    Water Capacity 12 gal.
    45 L
    Length on Trailer N/A
    Height on Trailer N/A
    Trailer Weight N/A
    Total Weight
    (Trailer, Boat, & Engine)

    Prices, features, designs, and equipment are subject to change. Please see your local dealer or visit the builder's website for the latest information available on this boat model.

    Engine Options

    Std. Power Not Available
    Tested Power Currently no test numbers
    Opt. Power Various MerCruiser engine options from 220-hp to 320-hp
    Various Volvo Penta engine options from 225-hp to 320-hp

    Captain's Report

    Glastron GT 225 design schemes
    The GT 225 brings back some of the retro design schemes that were popular back in the day. Here we can see the classic swooping hull/deck bond line and the return of the Glastron “reverse spear” gel scheme.

    Mission Statement

    The mission of the Glastron 225 is to offer a sportboat, replete with all the amenities necessary to compete in the current market segment, while at the same time adding a retro sportscar look into the mix making what is sure to be one of the most noticed designs at the marina.

    Glastron GT 225 running shot
    Seen in black, the GT 225 sets a sporty tone.

    Distinguishing Features

    Hull Colors Are Offered As Standard.

    It’s a little surprising that virtually all builders seem comfortable charging for a hull color other than white. Not so with Glastron, as the GT Series is offered in no fewer than four different colors, none of them plain white. Pick from white and Sunburst Orange, white and Laser Red, white and Jet Black or white and Deep Navy.

    Glastron GT 225 hull colors

    Interior Choices

    A boater can choose from an interior of Saddle, Cashmere, Black and White, or Savanah Sand for the GT 225.

    Retro Windshield.

    Another feature that defines the GT Series is the low-profile windshield. Glastron calls it a “roadster” style and it has an all-aluminum frame and glass wings to deflect wind and spray.

    Reverse Spear.

    The custom colored hull is formed in the instantly recognizable “reverse spear” design that has long been the defining style trait of the brand.

    Standard Tandem Axle Trailer.

    We’d expect to see a trailer included with the package on a boat in this size range, but not a tandem axle as we see here. It also includes disc brakes.

    Propulsion Choices.

    Glastron offers power choices from either MerCruiser or Volvo Penta in power ranging from 220-hp to 320-hp along with a choice of outdrives.

    Push-pull Type Switches.

    Here’s something we haven’t seen since the ‘60s, pull switches instead of rockers or toggles.

    Roadster Style Gauges.

    A throwback to the ‘50s, these gauges have the look and feel of a classic ‘vette with metal collars that project out from the bottom. But unlike the Corvettes, these waterborne units have drain holes in the bottom of the collars.

    What’s the Difference Between the Two?

    So if Glastron makes two different versions of the 225, that leaves a fundamental question. What’s the difference between the two? Well, the hulls are the same, the running surfaces are unchanged, but it’s the gel schemes and the interiors where the differences largely lie. Let’s take a look.


    The GT starts the lineup and it’s well equipped but a lot is available as options. This will provide a sporty, good-looking boat with everything needed and most of what is not is left off. The standard engine is a 220-hp MerCruiser 4.3L MPI turning an Alpha outdrive. Options can be ordered with the boat but at some point, the options list will grow to the point where the likely choice would be to upgrade to the GTS 225.

    Glastron GT 225 running shot
    The GT version of the 225 seen here, can be ordered with an optional watersports tower.


    Here we have a sportier version of the 225. Subtle changes start to manifest themselves, such as the rub rail. Gone is the rigid white vinyl rail with the chrome insert and it is replaced with a black plastic version with chrome. The 220-hp standard engine is now upgraded to a 270-hp Volvo Penta V8-270 with an SX outdrive. The gel scheme also changes to one with a bit more flair and panache.

    Glastron GT 225 sportier look
    The GTS gets a racier and sportier look due to her gel scheme along with some subtleties to the interior that make a higher grade sportboat.
    Glastron GT 225 swim platform
    The swim platform gets an upgrade to the soft-touch non-skid mat with a Glastron logo embossed in the center. Drink holders are stainless steel and notice the pull-up cleats.
    Glastron GT 225 panel
    The panel gets a bit of a facelift as we progress from the GT (left) to the GTS (right). Notice how there are drain holes in the bottom of the collars around the gauges.
    Glastron GT 225 helm
    The helm console has a sportier look to it in the GTS version, and notice the custom embroidery in the snap-in carpet. It’s also hard not to appreciate the pull knobs, something not seen since the ‘60s.
    Glastron GT 225 flip up bolsters
    The GTS 225’s standard bucket seats can be upgraded to flip-up bolsters as an option. One of the courtesy lights can be seen below the seat cushion behind the helm seat.

    Boat Inspection

    As we tour the series of 225s it quickly becomes evident that the best way to do so is by function. We’ll start with the seating.


    We always like when builders break with tradition and move past the typical bench seat and go with the more functional U-shaped seating across the stern. It increases the functionality to the area exponentially. Now add an optional table and the setting is complete for entertaining and having docktails with the friends.

    Glastron GT 225 seating layout
    The seating layout of the GT 225 shows how the U-shaped seats provide a little more room than the traditional bench seat across the stern.
    Glastron GT 225 seat storage
    Naturally there’s storage under each of the seats. The starboard seat also has a hinged hatch leading to the storage so that this side can serve double duty as a walkthrough to the swim platform. Shown here is the GTS version.
    Glastron GT 225 sun pad
    The aft sun pad also has its share of cleverness. It not only serves as a sun pad but also converts to an aft-facing seat as well as a side-facing chaise lounge. (GTS model shown).

    Behind the consoles are bucket seats that swivel and slide. A filler cushion will turn the area into a second sun pad.


    With the convertible sun pad and the multitude of seating available, the 225 really lends itself to long days on the hook, or even drifting down a lazy river with friends. Anchoring is made easy thanks to the separate anchor locker at the bow. And of course with a boat this size it’s a sure thing that she’ll be pulled up to a remote beach for some private swim time, or even onto the popular beaches with everyone else.

    Glastron GT 225 walkthrough
    The aft sun pad lifts to form a walkthrough to the cockpit. Under the cushion is a support for the conversion to a chaise lounge. The GTS 225 is shown here.
    Glastron GT 225 anchor locker
    An anchor locker at the bow keeps the storage under the seats open for other items. The hatch has the simple lift and lock type of latch.


    While the two models have the standard tow ring at the transom, Glastron also offers a watersports tower that has hinges for easy storage in the garage or a shallow rack room. Both of these models have a Bimini top available as an option.

    Glastron GT 225 ski locker
    The GT 225’s ski locker is plenty deep enough to hold all the necessary gear, in addition to being ventilated to help keep mold and mildew off the expensive boards. Of course, this is also standard on the GT version as well.

    Integral Swim Platform

    The 225's integral swim platform is a good size for serving as a staging area for watersports and as a great spot to relax with the feet in the water. There are two styles, one for each of the separate models. The GT swim platform is the usual with a non-skid surface. The GTS uses a non-skid mat with a logo embossed in it.

    Glastron GT 225 non skid surface
    The GT 225’s swim platform with the standard non-skid surface and optional mats. This model also has the optional watersports tower.
    Glastron GT 225 non skid mat
    The GTS utilizes the non-skid mat with a logo embossed in the center. Seen here, with the optional extended, low-profile swim platform.


    It’s hard not to look at the 225 and see the possibilities of how well she can entertain her guests. Because sportboats are often used for “coving” we would definitely add the optional cockpit table. A transom shower would provide a nice way to clean off either the salt water, or the sand from the beach before stepping onto the deck. Speaking of which, why not consider the snap-in carpet for making the entry to a hot deck that much more comfortable.

    Pricing And Power Options

    As we post this report Glastron has not yet released its pricing for 2015 models. However, we suspect that pricing will be in the $50k to $60k ballpark.

    Power Options.

    Glastron will offer engine options from both Volvo Penta and MerCruiser ranging from 220-hp to 320-hp. When considering which power option to choose from, savvy buyers will consider items well beyond which price point to stick with. Items such as the typical number of people aboard and the demands of the activities the boat will be used for should be figured in the horsepower calculus.

    The sporty set will want top end speed

    , since towing requires a low-end torque and the luxury conscious will probably not be worried about speed but will have a lot of friends onboard and will therefore need power just for getting on plane. For a young family only interested in cruising and tubing, the standard power will likely suffice. Larger engines should also carry a higher re-sale price however.

    Other Notable Options

    Options are available for each of the three models, and there are definitely some that we’d consider on any of the three that we would purchase.To begin, there’s the watersports tower that is available for all three models. It’s hinged for easy storage, and there are two versions, the basic and the same model with a color matched Bimini top. The XL Package includes a bow scuff plate, an hour meter, depth gauge, dual flip-up bucket seats, 5 pull up cleats, snap-in carpet, stainless drink holders, stainless grab handles, and stainless speaker covers. The pedestal table we wouldn’t want to live without. If boating at night, docking lights should be added on. The transom shower is always a welcome addition. All of these apply to the two models with the exception of the XL package.And if we wanted to go all out, we’d also add underwater lights and the Quick and Quiet thru-hull exhaust.


    With such a popular class of boat, one needs to set the brand apart from the others to compete, and the GT Series does exactly that. However, we think the 225 is much more than eye candy. With amenities such as the tandem-axle trailer and the Sony stereo, the new GT Series is practical as well.

    Standard and Optional Features


    CD Stereo Standard
    Shore Power Standard

    Exterior Features

    Carpet: Cockpit Optional Snap-in
    Swim Platform Standard
    Tower: Watersports Optional
    Transom Shower Optional


    Bimini Top Optional
    Cockpit Cover Optional


    Full Warranty Information on this brand coming soon!

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