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Glastron GT 245 (2014-)
(w/ Currently no test numbers)

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Brief Summary

By building three different models (performance, watersports, or luxury cruising) that can be powered by nearly a dozen different engine options and making as many as four hull colors standard, Glastron has entered the middle of the sportboat class with a boat that should appeal to a wide and varied audience. In our in-depth Captain’s Report we drill down to the details and discover what sets her apart from other boats in class.

Key Features

  • SSV Hull
  • Glastron custom trailer
  • Two-tone deck and hull
  • Unique windshield design
  • Glastron custom gauges
  • Unique pull-knob switches
  • Sundeck with lounge
  • U-shaped bench seat
  • Changing room/head
  • Fiberglass cockpit floor
  • Specifications

    Length Overall 24' 0''
    7.32 m
    Beam 8' 4''
    2.54 m
    Dry Weight 4,200 lbs.
    1,900 kg(w/ eng)
    Tested Weight N/A
    Draft 34''
    86 cm
    - Draft Up N/A
    - Draft Down N/A
    - Air Draft N/A
    Deadrise/Transom 20-deg.
    Max Headroom open
    Bridge Clearance 7' 4''
    2.24 m (with tower)
    Weight Capacity N/A
    Person Capacity N/A
    Fuel Capacity 52 gal.
    151 L
    Water Capacity N/A
    Length on Trailer N/A
    Height on Trailer N/A
    Trailer Weight N/A
    Total Weight
    (Trailer, Boat, & Engine)

    Prices, features, designs, and equipment are subject to change. Please see your local dealer or visit the builder's website for the latest information available on this boat model.

    Engine Options

    Std. Power N/A
    Tested Power Currently no test numbers
    Opt. Power Various MerCruiser engine options from 260-hp to 320-hp
    Various Volvo Penta engine options from 270-hp to 380-hp

    Captain's Report

    Glastron GT 245
    The new Glastron GT 245 comes standard with two-tone colors -- pick Laser Red, Sunburst Orange, Jet Black or Pacific Blue, all with white as shown above in Glaston’s signature “spear” hull side configuration.

    Mission of the Glastron GT 245

    Move On and Move Up.

    She is intended as a “move-on” boat for the owners of smaller sportboats and deckboats, and because she is rated to carry 13 people in the U.S. (11 in the European Community), she is also an alternative to pontoon boats. Just as importantly, she is targeted to boaters who want to “move up” from boats that look like Twiddle Dee and his mediocre brother.

    GT, GTS, or GTL.

    Glastron offers the 245 in three distinct models, each designed for a specific function, and for three distinct sets of owners, each of whom is looking for something different in their boating experience. For this reason, one of the three 245 models should appeal to different slice of the sportboat market.

    Styling and Performance.

    Glastron has built its reputation over more than 50 years on styling first, and performance a close second, and the new GT 245 Series is no exception. She is intended to appeal to boat owners who want to own the hottest-looking boat on the lake – and with the muscle to back up the claim.

    Embracing Diversity.

    But whoa, not all boaters want to have their faces plastered across their cheekbones at 55 miles per hour. Many want to motor along at 18 to 20 mph making wake and towing a wakeboarder. Then, there is still another group, perhaps a bit older, who remember the Glastron of their youth, but now see themselves in something stylish, but more sedate.

    Glastron GT 245
    Room is one of the major features of the GT 245 as can be seen here with her large U-shaped seating in the cockpit. The snap-in carpet is optional.


    3 Choices.

    With three models to choose from in the 245 size, which one is best for any given application? The boat’s designations make it simple –

    Glastron GT 245
    The Glastron GT 245 is designed to look fast and be able to keep that promise. The builder says she capable of 53 to 56 mph with the big engine.

    GT –

    Grand Touring means boating with gusto and speed. This is the model for those who want to show their wake to all in their water-borne reveries. She can be optioned up to a 380-hp engine and easily be able to crack the 50-mph barrier.

    GTS –

    Grand Touring Sports means just what is says. For those who what to ski and wakeboard, or go tubing, this is the model specifically designed and equipped for that application.

    Glastron GT 245
    The Glastron GTL 245 has a choice of special upholstery colors that signal classical runabout elegance. Best hull colors are probably Pacific Blue or Jet Black.

    GTL --

    Grand Touring Luxury is for the boat owner who wants a stylish boat on the outside, but also one that is posh and classy on the inside. This boat’s owner will value the status and peer recognition that comes from owning a boat that has some classic runabout features.

    Glastron GT 245
    The 245 has a 20-degree deadrise at the transom so don’t get the idea she was made just for smooth water.

    Distinctive Features

    Standard Colored Hull.

    It is hard to believe that in this day and age most builders still charge extra for gel coat colors other than white, but that is the case. The GT 245 Series has four standard colors to choose from and the GTS and GTL each have three colors offered – all at no extra charge.

    Standard Two-Tone Deck.

    The color selected from the hull sides will also be used on the deck along with white, making the whole boat blend together with color and style. Look closely at other boats and you will see that this is unusual.

    Low-Profile Windshield.

    Part and parcel of the GT 245 design scheme is a low-profile – roadster-style -- windshield design that is slightly retro in look. Also included are “side wing” glass shields to protect occupants from both wind and wind-blown spray.

    Iconic Hull Side Styling.

    The Glastron 245’s two-tone hull is shaped in the iconic “spear” shape that has long been the brand’s signature. From a mile away, a Glastron is obvious to every knowledgeable boater on the water.

    Standard, Tandem-Axle Trailer.

    All boats in the GT 245 Series come with color-matched tandem-axles trailers, with disc brakes.

    Choice of Sterndrive Brands.

    Glastron offers a choice of either Volvo Penta or Mercury sterndrive propulsion packages, unlike some value builders in class that give no choice.

    Glastron GT 245
    The GT 245 has a mix of styling cues from the Glastron signature spear to the angular fin in the sweeping sheer line.

    Major Features

    • Anchor locker

    • Chrome engine room vents

    • Changing room/head (optional)

    • Fiberglass cockpit deck

    • Adjustable bucket seats

    • Emergency engine shut-off

    • Unique pull-knob switches at helm

    • Sony stereo AM/FM/CD player with 4 speakers

    • Stereo remote at helm and MP3 port

    • Custom instrument gauges

    • Courtesy lights

    • Tilt steering

    • Power steering

    • Emergency engine shut-off

    • Stainless steel tow ring
    Glastron GT 245
    One of the most unique aspects of the Glastron GT 245 is her pull-knobs on the dash for accessories as opposed to switches that are toggled. We like the black dash brow which should cut down glare on the "roadster-style" windshield.
    Glastron GT 245
    A little 1950s retro here with analog gauges in fog-resistant housings. Note the holes in the bottom of the metal instrument collars to drain rain water.


    We have not tested the Glastron GT 245 so can make no first-hand, third-party comments about its speeds, fuel consumption, range, noise, or handling characteristics. However, the folks at Glastron have extensively tested the GT 245 and below are the speeds that they have authorized their dealers to give to the public.

    Weight of the GT 245, GTS 245, GTL 245—

    Glastron GT 245

    Top Speed.

    The GT 245 can be equipped with engines from 260-hp to 380-hp. Top speed ranges, according the builder, is from 41 to 44 mph (66 to 71 kph) for the Mercury 260-hp engine at the low end, to 53 to 56 mph (85 to 90 kph), powered by either the Volvo Penta 6.0 L V8 380 with DuoProp or the Mercury 8.2 L MPI with a B3 prop, at the high end. Again, all data is from Glastron. Here is the ballpark speeds per engine with two people aboard by horsepower–

    Glastron GT 245

    Cruising Range?

    Glastron published data does not include best cruise speeds or fuel burn. However, it does say that the range of the boat at cruising speeds has a low of about 145 statute miles to high of about 150 statutes miles, depending on the engine and props.

    Glastron GT 245
    The belly of the beast is in her stern. There is plenty of room on either side of this 5.0 L engine for storage and it is easy to get to thanks to the lift on the storage bucket.


    SSV Hull.

    Glastron makes much of its SSV hull, something that the brand has had for over 15 years, so it seems that it has certainly withstood the test of time. Again we will have to reserve comment until we test the boat. The last Glastrons we tested was over five years ago and then we were impressed with their low bow rise on take off and other handling characteristics -- but those were different size boats.

    Glastron GT 245
    The Glastron 245 models come with bucket seats which swivel and move fore and aft. Note the diamond stitching down the centerline of the seat.
    Glastron GT 245
    Ah, that is more like it. Bolster seats are optional on all 245 models except the GTL. The snap-in carpet is optional ($293) on all models.

    Amenities by Model

    The following amenities come standard in the indicated model--

    GT 245 –

    • 4 optional colors: Jet Black, Laser Red, Pacific Blue, or Sunburst Orange.

    GTS 245 –

    • Special GTS hull gel coat graphics

    • Special GTS interior upholstery

    • Swim platform mats

    • GTS helm gauges

    • 3 color choices: Jet Black, Laser Red, or Sunburst Orange

    GTL 245 –

    • Bolster bucket seats

    • Richly textured upholstery

    • Choice of Saddle or Cashmere colored vinyl upholstery

    • Contrasting embroidery upholstery seams

    • SST interior upgrade

    • Swim platform mats

    • Pull-up cleats

    • Docking lights

    • GTL gel coat graphics

    • Hour meter and depth sounder

    • Stereo up-grade and sub-woofer

    • 3 hull colors: Jet Black, Laser Red, or Pacific Blue
    Glastron GT 245
    Note the anchor locker forward, something that some value sportboats are doing without these days. The pull-up cleats are optional.

    Boat Inspection by Function


    capacity in all three models of the 245 is regulated by national or international authorities. In both cases the capacity by weight is 1,950 lbs. (886 kgs.). In the U.S. that equals a rated capacity of 13 people. In EC countries, it is 11 people. In either case, the operative number is the one that reached first when loading friends aboard, either total weight, or total people aboard. Obviously, the number of people that can fit aboard depends on how large they are. We have a hard time figuring out how more than 10 adults can sit in the boat no matter what the capacity “rating” is. But certainly, several adults and a number of children could easily have 13 people in the GT 245 and stay under the weight limit.

    The U-seating

    arrangement in the cockpit is a break with the traditional bench seat across the front of the engine box. We are increasingly seeing it on boats in this class as it allows a couple of more people to sit in comfort.

    Glastron GT 245
    One of the important features of the Glastron GT 245 is its versatile sun pad over the engine box. It can be folded aft for transom seating, or…
    Glastron GT 245
    …folded up from the starboard side to create a chaise lounge. A walkthrough transom can be seen just behind it.

    Sun Bathing/Swimming/Beaching.

    One of the joys of a sportboat this size is the ability to easily use it for so many things. For example, simply anchor in a quiet cove and go sun bathing. The sun pad over the engine box lifts up on one end to create a chaise lounge, and both bow seats have angled backs. An optional filler cushion is available for the bow ($287).


    can actually be managed on all three models, as all come with a standard towing ring on the transom and all will be able to attain the speeds required for tubing, wakeboarding and even skiing.

    The integral swim platform

    is a good-size for launching watersports activities and the boat has the standard 3-step boarding ladder. With the outdrive trimmed up the GT 245 can be beached for a picnic ashore. There is a relatively large cockpit sole storage compartment that can handle skis and wakeboards. More storage is under the helm console and under all of the seats for water toys and air pumps. There is an option for tow arches. (See below).


    will be a main function of the boat for many people, and here Glastron has provided under-seat storage for an igloo cooler aft. There are numerous cup holders scattered around the boat. Perhaps most important is the changing compartment/head in the port console. A Porta-Potti is optional on all of the boats, and we would certainly get one for most applications.


    Because sportboats are used mostly for casual picnics, Glastron has not gone overboard for dining and beverage amenities. However, it does have options that we would consider, such as a transom shower ($367) which must be bought in tandem with a packaged sink in the head, Porta-Potti, opening portlight, and pressure water system and a 12 gallon (45.6 L) freshwater tank ($767). A fiberglass cocktail table in the cockpit is ($289) with base.

    Glastron GT 245
    There is never enough storage on any boat so we’re happy to see the space under the helm console made available.
    Glastron GT 245
    There is storage under the two seats in the bow. Note that the seat cushions are on hinges and the inside of the compartment is covered in carpet.
    Glastron GT 245
    Under the forward wedge-shaped seat is more storage. Note that this cushion also has two hinges.
    Glastron GT 245
    The area below the footwell in most bowriders goes to waste, but not in the GT 245.
    Glastron GT 245
    Ski storage is ample in the cockpit sole compartment which has its own fiberglass liner.
    Glastron GT 245
    On the starboard side of the cockpit under the seat is a large storage compartment with a fiberglass pan liner. Note that there is a lid for this locker which rests on the butt-blocks just below the lip of the hatch. This arrangement allows the seat cushion at the extreme left to be raised when guests are boarding from the swim platform in order to keep the cushions clean.
    Glastron GT 245
    No sportboat would be complete without the ubiquitous igloo cooler. We like this arrangement rather than an insulated compartment as it allows owners to bring the ice and beverages to the boat in one easy-to-manage container.
    Glastron GT 245
    This is one of the most handy containers in the boat. Wring out wet cloths and put them here to dry from the heat of the engine. Pull the bin out to get at more serious stuff below.


    Pretty much like all boats in class, there is storage under all of the built-in seats. There is also a special compartment for wet clothes next to the engine room, a glove box, and a dedicated anchor storage compartment forward. All compartments have either fiberglass or carpet liners.

    Aftermarket Considerations.

    One of the more pleasurable aspects of boating is fitting it out in the aftermarket to meet the needs of one’s own family, and thereby customizing the boat in the process. Items such as fenders, lines, ground tackle, PFDs, and the USCG required safety package are all the responsibility of the owner.

    Glastron GT 245
    The GT 245 is a new boat for Glastron but she adheres to the tradition of the brand by being eye-catching on the water.

    Basic Specs.

    When we look at basic specs of six other boats in class we find that the Glastron GT 245 at 4,100 lbs. (1,863 kgs.), dry, is at the low end of the displacement range. Part of the reason for that is the fact that its beam is 8’4” (2.54 m), which is about 2” (50 cm) less than most boats in class. However, that does not seem to have hurt the GT 245 in seating capacity, and, of course, it helps in other ways.

    Weight Saves Fuel.

    Boats with reduced beam naturally have less weight and less frontal area, and therefore are easier to push. Less weight means better fuel economy at cruise and that plus less frontal area means higher top speeds. It also means less weight when cruising down I-95, which could mean a smaller tow vehicle will do, and certainly there should be fuel savings there as well.

    Glastron GT 245
    The changing compartment on the port side capitalizes on some of the angular design we saw in the stern and maximizes headroom.
    Glastron GT 245
    This is the standard compartment without amenities.

    Options to Consider

    Virtually all builders in class put expensive items of equipment that are needed for specialized purposes on the options list. In this way consumers are not paying for gear that they may never use. Following are a list of options to consider (partial list of options)—

    • Flip-up bolsters for both bucket seats -- $280

    • Bimini top with boot -- $913

    • Bow cover -- $273

    • Cockpit cover -- $620

    • Porta-Potti with pump-out -- $307

    • Table and mount -- $293

    • Wakeboard tower -- $2,660

    • Transom shower -- $367

    • Snap-in carpet -- $327
    Glastron GT 245
    The three stainless steel drink holders in the bow are part of the optional “XL Package” which includes a snap-in carpet, ss speaker covers, five pull-up cleats, bolsters for the bucket seats, an hour meter, and depth sounder ($1,400). We recommend this package as it is an economical way to upgrade the boat.

    Pricing and Engines

    The GT 245 comes with 16 engine options from both Mercury Marine and Volvo Penta. Maximum Power. GT 245 buyers can select horsepower options all the way up to the Volvo Penta V8 380-hp engine with DuoProp, which has a base price of $68,387. The Mercury 6.2 L 350-hp engine is also available. GTS Power Pricing.The range here in pricing is from $50,840 for the 4.5L 250 EC engines from Mercury or to $68,387 for a Volvo Penta V8 380C/DP.

    Glastron GT 245
    The windshield walkthrough is wide enough, but it does not come with a door that can serve as an air dam. On cold mornings the optional bow cover ($273) can serve the same purpose.

    Important Engine Consideration.

    Careful consumers will calculate the weight of the number of people that will be aboard most of the time before selecting an engine. They will also consider the demands of the activities they want to pursue. The hot dogs want top-end speed, towing demands low-end torque which can translate to greater displacement and a larger engine, and the luxury-oriented enthusiast may not care for that much for speed – but if he is going to have a crowd aboard he will need power just to get on plane. For a young family doing mostly cruising, the standard power is probably a fine option. But no matter what the case, remember that test numbers are nearly always taken with just two people aboard. Prop geometry is also important for performance. In all cases we recommend that the dealer be consulted for his advice on engine selection.

    Glastron GT 245
    The passageway from the swim platform to the cockpit can be negotiated on non-skid solid surfaces because cushions on the GT 245 fold up and out of the way. This system keep seats clean and dry.


    Non-structural parts and components have a 2-year warranty and the hull and deck have a 5-year warranty. There are a number of exclusions so the warranty should be read carefully, although most exclusions seem fairly standard.

    Glastron GT 245
    The new GT 245 is intended to find a spot in any boaters heart – or psyche.


    The GT 245 is the flagship of the Glastron 9-boat GT Series and as such provides the most carrying capacity (1,950 lbs./886 kgs.) and the highest horsepower options (380-hp) of the line. Our best advice when it comes to boats in this class and size is to go bigger, both in the size of boat and the size of engine. Saving a few thousand dollars by getting a smaller boat or engine can lead to buyer’s remorse than anything else we can think of.

    Standard and Optional Features


    CD Stereo Standard
    Power Steering Standard
    Shore Power Standard

    Exterior Features

    Carpet: Cockpit Optional Snap-in
    Swim Ladder Standard
    Swim Platform Standard
    Tower: Watersports Optional
    Transom Shower Optional


    Bimini Top Optional
    Cockpit Cover Optional


    Full Warranty Information on this brand coming soon!

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