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Formula 353 FasTech (2012-)
(w/ 2 x 525-hp MerCruiser T25 EFI B1)

All videos, captain's reports and test numbers for this model are archived.
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Brief Summary

Formula has chosen to make a boat that goes fast enough, but still have the fine coachwork and reliability that has made Formula famous of its express cruiser line. The 353 FasTech is not a boat built in a garage by wild-eyed gearheads. Rather, it is a production boat built in the same factory with the same craftsmen as the rest of the Formulas. Further, the 353 has lots of comfort and amenities -- and a warranty as well, something unusual in go-fast boats. Her engines come from Mercury Racing's skunk works in Fond du Lac and horsepower options range up to 1200-hp. So how did she perform with a pair of 525s?

Formula 353 FasTech (2012-) Captain's Report is archived.