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Chaparral 244 Xtreme (2012-)
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Chaparral 244 Xtreme (2012-)
Chaparral 244 Xtreme (2012-)
When it comes to specialized wake-making boats, the Chaparral 244 Xtreme is in the top echelon, right up there with the specialized inboard ski/wake models. How could that be so? Simply because the 244 Xtreme started with a huge advantage over those classic skiboats designed to have no wake at all -- the 244 has a 20-degree deep-V bottom at the transom which makes a pretty big wake! Not only that, but the 244 Xtreme has ballast bags just like the specialized boats trying to sink their bottoms down where the 244's deep-V already is. But there is actually more to wakeboarding than wake: there is ambiance, tunes, strut, style, and stunning, head-turning looks that lets everyone know who's got the boss ride on the lake.

Chaparral 244 Xtreme (2012-) Captain's Report is archived.

Test numbers for this model are archived.

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