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Azimut 74 Magellano (2010-)
(w/ Currently no test numbers)


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Brief Summary

This year Azimut is celebrating its 40th Anniversary in business with a new line of boats which is a radical departure from the themes that made the company so successful. Built on the notion of fast motoryachts with sleek lines, the company’s new 74 Magellano is touted as being “slow” and, for Azimut, her lines are decidedly dowdy. Clearly Azimut has its eye on the same customers that are looking at Nordhavns, Kadey-Krogens, Grand Banks, Marlows and others of this type, but it has started with a clean piece of paper. The designers and engineers Azimut have never had to crib ideas from other builders, so what you see in the 74 Magellano is largely original thinking and delightfully different from what we’re used to.

Key Features


Length Overall 74' 4''
26.66 m
Beam 20'4''
6.2 m
Dry Weight 123,000 lbs.
55,909 kgs
Tested Weight N/A
Draft 5'7''
- Draft Up N/A
- Draft Down N/A
- Air Draft N/A
Deadrise/Transom 10.1 deg.
Max Headroom N/A
Bridge Clearance N/A
Weight Capacity N/A
Person Capacity N/A
Fuel Capacity 2,007 gal.
7,626 L
Water Capacity 396 gal.
1,504 L
Length on Trailer N/A
Height on Trailer N/A
Trailer Weight N/A
Total Weight
(Trailer, Boat, & Engine)

Prices, features, designs, and equipment are subject to change. Please see your local dealer or visit the builder's website for the latest information available on this boat model.

Engine Options

Std. Power 2 x 1015 mHP (746 kW) CAT C18
Tested Power Currently no test numbers
Opt. Power Not Available

Captain's Report

Azimut 74 Magellano
Last week Azimut’s new 74 Magellano completed a 4,000-nautical mile shakedown cruise in the western and central Mediterranean Sea. She has an 1,100-mile range at 12 knots.

While Italians voyaged around the world 500 years ago, lately this country’s yachtsmen have not been known for long distance power cruising, nor have the yachtsmen of most other European countries. Indeed, for the last 50 years or so, world cruising in motoryachts has been the purview of Americans, for the most part. Evidently Azimut thinks that is about to change. That aspect of yachting fostered by clunky-looking trawler workboats, island freighters, and shrimp boats has now come to boat-building’s equivalent of the fashion runways of Paris – Viareggio, Italy, home of Azimut/Benetti. They don’t build old-fashioned anything there.

Azimut 74 Magellano 74
For a long range cruiser this open space from aft deck to helm windshield is rather extraordinary and creates nearly unequalled visibility in a 74-footer. Night piloting will probably be done from the flying bridge. (Looks like a great place for a cocktail party to us.)

Azimut appears to be quite serious about their first entry into a different market. Granted it is only putting its toe in the water, and it is hedging its bets with a yacht that can travel at 25 knots and is semi-displacement. Nevertheless, Azimut has been very careful about the construction weight on board, keeping the Magellano 74 to 123,000 lbs. (55,909 kgs). She is powered by twin Cat C-18s, developing 1015-hp each. She holds 2,007 gallons (7,626 L) of fuel and 396 gal. (1,504 L) of water. We think this speed potential is going to appeal to a lot of people, and certainly many more than would go ga-ga over this yacht if she went only 9.3 knots, or so.If the past is any guide, the world is in for a treat, because Azimut approaches everything in its own very artistic and Romantic way. At first what it creates may not seem practical or even realistic, but it is always beautiful – and different. Over time, we have found that its creations tend to grow most moss-backed traditional yachtsmen, at least to some degree. We love Italian boat builders because they have no small dreams, their visions soar on the wings of fertile imaginations that must be part of their DNA. When it comes to describing what they do, we’re afraid that our linier Anglo-Saxon minds are no match for their lyrical language. Try this paragraph on for size which we lifted from one of Azimuts's press releases-- “They [the crew of the Magellano 74 on the 4,000-mile shakedown] will be the ones who truly put this new approach to sailing to the test. Along the coasts of the wild Tunisian islands they will experience the intensity of slow cruising, the pleasure of sharing the elegant concreteness of a large open space, the exclusive comfort of a boat built to multiply the emotions.”

Following is how Azimut describes its venture into the sea of world cruising in its own words--

“The spirit of travel is back...The Magellano 74 is the yacht for anyone who has a real passion for the sea, loves to move in a relaxed way, stop whenever they want to take a photograph and for those who love to plan their route mile after mile because the journey is more important for them than the destination.

Azimut 74 Magellano 74
This view of the flying bridge reminds us of a scene from Architectural Digest or an Edward Hopper painting. Somehow we can’t picture this space enclosed by isinglass. What does Azimut intend?

“At the same time, the Azimut Magellano is also the ideal power yacht for long distances, exploring new horizons and tackling waves and choppy or rough seas. With a deep V-hull in the bow sections, the Magellano is classed as a semi-displacement motoryacht although it is unlike any other category to date.

For Long Range Operation

“More than a navetta, a trawler or an expedition yacht, the Magellano has a number of special characteristics that place it at the top of a new generation. The Magellano is dedicated to those who want to sail their own boats themselves in close contact with family or friends; it is for those who love freedom and often informality without sacrificing comfort. She has been designed for users who do not limit their desire to explore, yet do not push their supreme passion to extremes.

Azimut 74 Magellano 74
This is a remarkable design for an Italian builder – a galley without an enclosure! But putting it aft makes great sense if you think of this vessel as a boat for world cruising -- not entertaining. Please put sea rails on the stove top!

“With over 1100 nautical miles of autonomy at a speed of 12 knots, the Magellano 74 can reach any destination due to the possibility of accelerating up to 24 knots. She maintains stability both when sailing and when moored by using a Seakeeper gyro stabilizer system [that obviates the need for fins protruding from the vessel’s hull].

Designed for Owner/Operators

“The comfort and safety were paramount objects for the project. The helm station is central both on the flybridge and inside to ensure increased visibility. The stern guardrail and the forward bulwarks are high to offer protection when the sea is rough. The external walkways are extremely safe and, at 60 cm (24 inches), wide. You can move freely in the bow area because it is free of clutter thanks to an automated mooring system that hides the anchor away into a special space.

Azimut 74 Magellano 74
We like that there is room for three nav screens and that one is right in front of the companion/navigator seat. There looks to be enough room outboard for a chart table, which would be nice.

“The stairs on board are especially wide to enable you to move around freely even when carrying materials and equipment. The 3.8 m (12’4”) tender can be kept in a garage and there is no need for a crane for launching and hauling it in. On the main deck, the boat owner finds the same level of comfort you would expect to find on an Azimut yacht as well as organization of space and furnishings designed for long stays on board.

Designed for Social Interaction

“First of all, there is a single open space extending from the wheelhouse to the [aft deck] created so that the boat owner and guests can share space and time together. The galley is located at the entrance to the salon to make it easier to serve the external dining areas (aft deck and flybridge) as well as the internal one.

Azimut 74 Magellano 74
The 74 Magellano has a 19’8” (6.05 m) beam which is good for this length boat, creating stability and more interior volume, most noticeably in the master stateroom which is full beam and huge. This cabin has a proper desk which is totally appropriate on this style boat.

“The flybridge is fitted out as another secluded area where there is room to sunbath by relaxing on the two chaise lounges or lunch in an exclusive spot in the shade of the hard top. Space is comfort and in addition to three exclusive suites, the Magellano offers another cabin accessed from the salon that can be used by the crew but can also accommodate extra guests when necessary. “The same access leads to an area used entirely for storage which is particularly important when embarking on cruises that last several days.

Azimut 74 Magellano 74
The aft deck is quite large which makes a great place for cocktail parties and organizing gear for scuba diving expeditions. The upper deck for chase lounges – or, think of all the gear one could put there! (No bunny pad, please!)

Interior Styling and Concept

“The all-encompassing windows on the main deck along with low furniture in the interior help the natural light to flood in. Large windows in the master suite set new standards for this type of boat. The materials used to cover the surfaces and tops are inspired by the nautical tradition and bring it up to date with the latest canons of elegance. The wood and materials used are mostly dark and create a pleasant contrast with the champagne color of the sofas.”

Azimut 74 Magellano 74
Think of this design as a hybrid – a large owner/operated motoryacht which can be used for long range cruising or relatively fast travel for weekend destinations and entertaining.
Azimut 74 Magellano 74
Look carefully in the master stateroom head and also in the crew head. You will see people drawn to scale sitting on the commodes and one standing by the sink. This is rather unusual but we like it because it graphically illustrates the room in these heads. Note that in each one, both the wc and the sink can be used at the same time.

Lower deck

Azimut 74 Magellano 74
While this boat might be intended for long range cruising with friends, the vessel is also ideal for large cocktail parties in each port along the way. Azimut's evolution into long range cruisers will be a slow one, as the company takes on step at a time. awards the writer of the above Magellano 76 descriptive copy our "Palm 'd Or" for 2009. Bravo and well done!

Standard and Optional Features


Full Warranty Information on this brand coming soon!

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