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Absolute 55 STY (2014-)
(w/ Currently no test numbers)


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Brief Summary

This is a popular size in the luxury express cruiser market where most boats have the same general dimensions. The Absolute 55 STY sets itself apart with its attention to detail. For example, the skipper can stand at the helm without having to poke his head through the sun roof. Her lower deck layout has two midships guest staterooms, a master stateroom forward, plus a galley in between. The aft deck is large and made for al fresco dining at the dock, Italian style.

Key Features

  • C-shaped sofa, teak table and sunbathing area in the cockpit
  • Cockpit retractable roof
  • Refrigerator and freezer in galley
  • Drawers for plates, cups and cutlery
  • Private toilet
  • VIP cabin with double-sized bed
  • IPS technology from Volvo Penta
  • Specifications

    Length Overall 54' 7.5''
    16.65 m
    Beam 15' 3''
    Dry Weight N/A
    Tested Weight N/A
    Draft N/A
    - Draft Up N/A
    - Draft Down N/A
    - Air Draft N/A
    Deadrise/Transom N/A
    Max Headroom N/A
    Bridge Clearance N/A
    Weight Capacity N/A
    Person Capacity N/A
    Fuel Capacity 449 gal.
    1,700 L
    Water Capacity 148 gal.
    560 L
    Length on Trailer N/A
    Height on Trailer N/A
    Trailer Weight N/A
    Total Weight
    (Trailer, Boat, & Engine)

    Prices, features, designs, and equipment are subject to change. Please see your local dealer or visit the builder's website for the latest information available on this boat model.

    Engine Options

    Std. Power N/A
    Tested Power Currently no test numbers
    Opt. Power 2 x 435-hp Volvo Penta D6 IPS600 diesel
    3 x 435-hp Volvo Penta D6 IPS600 diesel
    2 x 600-hp Volvo Penta D11 IPS800 diesel
    2 x 700-hp Volvo Penta D11 IPS900 diesel

    Captain's Report

    Absolute 55 STY
    The Absolute 55 STY has the same hull and general layout as the 55 Fly and for many people that makes her even more desirable because all entertaining is on one deck.

    Mission of the Absolute 55 STY

    By creating an express motoryacht that has a LOA of almost 55' (16.65 m) and a beam of 15'3" (4.65 m), Absolute has built a boat that can be a large entertaining platform for cocktail and dinner parties, as well as day trips to the local beach for sunning and swimming. With three staterooms below and two heads she also can cruise two couples or a family in luxury and comfort. Perhaps most importantly, her lines are sleek and stylish and she has strong dock appeal. With four engine options available she can be built for comfortable relatively economical cruising at moderate planing speeds, or crammed with horsepower for impressive wide-open-throttle travel.

    Absolute 55 STY
    The main deck of the Absolute 55 STY. Perhaps the most noteworthy detail in this drawing is that teak comes standard on the aft deck.

    Three Dinner Party Venues

    With three U-shaped banquettes on the main deck the Absolute 55 STY is made-to-order for owners who like to entertain with either cocktail parties or large dinner parties. While 18 guests can't be seated at one table, they can be seated around three of them. All are easy to get to because they are on the main deck -- because in the 55 STY there is no flying bridge with stairs to climb. All that is needed to make this party scenario happen is the addition of six folding chairs to put along the exposed side of each of the three tables. In cocktail party mode they will not be needed as there is loads of seating on the boat.

    Absolute 55 STY
    The table on the aft deck is large but with two folding leafs can be made smaller for cocktails. In the down position with cushions added in it becomes a huge sun pad.
    Absolute 55 STY
    While a small coffee table is shown here, a large table with extendable leafs can be installed here to easily seat six for dinner.

    Versatile Tables.

    The table across from the galley folds out when wanted for dining, otherwise, it is folded back out of the way, ideal as a counter during cocktail parties. The forward table extends to serve six. The table on the aft deck has two leaves that fold out for six. (In the lowered position it becomes a foundation for a large sun pad.)

    Where the Guests Roam.

    Because the side decks are relatively wide, there are also other places where guests can roam around on this vessel while at anchor or tied up at the dock during a cocktail party. The bow is always a popular place to hang out and there are cushions upon which to sit on in front of the sun pad. Aft, the swim platform is fairly large, making it easy to welcome guests arriving in their own tenders.

    Absolute 55 STY
    The aft galley is unusual for Absolute, but it is a growing trend in boats this size. We like the stand-up refrigerator/freezer. The counter at left can double as a bar at cocktail time.

    Galley Aft

    Absolute embraces the concept of putting the galley aft in boats such as this which is by its very nature more informal than a far larger motoryacht might be. The galley is strategically placed to be only a couple of steps from the three dinning tables. Perhaps more important, it places the host and hostess in the center of the action so they are involved with the conversation while serving drinks and food.

    Absolute 55 STY
    The counter in the galley aft can be used for food prep or as a bar to serve cocktails during a cocktail party. Note the size of the table at right when the leafs are open.

    Counter Space Counts.

    For those who will have parties catered or otherwise have staff to help out, the galley which is surrounded by counters, has been well-designed. There is a ceramic glass cooktop and an inset cover fits over the sink. When not in use these two areas add about 25% to the usable counter space in the galley. The boat comes standard with dove-colored Corian counters.

    Stand-Up Fridge.

    We like the stand-up refrigerator/freezer combo better than under-counter fridge and freezers for several reasons -- less bending over, better utilization of "air space" that will go to waste otherwise, it takes up less deck space, and otherwise opens up the galley. It also leaves room for the optional below-counter dishwasher which we think all boats in this class should have. The refrigerator has a 68 gal. (258 L) capacity and the freezer is 11 gal. (42 L).

    Absolute 55 STY
    The third U-shaped banquette seating area is opposite the galley. Note that the table when folded up can be used to handle trays of finger food during a cocktail party, and then seat six for dinner with the leaf down.

    Absolute's designers have thoughtfully made sure that there is space for all flatware, stemware and china for six place settings.The counter across in the inboard side of the galley also doubles as a "bar" for serving cocktails during a party. In cocktail party mode the fold up table opposite can become a sideboard for hors d'oeuvres or a ice bucket for a bottle of wine.

    Galley Down?

    For those owners who do not like a galley up and aft in the middle of the action, then we recommend that they talk to Absolute about eliminating the guest cabin below and installing the galley there. We don't know what they might say, but that is where they put the galley on both the 53 STY and 64 STY.

    Absolute 55 STY
    The helm console has a center-mounted wheel but most importantly, the captain can stand at the helm without hitting the overhead.

    The Helm

    Standing at the Helm.

    Unlike many European-designed express cruisers in this class, the skipper can stand up at this helm without having to open the sun roof to poke his head out. Further, skippers will be able see out forward when standing. This is an important feature to us simply because on long hauls we get tired of sitting. Also, in very rough seas at speed we like to be able to bend our knees to absorb any pounding and sway our whole body with the movement of the boat.

    One Level.

    Absolute has accomplished this important feature by eliminating a raised platform that many builders insist on putting at the helm of these types of boats. Absolute has kept the entire main deck from transom to the helm on one level. That means no tripping or stumbles in a seaway, in the dark, or during a crowded cocktail party due to a missed step. How important is that?

    Absolute 55 STY
    A view aft from the helm area shows the two sliding doors which open to the aft deck. Note that the whole deck is on one level.


    The controlling factor in boats of this type is usually the headroom in the master which is under the salon and helm. In order to keep the boat looking low and sleek, some designers make the hardtop as low as they can forward, meaning the windshield has to be lower and in order to see out the skipper must sit.


    Absolute has created both standing headroom in the master so there is the ability to stand at the helm by sinking the deck of the master between the longitudinal stringers and making the freeboard of the boat a little higher. They then raked the windshield about 23-degrees and the house's aft superstructure to about 34-degrees which, along with some other devices, gives the illusion that the roof is actually lower than it is. We think this all works together marvelously well to both create a sleek look and also to have the headroom inside.

    Absolute 55 STY
    This boat is also for sun bathing and relaxing as well as entertaining and cruising. Note the skylights above in the aft overhang. One entrance to the aft deck (at left) instead of two symmetrical ones gives the boat a lot more utility.

    Other Considerations.

    By putting the wheel in the middle of the helm console rather than all of the way to the right, the designers have moved the skipper a few inches more away from the windshield mullion to starboard, which is by necessity thick in order to support the hardtop. By doing so they have reduced the degrees of the blind spot to starboard.

    Side Door.

    Few express cruisers this size have a side door but the 55 STY has one. It has been made possible because of the height of the freeboard and it serves a very useful purpose of making it easier to single-hand the boat. With the door, when coming into the dock, the captain can quickly slide out the door to toss a line or tie up the boat alone. When anchoring, the skipper can quickly move to the bow. On a hot day, it -- along with the sliding sun roof -- bring fresh air into the boat.

    Joystick and Electronics.

    The 55 STY comes standard with a joystick no matter which of the four engine options are selected. All of the engine options are Volvo Penta IPS and come standard with 7" (17.6 cm) EVC display diagnostic screens. A Raymarine E 125 Chartplotter/GPS and VHF radio also come standard.

    Absolute 55 STY
    Now the cockpit seating is converted into the chaise-style back rest for the sun pad over the transom.
    Absolute 55 STY
    Two large sun pads on the bow are de rigueur for fast express cruisers like the Absolute 55 STY which is designed to impress and turn heads.
    Absolute 55 STY
    The master stateroom and head take up nearly 50% of the accommodation deck space.


    In our mind two things stand out in the accommodation spaces below in the 55 STY. First is the size of the master stateroom. Second is the deck space and light in the VIP stateroom forward. First the master--

    Absolute 55 STY
    The large windows in the master stateroom remind us of those on a cruise ship. We like the tasteful colors, use of wood and professional d├ęcor that all looks like it was designed in Milano, which in fact is not too far from the Absolute factory.
    Absolute 55 STY
    The full-beam master is functional, large and modern.
    Absolute 55 STY
    The booth to port can serve a number of purposes. Note the round opening portlight.
    Absolute 55 STY
    The master head has an appropriate glass door, solid surface travertine-like counter and wash basin, and wood cabinets that continue the boat's design theme.

    The Master.

    The master bed is on the centerline in the most comfortable part of the ship. To starboard is a full length dresser with enough drawers to handle clothes for a long cruise. Also to starboard is a double deep locker allowing two hanging rods to be used. To port is a romantic booth with vanity. This can be a work station by day and a place to relax with cocktails at night with a special friend. There are large windows on both sides of this full-beam master. The head has a separate shower stall.

    Absolute 55 STY
    Let there be light! The VIP stateroom has lots going for it including light and deck space.

    VIP Stateroom.

    There is a bit more room between the bulkhead and the bed than we sometimes see in class. The door clears the bed which is always a good sign. There are port and starboard hanging lockers, two long drawers under the bed, and a fair amount of wood paneling to make the cabin as cozy as possible.

    Absolute 55 STY
    Wide-angle camera lenses were made for guest staterooms. In class they are all about the same size. This one has two attractive opening portlights.

    The outstanding feature of this space are the three large, square portlights to port and starboard which really brighten up the cabin and allow its occupants to see outside. A small portlight opens for air and there is an overhead hatch as well.

    Engine Options

    All four engine options are Volvo Penta IPS systems with joystick, pods and counter-rotating DuoProps. The lowest horsepower option are twin 435-hp D6 workhorse that is installed in as many boats as any other diesel. A second variation on this theme is to install three of the them for a total horsepower of 1305. This may seem like an odd option, but actually it is quite reasonable. Three of these engines weigh a total of 4,623 lbs. (2,101 kgs.) compared to a total of 4,982 for a pair of 600-hp D11 diesels. That means the triples weigh 359 lbs. (163 kgs.) less and provide 1,005 horsepower more. The fourth option is a pair of D11 IPS engines with a rated horsepower of 700 each for a total of 1400-hp. They weigh the same as the lower horsepower D11s.

    Absolute 55 STY
    The crew cabin in the bustle of the boat can come in handy.


    We have not tested the Absolute 55 STY so can give no guidance on performance or handling.The fuel capacity is 505 U.S. gallons (1,919 L). The boat's rating is CE B, with 14 people aboard.

    Absolute 55 STY
    The Absolute was designed for function, utility and also to look good. She is 54'7" (16.65 m) LOA which includes the swim platform.



    Every boat is a compromise and this one is no exception. It is obvious from the drawings on this page that the engine room is tight. Beyond that, until we get aboard the boat and test her we cannot offer much informed guidance. However, we should note that minimizing the size of the engine compartment is a growing trend amongst most boat builders in class and it is no doubt due to buyer preferences. Likewise, she does not have a lazarette for storing all of the "stuff" that every boat seems to accumulate, much of it actually needed. The obvious solution is to eliminate the crew quarters and use that as storage space.

    Absolute 55 STY
    There is a lot of glass around and over the house of the Absolute 55 STY, so light should never be a problem. Owners in the tropics will want to have plenty of A/C.

    Crew on a 55-footer?

    This is, after all, only a 55' boat which is easy to handle by any owner/operator with a little bit of experience -- particularly because it has an IPS joystick. While it's nice to have a crew along on a cruise to wash down the boat at night, handle fenders and run errands ashore, that may be a luxury that will have to wait for a larger boat. For owners who would like to put this boat in the charter trade, with three staterooms and a reasonable price the vessel should easily be booked in season. In this case the crew cabin will come in handy in order to have a mate or captain aboard.Overall, we think the boat is ready not only to party but also to do some pleasant cruising by two couples or a family. She should be easy to drive and fun to own.

    Standard and Optional Features


    Head: Fixed Standard


    Refrigerator Standard

    Boats More Than 30 Feet

    Freezer Standard


    Full Warranty Information on this brand coming soon!

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