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Breaking News:
Volvo Penta Plans to
"Out Sizzle"
CMD with IPS Pod Drive

Pres. Clint Moore Vows to Keep IPS #1 In Pod Drives

Sterndrive introduced by Volvo Penta in 1959. By 1975 MerCruiser had 80% Market Share.

DuoProp introduced by Volvo Penta in 1982. By 1995 MerCruiser had 65% Market Share.

Ocean Series Drive anti-Fouling composite introduced by Volvo Penta in 1996. MerCruiser now has SeaCore.

  Clint Moore is the President of Volvo Penta of America. Earlier in his 35-year boating industry career he was VP of Sales and Marketing for the competition – Mercury. He was there during the days when MerCruiser stole the march on Volvo Penta's own invention and gobbled up over 80% market share with black sterndrive product. Having been on both sides of this battle, he brings a unique perspective to the drama playing out now as a new technological innovation is sweeping across the boat building industry.

We sat down with Clint recently to get his take on the IPS-Zeus competition, as well as other matters facing owners of sterndrive and inboard-powered boats. This is the first in a series of three video interviews.

MerCruiser Won't
"Out-Sizzle" Volvo Penta... Click Here

The Breakthrough that Made IPS Possible... Click Here

Why Inboard Diesels Were Addressed First... Click Here

Has MerCruiser Infringed on Volvo Penta's Patents?... Click Here

Why Volvo Penta Did Not Choose Tunnels... Click Here

The NEW Mark II IPS for Bigger Boats... Click Here

On-Line Boat Show Bigger Than Ever

Founded in 2001, the was the Internet's first on-line boat show. While other sites have copied it, in our opinion none have captured the simplicity and "you are there" fun of going to this "In-Water" cyber boat show. There are over 900 boats at the show with full tests, and over 25,000 used boats available for viewing 24/7/365, and over 300 company "booths" in 13 "tents."

If you have trouble typing in long URLs, then put these shorter links in your "Favorites": "" or "" and you'll be directed to the ""...or... click here.

Boat Sales Pick Up

The company reports over 40 orders for the new Marquis 40.

Dealers and builders of all size boats reported at the Norwalk (CT) Boat Show that sales have picked up at all shows this fall. Sales seem to be up from small boats to large. "Last year the docks were full of people," reported one company owner, "But no one was getting on the boats. This year we have already sold boats."This is welcome news for the boating industry as U.S. sales this summer hit a low of 260,000 for a rolling 12-months. 

We saw huge mark downs from MSRP on many brands, including top brands, at the Norwalk Show. Clearly, builders and dealers are trimming margins to move boats. Some brands have unsold 2007 inventory and the customer is in the drivers seat.

Reports from the Southampton (England) Boat Show indicate the ever-weakening U.S. dollar continues to help American companies export.  Typically companies are selling 25%-30% of their production outside of the country. Overseas sales have kept many builders from massive layoffs, and in some cases there have been no layoffs at all due to non-US sales.

Archived Boats
Are a Treasure Trove
of Information

The Sea Ray 58 Sedan Bridge is one of the 40 Sea Ray models in the archives.

Over 500 boat tests are in our "archives"—accessible for a fee of only $7.95 per week, $19.95 per month, or $49.95 per year. For that small fee you have access to ALL of the "archived" tests for the period that you choose. is an independent 3rd party testing service and the opinions expressed are strictly ours and our testing captains.

Many of the boats in the "archives" are still in production. Many are out of production, but of course, are still sold on the used boat market. Whether you are buying a boat new or used, the "archives" is a good place to look for the boat testing information and guidance you have come to rely upon from

Click on the brand names below and see the tests which are available:

Sea Ray
Carolina Classic
Chris Craft
Back Cove
Sabre Yachts

Get a Boat History Report
Find out if your dream boat has been stolen, in an accident, salvaged after a hurricane, or hit a public record for some other reason. It could be the smartest used boating buying decision you ever made. Just enter the hull identification number (HIN) and get any public details on the boat before you buy. Click for Report.
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Global Marine Insurance is an agency that specializes only in marine insurance, and has been in business since 1989. Over the years they have built up a solid reputation amongst professionals in the marine industry, and that is why recommends them to you.

OWNER Boat Reviews

Look at the Details Before You Buy

Helm seats continue to be high on reader's list of complaints.

This week the Owners Reports we received were generally positive about builder and dealer service. However, niggling problems continue to occur. Paramount among those is the helm seat. By in large, builders have ignored this important aspect of owner functionality on many boats, and buyers would be wise to make sure the helm seat is to their liking before buying.

To see reports on six popular boats...

Report on YOUR Boat.  Tell us what you like and don't like about your boat.  We'll share your observations with our readers...

Now you can send in your own VIDEO review of your boat using AOL software. To upload your videos to us... click here.

BoatTESTSTORE announces a way to extend the use of your boat into the Fall and SAVE up to $45!!

The MUST HAVE accessory for the serious boater who wants to enjoy their boat year-round!  Why spend time and money to winterize your boat and miss out enjoying your boat during the fall and winter months?   XTREME Heaters are small, highly efficient marine engine compartment heaters that will protect your boat from the threat of sudden freezes for a never-ending boating season.  In addition to protecting your engine and running gear, your XTREME Heater will help extend the life of your battery(s) which can be adversely affected by freezing temperatures.  Built with modern technology, and proven in thousands of customer installations, XTREME Heaters are the smallest, most efficient, most effective, and most heavily tested bilge heaters available.  XTREME Heaters, we raised the standard in engine compartment protection.  THIS PRODUCT SHIPS GROUND ONLY!

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Ice Eaters

List Price: $711.00
Our Price: $629.82
Sale Price: $585.45
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Oil Changer

List Price: $179.99
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The Practical Encyclopedia of Boating by John Vigor

Whether it's boat maintenance, navigation, boat handling in all kinds of weather, or the physics of how boats function, every sailor and powerboater needs a comprehensive go-to source for specialized information. Now you have it with The Practical Encyclopedia of Boating.

List Price:     $18.95
Price:            $12.89
Save:            $ 6.06
Order this book!

Know Your Boat : The Guide to Everything That Makes Your Boat Work by David Kroenke

Know Your Boat is here to rescue the millions of boaters who have always been afraid to peer into their boat's innards for fear of what they'll find. Here at last is the humorous, user-friendly guide that will give a timid skipper the courage to grab a wrench and tame the savage beast in the bilge (or at least make its acquaintance). Assuming no mechanical aptitude, David Kroenke provides readers with an easy-to-read introduction to the use and maintenance of the many systems found on today's typical power or sail boat, including: engine, electricity, electronics, plumbing, refrigeration, windlasses, pumps, and steering system.

List Price:    $18.95
Order this book

For those Crazy, Lazy, Hazy Days of Indian Summer

Kick back, fish and troll like a professional


The Better Half of Fishing - Most women want to learn how to fish so they can hang out with their honey. Hosted by women, this program covers it all from tackle to landing to cleaning your catch of the day and provides easy to understand examples and techniques with women anglers in the starring roles! Includes fishing basics, tackle, rods & reels, knots & rigs, bait & lure selection, inshore, nearshore, offshore fishing, playing the fish, downloadable forms, pre-launch checklist, float plans & recipes. $34.95 Click here to order 

Rigging Trolling & Catching Live Bait - Saltwater fish eat live baitfish day in and day out. Learn how to rig them so they look and act natural. This program includes easy to follow rigging and trolling techniques to catch your live baitfish. Also teaches chumming, trolling natural reefs, how to control your boat speed PLUS how to catch baitfish using a cast net.  $34.95 Click here to order

As your boat gets older, the cost of coverage goes up...
See Video

Get a Price Quote Right Now... Click Here

For Boat Dealers Only... Click Here



NEW Larson Escape 254

The new Escape gives you more boat for less money. With a spacious interior design and deep-V hull you get both room and performance in this new 254.  Equipped with a 320-horsepower MerCruiser 6.2L MPI top speed was 48.6mph. Watch Video

NEW Smoker Craft 151 Resorter

The 151 is the smallest model in the Resorter series, featuring an all-welded hull finished off with an attractive paint and graphic scheme. We tested this boat with a 50-hp Mercury outboard. Check out Video

First Look:
Regal Enters the Big Leagues

The New 5260 is something special and 46 have already been sold in a bold, new factory-direct program.

The Regal 5260 has a base price of $695,000 and

is sold out for two years.

Have you ever stayed at one of those chic-chic hotels such as the Royalton in New York City or the Delano in Miami Beach; hotels that are so cool they don't bother to put their name out front? If you're not one of the in-crowd they don't want you to find them. Well, that's sort of how Regal is playing it with their new 5260 Commodore which is currently the hottest 50'+ yacht this side of the Atlantic...but you won't find one at a boat show this fall. Production is sold out for the next two years and Regal just became – like the Delano – a cool brand that is hard to get. Sunseeker, move over, there is a new kid on the block with attitude.

And you won't find one at a dealer's showroom either because they are being sold factory-direct in a new program that eliminates a dealer's need to inventory. So unless you're one of those 46 people who have put money down, this is about as close to a Regal 5260 as you're about to get this year.

To see a portfolio of pictures and to get the whole scoop... click here.

Triumph Gets Spiritual
New Video Commercial
Appeals to Higher Authority

From the people who brought you the "Bubba Test", now comes "Divine Intervention." This latest sure-to-be award-winning video commercial takes place in a quiet mountain setting on a lake and ends with an unusual Act of God that would make most insurance companies cringe... click to see.
Check Out

Mako Wins August
Viewership Sweepstakes

Mako 190 CC test was watched 9,948 times last month.

In August,  Mako won the monthly "sweepstakes" of the most watched videos on the site with 39,238 test views. Not surprisingly, the smallest Mako tested, the 190 CC, received the most attention, followed by the 234 CC and the 284 Express with 5,565 test views.

Of the 900 tests on the site, Mako scored highest because the company has all 5 of our tests on its home page above the fold.  This means that people going to Mako's website to see what they have to say, can also see our tests. Most builders bury our tests with the model, below the fold, or in some obscure location.  Not surprisingly, the folks at Mako broke the code. 

To see what all of the commotion is about... click here.

New Dog Ladder

Inventor Amber McCrocklin's new boat dog ladder is gaining popularity.

Most boaters who own dogs like to take their pets on board, which has historically raised a few practical issues. But now, "Paws Aboard" has invented a dog ladder that opens up all sorts of possibilities for Rover. Now he can enjoy watesports just like the rest of the family.

To read Amber's Story of Invention... click here.

Gauge Shade for Instruments

Jeff Murrary's New Gauge Shades protect expensive instruments from the sun

If you have every had the lens of your instrument gauges yellow or become foggy because of the hot sun, then you understand the need for "Gauge Shade." To find out the story behind this new product or to order them... click here.

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Propane Blast Sinks Boat
Propane on board needs special care and handling – trust no one but yourself!

An example of a separate compartment for storing propane.

Just because there is Propane aboard your boat, don't assume the person who installed the system knew what he was doing, or even that a builder's installation has not somehow gone wrong. You need to take personal responsibility for your Propane System, just as you must take special precautions when fueling. To read about the boat that blew up then sank, and to find some basic guidence about Propane Systems... click here.

A Collision at Sea
Can Ruin Your Whole Day

Near Bay Bridge Marina on Kent Island: Just before 2 a.m., a 38-ft. Fountain power boat slammed into a fixed, channel marker, ripping a 17-ft. gash in the forward hull & becoming impaled on the steel piling holding the channel marker. A passenger suffered a broken arm & lacerations; a passing boater rescued the two men. DNR police cited the skipper, who "claimed to have been blinded by the lights of a sailboat", for negligence, traveling at an unsafe speed, & failure to maintain a proper lookout.


Carver 36 Mariner

Sea-Doo GTI SE

Everglades 290 CC

Tigé 20 V

Regal 2565

Glastron DS 215

Wellcraft 252

Four Winns 318 Vista

VIP Bluewater 186

Alumacraft Pro 175

Tiara 4700 Sovran

JC NepToon 23 TT

Man Rescues 2 Kids, Then Drowns
The kids had PFDs and the parent didn't... read more

Boat Trailer Crashes Into BBQ Café:
Sans Safety Chains, a boat and trailer can become an unguided missile... true story

2 Killed in Boating Photo Shoot
Chopper crashes and model saves the pilot... read more

Winter Boat Insurance Claims
In the North, 20% of Insurance Claims after Labor Day... read more

Lightning Strikes Fishing Pole
12-year-old Boy survives a strike... pix/story
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