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How to Prop For

Improved Performance

The addition of a fourth or fifth blade can
improve fuel economy at cruising speeds—on some boats.

Propeller selection is often called a Voodoo science. If the engine doesn't have the right wheel, your boat's performance will suffer and engine life could be shortened.

BoatTEST Capt. Bob Smith welcomes some tips from Steve Powers, President of Power Tech Propellers, about how to make sure your boat is propped properly.

The different types of props... click here to learn about them

The importance of attaining top-end rpm range... click here

Can dealers be trusted to choose the right prop?... click here

Other propeller issues—and a Power Tech solution... click here

Apollo Becomes "Axius"
MerCruiser Settles on New Name
For its Joystick/SmartCraft Combo

"Fly-By-Wire" makes docking easy and fun.

First introduced to the press in June as a prototype called the "Apollo" system, MerCruiser has now settled on the name "Axius" for its "Fly-By-Wire" joystick system that will control docking and low-speed maneuvers for gas and diesel sterndrive engines.

The "Axius" System utilizes SmartCraft software and integrates joystick steering, conventional wheel steering, gps, and Digital Throttle and Shift (DTS) functions into one package. The new system will be "officially" introduced at the Miami Boat Show, February 14-18, 2008.  For more here

To see videos of the Apollo System (now called "Axius") at work in a gas sterndrive application, click on the links below:

Capt. Rob Smith interviews the man behind the "Axius" System, Reinhard Burk... see video.

This Sterndrive spins on a dime and moves sideways as easy as a twist of the wrist... see video.

Changing from Joystick to conventional steering is automatic... see video.

See Savannah dock like a pro every time... great video.

Coming NEXT Week:
BTC Interviews Volvo Penta
U.S. President

Clint Moore Discusses IPS,
Patents, Tunnels, And...

...Volvo Penta's Rivalry with MerCruiser

World's Largest
Boat Show
Calendar has recently compiled the single largest database of boat shows in the world. Over 350 boat shows with locations and dates are included on this incredible list of boat shows world-wide. It will be updated monthly, so you need only come to BTC for the latest dates.

Now, you can access this list simply by going to and clicking on "Global Boat Shows" which appears on the "Nav Bar" on the left side of the page. To see the this list here.

Share YOUR Videos has partnered with AOL to create a quick and easy video upload format. Now you can share your videos with the whole boating community world-wide. There is no limit to the size of your file. Simply upload it and we will take it from there.

Your video will be placed in an appropriate category and will automatically be entered into any contests BTC may be running at the time. urges you to do a video review on your own boat, send us a boating blooper, Johnny's hot dog wakeboard tricks, Mary's first 8" walleye, or simply videos of you and your friends enjoying the water.  Help promote the boating lifestyle! BTC's editors will place your video in the appropriate category. 

You can access the upload feature by going to's home page and clicking on "Upload Videos" on the left hand Nav Bar.  To upload now... click here.

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Auto Distress System for Small Boats
New Compact Invention Could Save Lives

AIDD could help save lives

George Borlase demonstrates the AIDD

Boaters may soon have a new safety device to carry aboard their vessels: the Automated Integrated Distress Device (AIDD), invented by George Borlase, a mechanical engineer and former naval architect with the Coast Guard and now with the Johns Hopkins' Applied Physics Laboratory.

The 12 inch tall device would automatically fire flares and flash a strobe to alert boaters within an eight-mile radius. The invention is ideal for small boats. Which company is smart enough to make it? How does it work?... read more

Man Runs Boat Over Himself – and Lives!

A boat similar to the accident boat
Misusing a boat, like misusing a car, can mean big trouble. This week's "Boating Blooper" goes to Chris Rowe, from Newkirk, Kansas. Find out what he did and why he's lucky to be alive... Click Here

Fair or Unbalanced?

Here's a quote from your watered down and ridiculous"shootout". Who Won Round #1?
"Our take is that it is still too early to tell which way this competition is going to go, but there is no doubt in anyone's mind that both  systems are better than conventional drives. And, no matter what develops, the consumer is going to be the real winner."
 I'll be seeking an unbiased and politically free opinion elsewhere  From now on. Thanks, but no thanks.

Bob Allison
Allison Marine
Ok, Allison, have it your way: Competition WON'T  help the consumer be the winner.  Are you happy now?– Ed.

A Plug From Down Under

We are the NSW distributors for Regal, The Australian Distributors of Chris Craft. The NSW distributor for Fairline, all these brands use IPS. We also have Cigarette and Wellcraft and RIVA.

Best Regards,
John Wolf General Manager
Chapman Marine Group Australia

Good on ya, mate.—Ed

Simple Math

Interesting comparison, IPS vs Zeus but it must  be clearly stated the Zeus had 45 more HP (more than 10%) yet did no better  and burned more fuel. I am a Regal dealer and have a 4460 w IPS600 that I  have sea-trialed extensively. It has a top speed of 45 MPH and cruises comfortably at about 33-35 MPH burning only 28 GPH. I am totally impressed with the IPS and its performance and ECONOMY.

B.B., Blaine, WA

We feel that many things speak for themselves, such as the horsepower differences which were clearly published several times. Alert readers will find much useful information in the performance tables and in the videos.—Ed.

BoatTESTSTORE announces the addition of Dr. Shrink's Premium Shrinkwrapping Products

Dr. Shrink's products allow all boat owners to shrinkwrap their boats for winter storage.  The complete line of innovative products include 100% virgin resin shrinkwrap, specialized tapes, vents, super strong cord strapping, zipper access doors, heat tools, buckles and film cutting knives.   Everything you need to shrinkwrap your boat can be found at, our prices are the lowest around.   Dr. Shrink, Inc. is thinking of the environment and has implemented the only coast-to-coast recycling program for used shrinkwrap.  Please check out the REBAG system and see how you can help the environment. 

Click here to order Dr. Shrink's Products

The Seasons of a Fisherman: A Flyfisher's Classic Evocations of Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter Fishing   By Roderick L. Haig-Brown

Roderick L. Haig-Brown is one of the world's beloved fly-fishing writers.  His classic books bring together exquisite prose, the full romance and beauty of fishing and much solid angler advice.  Here for the first time in one volume are his popular four season books:  Fisherman's Spring, Fisherman's Summer, Fisherman's Fall and Fisherman's Winter.  They chronicle a fisherman's year from Spring in British Columbia , during the Summer, the excitement of Fall fishing to a Winter fishing in Chile and Argentina.

List Price:    $29.95
Price:            $22.76
You Save:    $7.19
Click here to Order


Keep your boat in Ship Shape with Cosmetic Gelcoat and Fiberglass Repair.  Learn to fix unsightly and potentially dangerous cracks, scratches and more, to keep your boat safe and sailing, with these fantastic and informative DVD's.

You will learn how to:
•    Conceal drilled holes left by hardware changes
•    Repair hollow air voids under gel coat
•    Fix stress cracks
•    Proper sanding and buffing techniques
•    Match gelcoat covers

Basic Gelcoat Damage Repair & Finishing, $29.95 – Click Here:

Stress Cracks, Air Voids & Fractures, $29.95 Click Here

Color Matching & Finishing, $29.95 – Click here

As your boat gets older, the cost of coverage goes up...
See Video

Get a Price Quote Right Now... Click Here

For Boat Dealers Only... Click Here



Formula 37 PC

The 37 PC has generous cockpit space for family gatherings.

Formula incorporates the power of IPS into their 37 PC. This sophisticated entertainer has an impressive fuel consumption and range with its twin 300-hp Volvo Penta 400 IPS package. Check out video.  

Grand Banks Goes Zeus

Venerable Trawler Pioneer
Puts Zeus Drive
In its New 41-Footer

The 41 Heritage EU will be available in the Summer of 2008.

Grand Banks, the company that started the whole concept of a "recreational trawler" 51 years ago, announced last month that its new 41 Heritage EU will come standard with Zeus diesel drives installed in a "modified deep-V" hull. This is a significant departure for a company that has held steadfastly to tradition for many years. The twin stateroom boat will be capable of cruising comfortably at 10 knots or 24 knots, says the builder. The 41 GB will be the first boat of her type to use the CMD Zeus system.  For more information on this radical departure for GB... click here

Get a Boat History Report
Find out if your dream boat has been stolen, in an accident, salvaged after a hurricane, or hit a public record for some other reason. It could be the smartest used boating buying decision you ever made. Just enter the hull identification number (HIN) and get any public details on the boat before you buy. Click for Report.
For Marine Insurance Recommends Global Marine

Global Marine Insurance is an agency that specializes only in marine insurance, and has been in business since 1989. Over the years they have built up a solid reputation amongst professionals in the marine industry, and that is why recommends them to you.

New Yamaha PWC
Has Super-Light Weight

The New Yamaha SHO goes fast thanks to new technology. Captain John Wenz tests the new Yamaha PWC made of a new, lightweight material that is being pioneered by Yamaha in the marine industry.

See new Yamaha PWC Test... click here

Read about new, lightweight construction material... click here.

Killer Docks!
5 Boaters Drown at Docks

That life ring is on the dock for a good reason.

More people may have died in the last week falling off docks than died falling off boats. Surprisingly, most were not drunk or children.  Docks are simply more dangerous than you ever thought... Reports

We Test 49 Ski/Wakeboard Boats
The hottest category in small boat design is ski/wakeboard

Snowboarders have hit the water and pumped adrenaline into boat design.

It is no secret that the hottest sector of boating is the Ski/Wakeboard category.  For the last several years boat builders that specialize in the type of boat have shown robust increases in sales while the industry in general has been down. The reason is that a generation of young people who cut their teeth on cutting the powder on North America's ski slopes have come to the water.

As a result the most exciting and innovative designs coming out of the boat companies appeal to this market. To compare 45 boats we've tested... click here.

New, Low-Cost Inverter
For Small Boats
An Inverter makes 12V power run 120V Appliances.

For as little as $230 you can run AC appliances on your DC boat.

An onboard AC installation offers you a wealth of benefits by making possible the use of any domestic appliance, from microwave oven to hairdryer, DVD player to power tools. A Mastervolt inverter allows you to easily transform the voltage of your 12V or 24V battery to 230V/50Hz or 120V/60Hz, so you enjoy all the comforts of home wherever you choose to go. And you save on the costs associated with adapting equipment... click here for more information.

New Johnson Pumps
Integrate "Field Effect"
Sensing Unit

We like this state-of-the-art pump from Johnson which is simple and and should be more reliable than conventional systems.

Regular readers of's newsletter know that we have put a hex on 3000-year-old float switch technology, and recommend the "field effect" water sensing devices now on the market. The leading producer of these is Johnson Pumps which has now integrated its Ultima Sensor into the bilge pump housing.  Called "Ultima Bilge", we think this is a great idea... read more.
New Anti-Fouling Paint
For Running Gear

Pettit "Prop-Koat 6006" can be applied to props.

Pettit Marine Paint has introduced a two-part system designed to reduce fouling on props and running gear, which can slow a boat and decrease efficiency. Prop-Koat 6005 Clear Primer and up to three coats of Prop-Koat 6006 Clear Topcoat can be applied to props, shafts, rudders, struts, outdrives, outboards and other underwater metals, according to Pettit. The resultant slick finish, the company says, is key to Prop-Koat's performance, and both hard and soft fouling can be wiped off with a sponge or cloth. A quart kit retails for $260. Pettit Marine Paint, Rockaway, N.J. Phone: (973) 625-3100.
Check Out


Laguna 240 SC

Premier 235

Larson 330

Ranger 2200

Sea-Doo 230

Tiara 4200

Regulator 26

JC Pontoon 21

Regal 2700

Nitro 882 DC

Caravelle 232

Defiance 260

Cop Boater Hits PWC Friend – Leaves Scene
A Cop Gets 5 in Slam for BUI—Prisoners Form Conga Line... read more

Lake Erie Boater Saves Downed Fly Boy
Seven-year-old boy saved after plane crashes in Erie at night... read more

Hibdon Wins $125K Bass Event
Wal-Mart FLW Event on Lake Champlain won with 56.1 lbs... Get Fishy

"Float Plan" Saves A Life

USCG Rescues Ex-Marine Thanks To Worried Wife... read all about it

USCG Discovers Low-Tech Flags
...And low-cost, too. Storm Warning Flags now back in Favor... read more
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