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EPA permits for recreational boaters
could cost $800 or more, according
to NMMA Pres. Thom Dammrich.
Ships dump ballast water in
ports and contaminate US water.
Where are the EPA Police?

NMMA Begs US Boaters to Register Complaints with EPA Today!
Deadline for "comments" is "before August 6, 2007".  All Details Below...

Boaters Last Chance
To Influence EPA

In a nutshell: A Federal Judge has ruled that the EPA was not given the power by Congress 34 years ago to exempt recreational boats from a provision in the 1972 Clean Water Act aimed at the discharge of ballast water from commercial ships. Virtually everyone – including the EPA – realizes that recreational boats should be exempted, but it is now being forced by statute to require permitting of 13 million boats. Help the EPA help boaters by registering your comments NOW—

E-Mail your comments RIGHT NOW. 3 Easy Steps:

1. EPA's E-Mail Address:

2. Subject Line: Docket ID No. OW-2007-0483

3. Your Comments.

Snail-Mail Your Comments TODAY to:

Mr. Benjamin H. Grumbles
Assistant Administrator for Water
c/o Water Docket
Mailcode 2822T
1200 Pennsylvania Ave., NW
Washington DC 2-460

CMD Pres. Peers into
the Marine Diesel Future

Scott Patrohay, president of Cummins MerCruiser Diesel (CMD).

Where "Pod Drives" are going next, the benefits of industry consolidation, the disturbing trend in inboard cruiser sales, the growing demand for rebuilt (i.e. less costly) diesels....and more

Why Did Cummins Partner with MerCruiser?

"Pod Drives" -- Will they get smaller or bigger?

The "Diesel Wars:" Who is Winning and Losing?

Why are Diesel Inboard Cruiser Sales Down Overall?

Why Is Diesel Service So Slow?

CMD Announces Rehab Diesel Engine Program!

New Product

July 19-20 the NMMA-sponsored MAATS (Marine Accessories Aftermarket Trade Show) is an annual event where the industry introduces its new products. This year over 300 companies participated in Las Vegas.

President Thom Dammrich explains the NMMA's role in promoting new marine products... See Video

Dammrich notes trend to environmentally helpful products... See Video

Here are the 7 most "Innovative" new products according to a panel of boating writers:

1. ELECTRONICS – McMurdo Smartfind Plus 406 GPS EPIRB

The McMurdo Smartfind Plus 406 GPS EPIRB, imported to the U.S. by Revere Survival Products won in its category. It is the only all-digital EPIRB available, it is smallish and has a non-hazardous battery. $799 for the manual version and $999 retail for the automatic version.'s Capt. Bob Smith takes a look... see video

2. BOAT CARE -- Engine Check-Up

The Boat Care Innovation Award was presented to Engine Check Up. A fast, easy and economical method of diagnosing problems within any four-cycle gasoline or diesel engine, the user simply places ONE drop of oil on a test pad to reveal the condition of the oil and amount of contaminants. A Kit of 6 costs $19.95.

3. DECK EQUIPMENT – Floatstep Dock Ladder

The Floatstep Dock Ladder from Floatstep is this year's winner in the Deck Equipment category. This ladder rises and falls with the tide, which prevents marine growth and electrolysis. The ladder also easily removes for storage or storm protection. Prices range from $470 to about $620 depending on the size and the number of steps, plus shipping.

Click here to watch video of Floatstep Dock Ladder.

4. SAFETY EQUIPMENT – Survival Rescue Stick

The Mustang Survival Rescue Stick, took home the MAATS Innovation Award in the Safety Products category. Perfect for small boats which don't have space on board for a traditional life ring, this device incorporates a handle with a horseshoe buoy that inflates in the water on contact. $160.

See's Capt. Bob Smith demo the Safety Stick.. .See Video

Commercial video of Mustang Rescue Stick MOB device... click here

5. TRAILERING – Fulton F2 Trailer Jack

In the Trailer Parts & Accessories category, the judges selected two products they felt deserved an Innovation Award. First up is the F2 trailer jack from Cequent Performance. An adjustable mounting system makes it possible to align the trailer tongue with the tow vehicle and twin, independent wheels facilitate direction change. About $100.

See BoatTEST's Capt Bob Smith examine the F2 jack... see video

6. TRAILERING – Rope-A-Boat

Rope-A-Boat, an automatic boat loader that simplifies launching and loading, won the second award. The system consists of a multi-winch compartment, custom bow latch, roller guides and lines rigged to embrace a boat on its trailer until released either manually or by remote control, all to take the hassle out of launching and loading. $350.

Commercial Rope-A-Boat video... click here.

7. ENVIRONMENTAL -- Blue Water Marine Enviro-Pads

The 2007 MAATS Environmental Award was Blue Water Marine Paint for its synthetic fiber pads placed under a boat before pressure washing boat bottoms. Filters in the Enviro-Pad wash water and trap contaminants and results in "zero impact on water quality," according to the company. The pads offer boat yards an economical alternative to installing a costly catchment system.

To see picture of pad in use... click here

EPA Report on
Estuary Water Quality
As Goes Long Island Sound...
So Goes the Nation

This chart shows the different levels of hypoxia in Long Island Sound for 1996. Look below for 2006 data.

The EPA recently issued a report on the water quality of 28 major estuaries in the United States as well as the degree of contaminates in the bottom soil. For the most part, the reports were not favorable which should come as no surprise to boaters. The worst estuary is Long Island, which has a very high population density and a 200-year history of heavy manufacturing. There are lessons for the rest of the country to be learned from the fate of Long Island Sound.

For synopsis of EPA report for the country... click here.

Historical Hypoxia Maps of Long Island Sound. – Note the Progress... click here

The effects of Sewage on Oxygen Levels on Fish... see cartoon

Discharge Points in the Long Island Sound and Hudson River... click here

Roses and Brick Bats

See what our readers have to say this week....

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LifeVest Access Denied

The CG says your PFDs must be readily accessible. But some PFD bags can hinder access. Learn more.

Fishing show host Bill Dance bumbles his way through scene after scene. Click here.

You've seen our captain's tests and video reports for years. Now we'd like to hear and see YOUR VIDEO. Now is your chance to tell us and our members what you like and don't like on your boat.

All usable submissions will receive $100 in cash.

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All of This in the Name of "National Security?" A very bad article. Sounds like you are a liberal. Freedom is not cheap or convenient- ask any soldier or any family losing a member serving in the armed forces. It is people as you that are asleep at the helm and should not be putting irresponsible print to alarm the public. Which would you have it- safety or "gosh I never thought this would happen".

If you were in charge and had to answer for being responsible for a similar incident as the Cole- what would your recommendations be? Do not shirk this question- answer it!


First, we have the deepest respect for all US service personnel and the sacrifices made by their families.

Second, we would say that since the USS Cole was and is a warship, that it should keep a proper watch at all times, including picket boats in the water. In our opinion the Navy was too lax before the USS Cole and remains so after 9/11. For example, one mid-morning of October, 2004, the U.S. Navy got on channel 16 and repeatedly announced for 30 minutes that one of its subs was leaving Norfolk, VA and that all vessels should stay 500 yards away and point their bows away from the sub. We thought the Navy was conducting some sort of preparedness exercise until we saw the huge attack sub come along on the surface being escorted by a single red USCG RIB with a single 30 Cal. unmanned machine gun. Whatever happened to "Loose lips sink ships.?"—Ed.

Ben Franklin said, " Those who give up freedom for security deserve neither."

I was very disappointed to see the ridiculous caricature of Michael Chernoff in a Nazi uniform as a lead article in your 7/25/2007 boattest newsletter. If you think there is any comparison between this administration and the actions of the Nazi party, you simply have never read any history of that era - or didn't understand it. Please leave your personal politics outside of your otherwise very useful newsletter. I'm sure the Al Qaeda intelligence researchers are giving themselves a high five for having gained free publicity for more anti-American sentiment and jeopardizing the future of this country. Nice job.
For the record: I DO want other boaters alert and ready to report suspicious actions - like affixing packages to bridge abutments; I DO want them to report boats landing personnel at oil refineries and other facilities; I DO want the Coast Guard to be "locked and ready" at public events where the bad guys could maximize publicity for a successful disruption; I DO NOT want my "freedom" to include covering up for people who would do harm to this great nation - I want them stopped before they succeed - EVERY time - even if it means sometimes not having access to a favorite fishing hole, or anchorage.
Perhaps you believe, like Rosie O'Donnell, that the 9/11 events were an inside job - "because on one ever heard of steel being melted by heat". Gee, Rosie - how do you think they PRODUCE STEEL?
Come on Mr. Editor, how about an apology to all of your readers for that very offensive political bit and in the future, stick to boating.
-- J.G.
If Michael Chertoff and FEMA couldn't get food and water for 5 days to a few thousand people stranded at the Astrodome in New Orleans after Katrina, how could we expect him to save America from al-Qaeda?
In the absence of any information otherwise (minor east-coast news events rarely reach the west coast), I'm inclined to agree with you that the 'protection' of the Newport , R.I. tall ships events was probably unnecessary.
However, your hysterical belittling of America 's Waterway Watch, etc., is also an over-reaction. Apparently, the events of 9/11 have faded in your minds, and even worse, you apparently forget that there are...literally...millions of people in the world who would love to wreak havoc, destroy and kill Americans.
Fortunately, most of them will never have the opportunity to do so. Nonetheless, it's OK to remind us of that fact. And, I'd point out, that a terrorist group existed, arrested, confessed and was convicted in our own little city [Vancouver, WA], largely due to citizens' diligence.

Yeah, the DHS message is delivered awkwardly, but I suspect your editorial board would be one of the first in line to accuse the current administration of malfeasance should, God forbid, another attack occur. And will.
Great article about the 4th July and the USCG. Keep up the good work!
--P. F.

If you refer to attached [e-newsletter] you will see somebody has hijacked your name and mailing list for partisan political purposes.

Thank you so much for reporting on the "war on
terror" as seen by this administration. Keep up the good work.

Your last newsletter} was OUTRAGEOUS !

I was under the impression that your organization/publication was
geared to boating and not to leftist propaganda.

You may not want to admit it, but WE ARE AT WAR and unless
we make a stand now , we will not be able to boat in the future as
we will be busy praying facing Mecca all day long.

Please un-subscribe me from this mailing list.

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For Marine Insurance Recommends Global Marine

Global Marine Insurance is an agency that specializes only in marine insurance, and has been in business since 1989. Over the years they have built up a solid reputation amongst professionals in the marine industry, and that is why recommends them to you.

Boating Association Leads
Charge Against Costly Permits

In an 11th Hour plea to American boaters, the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) has sent a blast email to the thousands of names in its database asking boaters to register their comments with the EPA on the "Water Ballast" issue before Aug. 6th.  NMMA President Thom Dammrich has repeatedly spoken out asking American boaters to complain to the EPA and to urge congresspeople to support HR 2550.

Thom Dammrich, President of NMMA

See Dammrich's Comments at MAATS meeting... click here 

Read the EPA's Own Comments on its website... click here

To Read NMMA's position and "Talking Points" for your EPA letter... click here

Read NMMA's History of EPA "Water Ballast" Permit Fiasco... click here

200 New Yamaha 350s
Are Now On the Water!

Who has them?  How fast do they go? Is the hype, hype?

The largest four-stroke yet—Yamaha's 4-stroke 350—hit dealer showrooms and the water this month, as early adopters couldn't wait to get these huge engines on their mammoth center consoles and express fish boats. We tested the 804-lb. engines on a Hydra-Sports 3300 and on a new Hydra-Sports 3500 Vector Express... read all the details.

A pair of Yamaha F350s pushes a Hydra-Sports 3300 CC to a top speed of .... Click here for a complete BoatTEST performance report.

  Click here for Yamaha F350 Specs

 We Test the

This 38' Fountain CC set the World Speed Record at 87 mph.

We didn't believe that a center console could go 87 mph -- even with four Mercury OptiMax 2-stroke outboard engines. So we contacted the world's largest stocking Fountain dealer, Norwest in Norwalk, CT, and asked general manager Scott Mitchell (aka Tuna) if he would set up a performance test on the record-breaking 38' Fountain called Tuna and the boat's owner were happy to comply. Now, all we needed was some smooth water on Long Island Sound...

See Video of Fountain 38' CC performance test... click here

Did the 38' break its own speed record? Read Performance data... click here


New Four Winns V-458:
A Big Boat for Big Water

Four Winns Takes Aim at the Blue Water Market with
new C. Raymond Hunt-Designed Deep-V.

When Four Winns picked the naval architectural firm of C. Raymond Hunt to design their 378 last year they were sending a signal that the company was getting serious about taking on the blue water market. The boys in Cadillac, Michigan are walking softly, but they are carrying very big plans, indeed. If you are thinking about an express cruiser in the mid-40 foot range, the V-458 should be a "must see" before you make any final decisions. To find out more about this here.

Laguna 240 SC

Premier 235

Larson Cabrio 330

Ranger 2200

Sea-Doo 230

Tiara 4200 Open

Regulator 26

JC Pontoon 21

Regal 2700

Nitro 882 DC

Caravelle 232

Defiance 260

As your boat gets older, the cost of coverage goes up...
See Video

Get a Price Quote Right Now... Click Here

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Is Smuggling Aliens and
Explosives by Boat from Canada
STILL a Piece of Cake?

On September 5, 2002, I left Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, and headed back across the Bay of Fundy to Bar Harbor, Maine, in thick fog. I wondered what sort of reception would await me... to find out, click here.

Submit Your Experience and if used, receive $100 cash

BoatTESTStore introduces a new product ~ The Suction Cleat by ProStock Marine

The Suction Cleat by ProStock Marine was initially created for the demanding "Super-Yacht Industry", the suction cleat has found uses in every segment of the marine environment. The main body is mold- injected with UV inhibitor nylon. A reinforced bridge unifies the two suction cups and includes a six and one half inch (6-1/2") marine cleat as an integral part of the unit. Non-marking white thermoplastic elastomer cups prevent unsightly black rings. The lock down latch is nylon and attached to the cups with stainless steel retainer pins and nickel-plated cup shafts. The Suction Cleat can be utilized in the horizontal and vertical positions, and will work under water on a smooth clean surface. Click here to order.

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Before becoming a writer, Linda Greenlaw was the captain of a longlining boat, the career that earned her a prominent role in Sebastian Junger's The Perfect Storm and a portrayal in the subsequent film. Linda Greenlaw's has three bestselling books about life as a commercial fisherwoman: The Hungry Ocean, The Lobster Chronicles and All Fisherman are Liars. She is the winner of the U.S. Maritime Literature Award in 2003, and the New England Book Award for nonfiction in 2004. Time Magazine called her Recipes from a Very Small Island, co-authored with her mother Martha Greenlaw, a "must-have cookbook". Linda had a desire to write some fiction and she did with Slipknot, a sharp-witted, compulsively readable mystery, the first in a series featuring marine investigator Jane Bunker. Slipknot delivers everything readers want: a great setting, wonderful characters, an authentic and original detective -- and a story that will keep them on the edge of their seats.

The Perfect Storm by Sebastian Junger
List Price: $13.95
Price: $11.16
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List Price: $24.95
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The Hungry Ocean
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The Lobster Chronicles
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All Fishermen are Liars
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Recipes from a Very Small Island
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Boating Creates Jobs As Detroit Faulters
With $16 Billion in regional sales, boating creates 250,000 jobs in Midwest alone... read more

PWC Helmswoman Drives over Friends
Two women injured by PWC without breaks or reverse... read more

Hypothermia Kills Man in PFD
Special precautions need to be taken when boating alone... read more

USCG Rescues 7 Men From 33' Boat on Rocks
Even in this day of low-cost gps/chartplotters, shoals happen... read more

Arnold Terminates Drunk Boaters!
Helmsmen get 6 mo. to 5 years suspended licenses if caught drinking... see pix

Tanker's Wake Capsizes 21-footer
Two anglers plucked from the cold waters of Oregon's Columbia River... read more

High-tech System Tracks Tarpon Migration
Scientist behind it all says silver kings are temperature sensitive... see fishy babe

"Wild Ride" Wins Wild Purse: $100K
Team M&M Wins Wal-Mart Kingfish Tourney with 32' Wellcraft... see fish
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