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"Make No Mistake: This is War"          --Michael Chertoff, Sec. Dept. Homeland Security, April 22, 2007

Supporters say that Chertoff must be aggressive in protecting     America from al-Qaeda terrorists to insure "national security".          
Critics say that Chertoff is trampling civil liberties and the U.S. Constitution in the name of "national security".

The Most Powerful Non-Elected Man in America Wants YOU!
DHS Secretary Michael Chertoff sees Boaters as Potential "Assets" plus the "Eyes and Ears" of the DHS.

The Terrorists are Coming!
The Terrorists are Coming!
Remember the USS Cole!

The USS Cole was attacked on Oct. 12, 2000 by two suicide bombers
in a small boat in the harbor of Aden, Yemen.

At stake is how much freedom American boat owners will have to use their boats when and where they wish, and to what degree will they be required to be registered, licensed, taxed and otherwise made to jump through bureaucratic hoops in order to go fishing, water skiing, or just cruising with friends. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) can and regularly does make regulations that have the force of law without Congressional votes, so the chances of us all waking up some morning to discover restrictions on our boating is real. And, it could happen any day now.

Seven years after the al-Qaeda attack on the USS Cole and 6 years after the 9/11 tragedy, the DHS has gotten around to taking aim at the "security risk" of recreational boats and small commercial vessels in U.S. waters. On June 19-20th outside of Washington, D.C., the DHS held the "National Small Vessel Security Summit." The "summit" was ostensibly to give the interested – and potentially about-to-be injured – parties a chance to vocalize their concerns about what the DHS -- led by Michael Chertoff -- might do by edict. Such meetings allow the DHS to float trial balloons, gauge the degree of public hostility, and otherwise provide "cover" for any firestorm of citizen protest that might explode after their rule-making. Find out what is here.

17 Million Pairs of Eyes and Ears
to Keep Us Safe!(?)

If the DHS and the USCG have their way, American boaters will be turned into the "eyes and ears" of the DHS for the sake of "national security." Never mind that mass civilian "watching" approaches similar to this were the bedrock of tyranny for every major 20th Century dictatorship, and is an anathema to most Americans. However, the AWW website is quite explicit in saying that it doesn't want the AWW "...spying on neighbors, nor is it intended to instill fear or create pandemonium. It is simply about being vigilant and responsible."

So far, the AWW has been true to its word, as virtually no boater we know of has ever heard of it, much less done any spying or created any pandemonium, except, maybe, at the local watering hole. To find out more about the AWW and visit its website here.

America's Waterway Watch video (5:15) ... click here

AWW "Train the Trainer" video (15:30)... click here

"Duck and Cover" Video (3:30)... click here

NY Civil Defense Video (1:00)... click here

Exclusive Report:
What Makes the
Zeus "Pod Drive" System Tick

Rick Davis, Mercury Marine Vice President Advanced Engineering and
Chief Technology Officer, gives a feature-by-feature, in-depth look at Zeus.

These seven videos were made exclusively for the audience to provide you with a thorough, technical (but understandable) explanation of the design and engineering details of the CMD Zeus "Pod Drive" system.
I. Zeus "Pod Drive" in a Tunnel

II. Why is Zeus More Efficient Than Inboard Propulsion?

III. Which Way is Better, Fore or Rear Facing Props?

IV. The Zeus Hydra Bronze Trim Tab System

V. Zeus Running Gear

VI. Zeus Anti-Corrosion System

The Twin Zeus Pods Asymmetrical Movement

Boating Industry
Girds for
DHS Impact

For the last two years sales have been down across the board for new boats, and boat builders don't see much good coming from the Department of Homeland Security's forthcoming intrusion into pleasure boating. For 100 years recreational boating and the US Coast Guard have had a symbiotic relationship, with boat builders and the Coast Guard working together to improve quality and safety. And they all loved boats.But much of that seems to be changing now.... read why

Roses and Brick Bats

Readers have propulsion on the brain this week....

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You Should Practice Throwing a Type IV PFD

Figure out which is the most effective way to toss the cushion, ring, or horseshoe. For this woman, a side-arm chuck was most accurate... read more

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Don't Turn the
"The Dark Side"

USCG herding a spectator fleet in July. What's wrong with this picture?

Remember the good old days when the USCG promoted boating safety classes, came alongside for a boat safety inspection now and then, and rescued blow-boaters when they got scared offshore? Remember how polite and professional the Coast Guard coxswains and ordinary seamen were to America's recreational boaters?

We hope those days are not over. But if the rules they promulgated and their activities at a July 1st Tall Ships Parade in Newport, RI is any indication, we think there is a chance – just a chance, mind you – that the DHS's "War of Terror" might be pointed in the wrong direction... read more and you'll see what we mean. Exclusive!

Get the First Look at
Volvo-Penta's 370-hp
Diesel Sterndrive

The Volvo-Penta D-6 370 is the highest horsepower diesel sterndrive in the world, according to the company. Volvo-Penta DuoProp is standard.

This six-cylinder engine pumps out more horsepower than any other diesel sterndrive on the market, says Volvo-Penta. The company plans to introduce the D6-370 at the Fort Lauderdale (Fla.) International Boat Show Oct. 25-29. Delivery to boatbuilders starts in mid August, and dealers might have boats in inventory 2 to 3 months later.

Learn more about the new D-6 370. Click here

Fully Loaded:
Sailfish's New 2680
Center Console

With twin F250 Yamaha four-strokes, the new Sailfish 2860 CC retails for $114,143. The boat can also be ordered with twin 200-hp Yamaha four-strokes ($105,671) or 200-hp Yamaha HPDI two-strokes ($109,957).

The brand-new Sailfish 2860 bridges the gap between Sailfish's 2660 CC (LOA 26' 2") and its 30-06CC (LOA 30' 6"). The boat's mission is twofold: deliver you comfortably and quickly to and from the fishing grounds and provide enough seating and creature comforts for day outings with friends and family.

The builder says this 28-footer offers a dry, soft ride. The boat is loaded with fishing equipment, including 17 standard rod holders, a 35-gallon livewell at the leaning post, a second 30-gallon livewell at the transom, fishboxes in the deck, and locking rod storage.

For photos and specs, click here.

Carver 42 SS

Everglades 240CC

Tracker Tundra 18

Ferretti 810

Vector 2200 VX

Smoker Craft 172

Regal 2000

Wellcraft 252

Cruisers Yacht 390

Yamaha SX210

Riva Sunriva 33

Glacier Bay 2240

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Carleton Mitchell, 20th Century's
Quintessential Yachtsman

Mitchell after winning the 1958 Bermuda Race

Was Carleton Mitchell the greatest American yachtsman of the 20th Century?  If not, he certainly would be on everyone's short list. He was a tenacious racer, an excellent seaman, a gentleman of the old world, and a man who was humble as only the sea can make one.  He always had a helpful word for those less experienced then himself, yet he stood at the pinnacle of his sport. A world-class raconteur, Mitchell, along with Richard Bertram, Ray Hunt and several others, was involved with the design of the famous Bertram 31 which began the era of deep-V powerboats.  In 1968 he moved from sail to power and immediately made large powerboat ownership respectable among the offshore sailing elite. He is the only man to have won the Newport to Bermuda Race a record three consecutive times, and he won the SORC three times – all in the late 1950s and early '60s.  He died July 16, at 96...for more on Mitch's incredible boating career, click here. click here.

Bombed at the Boat Ramp

After watching a stumbling drunk try to haul his boat at the ramp, I realized that boating and alcohol just don't mix. Read what happened.

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Lighthouse Lovers (Worldwide) Travel Guide by Karen J. Morris.
If you Love Lighthouses and are interested in how you can help save, restore and "Keep the light shinning", this book has 188 Lighthouses world wide that have over-night accommodations.   By staying at a Lighthouse you help pay for the up-keep, preservation and maintenance of these treasured landmarks.  This book provides access to the physical address, website, phone number and description of the accommodations available at each of the lighthouses.  Enjoy one or enjoy them all!
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Boater's Checklist by Clay Kelley
A true seaman's Bible.  Boater's Checklist addresses what should be checked and when it should be checked before traveling the waterways with your boat.  It addresses each area of a boat and all the systems onboard.  It begins by describing all the checks performed before getting underway and follows through each system check needed for proper operation.  It also includes tips, safety features and systems, seasonal commissioning and decommissioning checklists.   This is a must have for every boat owner.
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Rediscovering Vinland: Evidence of Ancient Viking Presence in America (Paperback) by Fred Brown, III
For over 100 years, people have debated where Vinland is located. This book describes what sagas said, where Vikings landed, what interaction they had with Natives, and what legacy they left Indians and early European colonists. Fred Brown uses 33 years of studying Viking accounts of journeys to America, genetic information, archaeological evidence, Old Norse language remnants, and sailing experience to pinpoint yet another Viking incursion in New England. His detective work to find Vinland is brilliant and masterful.
Our Price: $22.95
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