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Dodge Ram 2500
Does your truck have enough muscle to tow your larger boat? This one does. Check out the Dodge Ram 2500.


With more than four decades of boat-building experience, Baja is one of the industry leaders in high-performance sport boats. Baja offerings range from the Sportfish to the Performance series, but regardless of function one thing remains constant-- speed.

The flagship of Baja's Performance series combines innovative designs, strong performance, and luxury cruising amenities in their all-new 405.  The 405 replaces the .38 Special after more than a decade of production. Designed for thrill seekers who want to get where they are going fast but also enjoy a relaxing evening on the hook, there is room for six in the cockpit and she can sleep four in the unobstructed cabin.  Not to forget Baja's lust for speed, this high-performance machine cruised most economically at 40 mph @ 3500 rpm and achieved a top speed 60.7 mph @ 5000 rpm!

Captain's Quiz
Question: At night you spot a vessel showing the following lights. What is it and where's it going? Answer at the bottom of this newsletter.

Baja 405

Ranger 2000 & 2200 Bay Ranger
Ranger is known for building reliable, durable, and comfortable fishing boats. By advancing with technology and listening to their customers, Ranger continues to craft and design fishboats for all to enjoy.  

The 2000 (above) and 2200 (below)  Bay Rangers are the latest entries in Ranger's saltwater series.  Bay Rangers are built to play hard and provide top fishability in rough coastal waters.  The 2000 and 2200 models feature a larger casting deck allowing greater space to fish and more storage areas. 

Equipped with a 150-hp outboard the 2000 Bay Ranger achieved a top speed of 43.2 mph and cruised most economically at 3500 rpm doing 26.2 mph.  The bigger sister cruised best traveling 29.3 mph at 3500 rpm and reached a top speed of 46.3 mph with a 250-hp outboard.    


Captain's Answer

Answer: Three white lights in a vertical line mean you're looking at a vessel towing another astern where the length of the tow exceeds 200 meters. The green light means you are looking at his starboard side, so the vessel is crossing you from port to starboard.

If you see something like this, immediately look to port and you should see the single GREEN running light of the barge. In all cases, stay well clear of this tug and barge!

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