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World Class Catamaran 330TE
With twin 225-hp Honda 4-stroke engines this 330 TE cruised best at 20.6 mph for a range of 526 miles.

New Honda Engines

BoatTEST teamed up with Honda Marine on five new Engine Owner Manual videos featuring Robin Senger, Honda's Outboard Professor. He will take you on a guided tour of each engine, explaining the features and sophisticated technology Honda Marine has developed through the years. These four-stroke engines require less maintenance and servicing than their predecessors. Many of these engines are based on Honda's automobile-line which have a reputation of sticking around for a long time.

Powerhouse- BF225-hp and BF200-hp

The BF225-hp and BF200-horsepower engines feature a powerful V-6 that delivers superior torque, and focuses on performance and durability. This engine is ideal for boaters who want a lot of power, and want it fast. These two engines are also coupled with many components from Honda's automobile line, proving the company's mission of delivering durable, reliable performance.

Fuel- Efficient- BF150-hp and BF135-hp

The BF150-hp and BF135-horsepower engines are Honda's latest edition, and are suitable for an array of boats. They feature the company's exclusive Lean Burn Feedback system, which helps maximize fuel efficiency through regulating the air and fuel intake according to speed and weight of the boat.

Responsive- BF90-hp and BF75-hp

Based on the Honda Civic automobile engine, the BF90-hp and BF75-horsepower engines feature a 4-cylinder, 4-carburator design making them more responsive and less costly to operate. These Honda engines are equipped with an engine alert system which allows you to see, hear, and feel a warning if adjustments need to be made on your engine.

Lighter- BF50-hp and BF40-hp

Honda Marine's BF50-hp and BF40-horsepower engines are designed with a new ergonomic tiller that displays better handling and control. According to Honda, their BF50 is the "lightest fifty-horsepower four-stroke in the world." These engines feature a 3-cylinder, 3-carburator design, making them lighter and smaller, thus, saving overall space on a small boat.

Maneuverable- BF20-hp and BF15-hp

The BF20-hp and BF15-horsepower engines are ideal for small fishboats. They feature EX steer friction control, which essentially allows the boater to alter the steering tension for individual comfort and overall improved handling. According to Honda, these engines have the "largest displacement and are the lightest of any fifteen-horsepower or twenty-horsepower in the industry." This large displacement means the engine will be able to deliver excellent torque throughout the RPM range.

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