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Seakeeper 7000 Gyro

7000 Gyro Seakeeper is a four-year-old company founded by Shepard McKenney and John Adams. McKenney previously owned Hinckley Yachts and developed their innovative JetStick™ technology, which is a fly-by-wire control system for jet powered boats, eight years before Volvo Penta introduced its joystick system with the IPS. We point this out simply to underscore that these men are thinking ahead and know the boat business. Gyro stabilizers definitely dampen roll and yaw, and may be the “Next New Thing” in marine equipment for displacement boats and anchoring.


  • The Gyro is a torque device and therefore does not have to be installed at a specific forward or aft location or on the centerline.
  • The Gyro bearings and motor drive box are cooled by a closed glycol cooling loop that incorporates a sea water heat exchanger.
  • A keypad and small display are provided to start, operate, monitor and shutdown the Gyro.
  • Sensors, alarms and shutdowns are provided to allow unattended operation.
  • Low power consumption and low weight.

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