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The Beneteau Oceanis 55 is a versatile cruising boat in a perfect size range to be both large enough to sleep 10 people and be easy to sail short-handed. The builder calls her a "custom" boat, and while we wouldn't go that far, she does have five different interior layouts, three keel depths to choose from, and over 61 options, so owners can zero-in on exactly what they want. She is powered by a 1,431 sq. ft. (133 sq. m) sail plan, plus a Yanmar 75-hp diesel with pod drive. Beneteau's popular "Dock & Go" system is an option which includes a bow thruster and autopilot.

Key Features

  • 5 layout plans
  • 3 keel designs
  • Twin wheels
  • CE category "A"
  • Wide beam and form stability
  • Clever interior design
  • 8 hull portlights plus many skylights
  • Electrically-controlled transom
  • Alpi mahogany interior
Length Overall 55' 1''
16.79 m
Beam 16' 3''
4.95 m
Draft 7' 7''
2.31 m (max)
Shallow Draft (Shallow Keel) 6' 3''
1.91 m
Hull Length 52' 6''
16.0 m
L.W.L 49' 9''
15.16 m
Max Headroom 6' 6''
1.98 m
Dry Weight 37,258 lbs.
16,900 kg
Tested Weight N/A
Mast Height (max) 78' 7''
23.95 m
Person Capacity N/A
Fuel Capacity 159 gal
602 L
Water Capacity 269 gal.
1,018 L
Shallow Ballast Weight 10,053 lbs.
4,560 kg
Deep Ballast Weight 9,326 lbs.
4,230 kg
Mainsail Area (Classic) 721 sq ft
67.01 m²
Headsail Area (105 %) 775 sq ft
72.03 m²

Prices, features, designs, and equipment are subject to change. Please see your local dealer or visit the builder's website for the latest information available on this boat model.

Std. Power 1 x 75-hp Yanmar SD POD 120
Tested Power Currently no test numbers
Opt. Power 1 x 75-hp Yanmar SD POD 120 Dock & Go

Captain's Report

Beneteau Oceanis 55
The Beneteau Oceanis 55 has an LOA of 55'1" (16.79 m), a beam of 16'3" (4.95 m) and three different possible drafts from 5'1" to 7'7" (2.31 m to 2.30 m). Her displacement, light, is 37,258 lbs. (16,900 kgs.)

The Mission of the Oceanis 55

The Oceanis 55 is designed for cruising in all of the different permeations it might take. For example, by having three different keel depths available, the boat can be used nearly anywhere on earth. With her five layouts available, she can be used by a family for weekend cruising, for charter work, club rendezvous, or long-distance voyaging. By having nearly all of her sail controls brought back to the aft end of her cockpit she is easy to sail short-handed work -- or, even single-handed.

Beneteau Oceanis 55
Sailing on a reach it is comfortable to stand to windward and watch the sail shape and the Windex on the mast head at the same time.

Major Features

5 Layout Plans.

Few boats of any size offer so many different configurations.

3 Keel Designs.

The Oceanis 55 comes with three keels, each with a different draft and weight. All are cast iron.

Twin Wheels.

Twin wheels come standard to make boat handling easy, more fun and comfortable.

"Dock & Go" Optional.

Beneteau's popular "Dock & Go" joystick system uses a pod drive in the stern and a bow thruster managed by a software controller that translates the movements of a joystick into digital commands for fool-proof docking.

CE Category "A."

The Oceanis 55 has a CE rating of "A" when carrying 12 or fewer people.

Wide Beam and Form Stability.

The state-of-the-art lines of the vessel have been drawn by Berret Racoupeau Yacht Design in France. The hull shape is good to windward and fast downwind in a blow.

Beneteau Oceanis 55
The Oceanis 55 has 8 portlights in the hull. Note the hard chine aft.

Innovative Interior Design.

The interior design is by Nauta Design, which has paid particular attention to making this boat feel cozy inside and quite versatile. All interior bulkhead surfaces are covered in Alpi wood or in designer fabrics.●

8 Hull Portlights Plus Many Skylights.

Getting light below is a major objective of the designers and to that end they have designed in 8 portlights in addition to side windows in the trunk cabin, three deck hatches forward, and numerous sky lights both large and small on top of the coach roof.●

Electrically-Controlled Transom.

The vessel's transom opens fully, allowing it to turn into a swim platform. Its decking is made of natural wood and has a stainless steel ladder with wood treads. ●

Alpi Mahogany Interior.

The joiner work inside is all Alpi mahogany. The cabin sole is parquet laminated wood. ●

Sails Included.

A roller furling headsail with UV protective strip and a fully battened mainsail with lazy jacks and lazy bag is standard equipment.

The Cockpit

Beneteau Oceanis 55
The table on the centerline of the cockpit has leaves that open up port and starboard for lunch and also provide a good place to plant a foot when seated to windward.
Beneteau Oceanis 55
The advantage of having two wheels is so the captain can sit to windward or leeward or alternate as conditions or whim dictates.

In many respects the cockpit is remarkably conventional for a Beneteau. However, the builder has run virtually all of the controlling lines for the sails, including the mainsail sheet, below deck and through the cockpit combings to jam cleats just forward of the secondary self-tailing winches. These jam cleats and winches are placed just forward of the port and starboard wheels making it handy for the captain to get to, when sailing short-handed. These jam cleats and winches are also equally handy for crew seating or kneeling in the cockpit.

Beneteau Oceanis 55
The mainsheet blocks are affixed to the top of the arch ("A") and then run forward to the mast, through an "organizer," then back through dedicated tubes in the coach roof to the jam cleats ("D") on the cockpit coaming. The self-tailing secondary winches ("E") handle the main sheet as well as the halyards, downhauls, etc. that are all run through the jam cleats. The jib sheet runs through a car on a track forward on deck, then back to the turning blocks ("B"), then to the primary winches ("C").
Beneteau Oceanis 55
This view of the transom shows the cutout that electrically swings down creating a swim platform. The stainless steel swim ladder has wood treads.

The Salon/Galley

Beneteau Oceanis 55
This image shows the expansive use of Alpi mahogany in the salon and galley.

Thanks to the prodigious beam of the Oceanis 55, there is plenty of room in the vessel for three to five sleeping cabins, and with two to four heads. That means the boat can sleep up to 10 people in private cabins. The settee also makes into a double bed to sleep two more.Virtually any family should find the Oceanis 55 large enough. Cruising sailors who like to have other couples around will have room for another couple and their kids as well -- or how about five couples?

The Settee.

With the addition of two stools the table can seat eight people for dinner. The aft end of the settee is double wide and also serves as a seat for the navigation station. Headroom in the salon is 6'6" (1.91 m).

Beneteau Oceanis 55
The starboard side settee can be used for lounging and cocktails or a four-course dinner. Leaves on the table fold out to serve eight.

The galley

has a two-burner stove top and oven. There is a 100 L top-loading icebox in the corner of the counter. A front loading 12 V electric refrigerator has a 130 L capacity. Beneteau has utilized all available space in the standard galley module for storage of dishes, pans and food containers. The galley module stays the same size no matter which of the layouts are selected and simply moves forward or aft depending on which of the layouts is selected.

An adjustable sofa

is placed on the port side opposite of the settee in the primary three-cabin layout. However, in the other four configurations this sofa is shrunk into a love seat. Remarkably, this is the only reduction in utility that is made to accommodate as many as five cabins and four heads in the 55.

Beneteau Oceanis 55
The deck plan is an interesting mix of the conventional with the innovative concept of getting controls off the top of the coach roof. Note the placement of port and starboard sun pads outboard of the companionway. This is unusual and will be welcome when at anchor.

The Iron Jib + "Dock & Go"

A Yanmar 75-hp diesel with three-bladed prop drives the Oceanis 55 through a pod drive, a concept that has been around a long time in the sailing world and used to be called a "sail drive''. This engine in concert with an electric bow thruster allows the boat to be controlled with the optional "Dock & Go" system through a joystick in the cockpit. A Vessel Management Unit (VMU) has the software that converts the movement of the joystick and the input from a gps to digital commands for the thruster motor, and transmission and engine. Our test of the system installed in the Sense 55 proved the system to be responsive, accurate and easy to use. We have not tested the Oceanis 55, but our test of the Sense 55 with the same propulsion system gave us a great deal of confidence in this engine which can easily push the boat at 8 to 9 knots.

Three Keels

Some of the best cruising grounds in the world are where the water is relatively shallow. Moreover, by their very nature, the harbors, rivers and waterways where marinas, waterfront houses and docks are located are often shallow. As a result, Beneteau is offering three keel depths so that every owner can still be able to go nearly wherever wanted.

Beneteau Oceanis 55
The U-shaped galley has drawers for pots and pans, cabinets for dishes, glassware and containers. The stove uses propane.

The "Very Shallow Draft"

keel is 5'1" (1.55 m) deep and weighs 11,677 lbs. (5,298 kgs). The merely "shallow" draft keel draws 5'11" (1.80 m) and weighs 10,703 lbs. (4,855 kgs.) The "deep" draft keel draws 7'7" (2.31 m) and weighs just 9,326 lbs. (4,230 kgs.) All three keels are made out of cast iron. Remember that the Oceanis 55 gets much of her stability from its bottom shape and wide beam with hard chines. This design has the advantage of saving weight as well as making the boat a down-wind flyer.

Beneteau Oceanis 55
The Oceanis 55's teak beach is large and inviting. Children will like it as much as their parents.

Construction Details

The Oceanis 55 is designed in accordance with European Directives and CE requirements, according to Beneteau. The builder uses infused polyester and balsa core in both the hull and the deck. The hull-to-deck joint is screwed, chemically bonded and banded with a 1" thick piece of wood molding. The keel is affixed to the hull with stainless steel bolts going through a stainless steel plate in the bilge. Standing and running rigging are all made of conventional materials.

The 5 Accommodation Plans

Beneteau Oceanis 55
#1. This plan is the standard 3-cabin, 2 head layout. The advantages of it are that the master stateroom in the bow is of maximum size and the salon seating is the greatest of all five layouts because of the full-size sofa to port.
Beneteau Oceanis 55
#2. This plan is essentially the same as #1 with the addition of a head in the port quarter cabin. In this case both the aft heads have access doors allowing them both to be used as day heads. Note that the sofa to port has shrunk.
Beneteau Oceanis 55
#3. Now we are into the first 4-cabin layout, and again the boat has two heads. The advantage of this layout is that eight people are accommodated in privacy without minimizing the owner's stateroom.
Beneteau Oceanis 55
#4. In this layout Beneteau has created four private staterooms, each with their own wet head -- except the starboard quarter cabin which has a separate shower stall. In some cases this might become the owner's stateroom because of the shower stall, but also because of its proximity to the companionway and the navigation station.
Beneteau Oceanis 55
#5. Five cabins and three heads sleeps 10 people each in their own cabin. Two more can sleep on the settee in a pinch.
Beneteau Oceanis 55
A view of the Oceanis 55 master stateroom looking forward. We like the book cases over the portlights and the storage bins in the hull sides.
Beneteau Oceanis 55
Looking aft from the head of the bed in the master, the sink and shower stall are visible at left. The water closet is to the right.


We think from a sailing standpoint the advantage of the Oceanis 55 is that she can be easily sailed by one or two people. Performance-oriented sailors can choose any number of sail options to make the boat faster off the wind. From a living aboard standpoint the five layout options speak for themselves. Finally, we think the Oceanis 55 is well laid out for cockpit dining or cocktail parties. Ladies will like the two sun pads placed so close to the cockpit. Everyone will enjoy the swim platform, which we think is the coolest thing on the boat.

Beneteau Oceanis 55
The Oceanis 55 keeps the guests in her cockpit comfortable no matter what the point of sail.
Beneteau Oceanis 55
Steaming along off the wind is a time to relax and enjoy the virtues of a well found vessel and of the friends aboard.
Beneteau Oceanis 55
At day's end when the sails have been furled and the anchor is down, it is exhilarating to walk the decks and take comfort knowing that both the vessel and her captain performed well.

Marine Electronics

Autopilot Optional
GPS/Chart Optional
Radar Optional
VHF Radio Optional


Air Cond./Heat Optional
Battery Charger/Converter Standard
CD Stereo Optional
Head: Fixed Standard
TV/DVD Optional
Water Heater Standard
Windlass Standard


Icemaker Optional
Microwave Optional
Refrigerator Standard
Stove Standard

Exterior Features

Arch Standard
Ice Chest Standard
Outlet: 12-Volt Acc Standard
Swim Ladder Standard
Swim Platform Standard
Transom Shower Standard


Bimini Top Optional

Boats More Than 30 Feet

Bow Thruster Optional
Generator Optional
Washer/Dryer Optional


Full Warranty Information on this brand coming soon!


Pricing Range: $750,000.00

Prices, features, designs, and equipment are subject to change. Please see your local dealer or visit the builder's website for the latest information available on this boat model.