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Mercury VesselView Mobile App Main Video

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Mercury VesselView Mobile App Mercury VesselView Mobile App
Mercury Marine’s new VesselView Mobile App takes the place of many functions of a Vessel View screen on a boat’s instrument panel, or can be used in conjunction with it.

Key Features

  • Connects the SmartCraft data network to iOS or Android mobile device via BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0)
  • Get fault code diagnostic information
  • Get mapping information for your body of water
  • Dealer Locator and Primary Dealer selector
  • Checklists associated with your boating lifestyle
  • Maintenance reminders and historical maintenance information logs
  • Compatible with all Mercury SmartCraft-capable engines built since 2003 (40-hp and up)

Mercury VesselView Mobile App Captain's Report

Mercury VesselView Mobile App New App
Mercury Marine’s new VesselView Mobile App takes the place of many functions of a Vessel View screen on a boat’s instrument panel, or can be used in conjunction with it.

Mercury Marine has recently introduced a mobile app that can provide most of the information, and even function in addition to, the Vessel View screen that monitors the functioning of its engines and propulsion systems. This new app can be installed on any smartphone, and when a SmartCraft VesselView Mobile module is installed on the diagnostic pigtail on the engine, Bluetooth connectivity takes data from the module and displays it on the screen. The cost of the system is far less expensive than the dash-mounted Vessel View screen it largely mimics -- something under $300.

Mercury VesselView Mobile App SmartCraft Module
The SmartCraft VesselView Mobile module plugs into the diagnostic port on the engine. It connects to the operator’s smartphone via Bluetooth.


The Following are basic operations of the app—

Mercury VesselView Mobile App New App

1. When the app is turned on, the first thing displayed is the home screen with all pertinent data shown.

Mercury VesselView Mobile App OK Status

2. A horizontal bar at the top of the screen shows the system’s status -- green for “OK” and red and a “!” for a fault.

Mercury VesselView Mobile App Fault

3. If there is a fault, it shows up here as a notification. The fault is stored in the cloud so a service tech can be called. The tech can pull up the fault in a dealer portal and can either solve the problem =remotely= or schedule a visit to a servicing dealer.

Mercury VesselView Mobile App dealer locator

4. The owner’s preferred dealer can be found by clicking on the menu. When away from home, the app will show the location of the nearest Mercury dealer. Because Mercury has the largest network of dealers in the marine industry, the chances of one being close by are all but guaranteed.

Mercury VesselView Mobile App RPM Information

5. By selecting “RPM,” other data comes up on the screen, including coolant temperature, battery voltage, engine hours and when regularly scheduled service is due -- in this example, in 91 engine hours.

Mercury VesselView Mobile App Fuel Amount

6. The amount of fuel on board must be plugged in by the operator on the screen, as seen above. The software then calculates time to empty in real time given the fuel flow at the moment. In the above example, there is enough fuel to operate the boat for 83 hours and 13 minutes at 600 rpm.

Mercury VesselView Mobile App Peak Speed

7. Another screen will show current speed, average speed and peak speed.

Mercury VesselView Mobile App Twin Engine Read Out

8. If the boat has twin engines, the mobile app will read out for each engine, as shown above. The operator can then drill down for each engine to find out more information.

Mercury VesselView Mobile App Triple or Quad Engines

9. The app also works the same with triple or quad engine applications. On this screen, we see identified on the far left the port, port center, starboard center and starboard engines all showing engine RPM, temp and charge at a glance. For each engine, there’s a green bar that shows the system status, all OK here. Note the blue line that indicates “maintenance.” By selecting it, the hours remaining until regularly-scheduled maintenance will be displayed.

Mercury VesselView Mobile App Inspection and Replacement

10. The maintenance screen will also tell us how many hours remain before designated service items need to be inspected and replaced. In the above example, the top item is “Belt,” which needs to be inspected in 91 hours and replaced in 291 hours. If these items were past due for inspection or replacement, the circles would be red instead of green.

Mercury VesselView Mobile App Upper Right Menu

11. A menu on the mobile app can be accessed at any time by touching the three bars in the upper right. This is how the dealer locator is found, and it also has a function to give Mercury “feedback.”

Mercury VesselView Mobile App GPS

12. Because a GPS is embedded in the smartphone, it knows the unit’s location, and a touch will bring up local points of interest, such as marinas, fuel docks and restaurants. Touch one of these icons and even more information is provided.

Mercury VesselView Mobile App Pre-Departure Checklist

13. We particularly like the “Pre-Departure” checklist function on the app. In this list, we are reminded to check all fluid levels and ensure our registration card is aboard and that the fire extinguishers are current, among other things. Operators can even make their own checklist.

14. Other Functions. There are too many functions to explore here, but some of them include a place to record maintenance, details of where fish were caught and their description, a place to save photos, an events calendar, and even a hole-shot game, among other things.


The advantages of this mobile app are obvious. Because it can do much of what the Vessel View can do, its price tag of under $300 represents large savings. We like the dealer locator function and ability to give Mercury feedback. It also serves as a single, well-organized place to keep all information about an owner’s boat, as well as providing engine diagnostics.

In the future, it is hard to imagine that any boat will leave the dock without the owner having something like this valuable app either in his hand or on the boat’s panel.


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