Mercury MerCruiser
525 EFI (500-hp)
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Mercury MerCruiser 525 EFI (500-hp) Mercury MerCruiser 525 EFI (500-hp)
This all-new sterndrive engine features custom Edelbrock aluminum cylinder heads, designed exclusively for Mercury Racing, closed cooling, new stainless steel CMI tubular “sweeper” headers and the exclusive Mercury Propulsion Control Module (PCM) 555. The results? Higher horsepower and a higher torque band throughout the engine operating rpm range.

Key Features

  • Precision CNC machined 502 C.I.D. cast iron cylinder block.
  • Advanced, factory installed closed-cooling system features five-year coolant for reduced maintenance and increased corrosion protection.
  • Custom electronic gauge interface module, designed by Mercury Racing, allows for operation of either analog or digital instrumentation.
  • Multiport fuel injection system incorporates a high-flow throttle body and flame arrestor developed exclusively by Mercury Racing.
  • Water-cooled fuel system works in concert with a low pressure and high pressure fuel pump to keep fuel temperatures at optimum levels while reducing t
  • A thermostatically controlled, high-capacity oil cooler raises engine oil temperatures faster and keeps them more consistent.
  • A hydraulic roller camshaft and an idle air valve, located at the rear of the intake plenum, work in concert to improve engine idle quality.
  • Custom Edelbrock aluminum cylinder heads, designed exclusively for Mercury Racing, enhance torque and overall performance.
  • Dual-water pickup and low-water pickup gearcase housings for Bravo One XZ and standard Bravo One XR drives.

Mercury MerCruiser 525 EFI (500-hp) (Inboard) Specifications
Horsepower 500-hp
Warranty 1 Year
Displacement (cu/cc) 502.00 cu / 8,226.31 cc
Number of Cylinders 8 Cylinders
Configuration V8
Cooling System Raw Water
Weight (lbs/kg) 1,201.00 lbs / 544.76 kg
Charging System 65 A
Length/width/height 39.5 in / 34 in / 24 in
Full Throttle RPM 5200


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