Mercury MerCruiser
8.1S Horizon (370-hp)
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Only Builder in Class Up in 2007

Cobalt Was the Only Builder in Class Up in 2007. Paxson St. Clair CEO of Cobalt talks to on the subject.

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Mercury MerCruiser 8.1S Horizon (370-hp) Mercury MerCruiser 8.1S Horizon (370-hp)
This is the big-gun in the Mercury MerCruiser line of recreational powerplants. It's designed to put real performance into mid-size express cruisers.

Key Features

  • Mercury-exclusive PCM 555 high-speed microprocessor that optimizes fuel mixture, knock control and ignition timing independently for each cylinder, re
  • Distributorless ignition system that improves timing accuracy and eliminates mechanical timing adjustments.
  • Closed cooling with 5-year coolant.
  • Redesigned exhaust system with aluminum manifolds and stainless steel elbows that is 65 percent lighter and more corrosion-resistant.
  • Exclusive Engine Guardian protection senses potential problems and virtually eliminates the chance for engine damage due to overheating, low oil press
  • Long individual runner intake manifold design provides optimum torque and horsepower for demanding marine applications
  • Sequential fuel and spark control maximizes performance from every engine cylinder
  • Convenient remote oil filter location makes oil changes cleaner and makes periodic service simple and less work
  • Cartridge-type water-separating fuel filter helps protect fuel system and engine against damage

Mercury MerCruiser 8.1S Horizon (370-hp) (Inboard) Specifications
Horsepower 370-hp
Warranty 3 Years
Displacement (cu/cc) 496.00 cu / 8,127.98 cc
Number of Cylinders 8 Cylinders
Configuration V8
Fuel Delivery Fuel Injected
Cooling System Raw Water
Weight (lbs/kg) 1,130.00 lbs / 512.56 kg
Charging System 65 A
Length/width/height 47 in / 33 in / 24 in
Full Throttle RPM 4600


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