E-TEC 250 H.P.
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Evinrude E-TEC 250 H.P. Evinrude E-TEC 250 H.P.
By overcoming the oil-mixing hassle, the governmental emissions hurdles, and greatly improved fuel-efficiency, Evinrude’s E-TEC series has proven to be an able power source for many outboard applications. Over the last few years we have tested seven different boats with the E-TEC 250 engine and our test captains have always been pleased with their hole shots, time to plane, and top speeds. Maybe even more important, our “Boaters’ Feedback” from over 50 Evinrude owners has the highest positive response of any of the five outboard brands. “Two-stroke” is obviously no longer a dirty word. We invite the Evinrude “2-stroke” out of the closet. Take a look and see for yourself. The Evinrude 250 E-TEC has a base MSRP of $21,850.

The Evinrude 250 H.P. is available in several different types: DCX, DCZ, DPL, DPX and DPZ. The information on this page represents the DPL type unless specified.

Key Features

  • No Maintenance for 3 years / 300 hours No inspections or adjustments, no changing gearcase lube, no spring tune-ups.
  • Fewer parts 195 fewer than a four-stroke. No valves, belts, camshafts or pulleys to adjust or replace.
  • No oil changes A four-stroke gets one every six months or 100 hours – 60 if you’re doing heavy trolling.
  • 3-year, 300-hour spark plugs Advanced iridium plugs – featuring a longer, more efficient spark
  • Auto storage The engine fogs itself automatically in minutes, with no trip to the dealer. So easy, you can do it any time.
  • Instant throttle response Not just select points. The key is that every revolution is a power stroke. That means twice the power strokes of a four stroke.
  • Less fuel The engine management system makes more than 8 million calculations per second. You get the precise amount of fuel you need at any given rpm.
  • High torque The natural two-stroke advantage combined with our super-natural fuel-injection and combustion system.
  • Bigger alternators Nearly twice the available amperage of competitive engines. Run more accessories with more confidence.

Evinrude E-TEC 250 H.P. (Outboard) Specifications
Horsepower 250-hp
Warranty 3 Years
Base Price $21,850.00
Type of Engine 2-Stroke
Number of Cylinders 6 Cylinders
Weight (lbs/kg) 518.00 lbs / 234.96 kg
Displacement (cu/cc) 200.10 cu / 3,279.05 cc
Shaft Length Options 20 in for DPL / 25 in for DCX,DPX / 30 in for DCZ,DPZ
Steering Control Power Assist
CARB Rating 3-Star
Recommended Fuel 87 Octane
Alternator Output 133 A Total - Net Dedicated 50 A

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Evinrude E-TEC 250 H.P.


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