10-Year Coverage
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Evinrude 10-Year Coverage Evinrude 10-Year Coverage
Recently, Evinrude announced 10-year factory-backed extended coverage on all Evinrude E-TEC and E-TEC G2 engines. The company is calling it their “Perfect 10 Sales Event.” This is a remarkable benefit and one that none of the other outboard builders come close to offering. Evinrude is able to make this coverage available because of the reliability of its engines, based on their track record. For the consumer, not having to worry about the financial consequences of a faulty engine for 10 years removes a lot of worry. The coverage is transferable to any number of owners for the 10-year period, thus keeping resale value higher than it would be otherwise.

Evinrude 10-Year Coverage Captain's Report

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10-Year Coverage for Evinrude Engines
Triple engines means triple the value of Evinrude’s 10-year coverage offer.

All components aside from routine scheduled maintenance items are covered in the remarkable 10-year limited coverage program.

Evinrude has been saying for some time that its engines are as reliable -- or more reliable -- than any other outboard engine on the planet. There are a lot of solid reasons for the company’s confidence in its products’ durability, among them are the fact that there are over 100 fewer moving parts in the E-TEC engines than on conventional 4-stroke outboards, and they use a magneto to create electrical power, rather than a belt-and-pully alternator. Other aspects of the engine such as its beefy gear case, and absence of valves, springs, tappets and cams has a lot to do with it, as well.

“The Perfect 10 Sales Event” Promotional Incentive

Evinrude is so convinced of its engines reliability that it is making this special limited coverage offer on all of its E-TEC and E-TEC G2 engines. Here are the important details--

  • It covers everything – all parts and labor.
  • It covers all rigging items associated with the engine(s) on the same bill of sale.
  • After year 3, there is a $50 deductible per coverage claim.
  • The coverage incorporates Evinrude’s standard 5-year anti-corrosion coverage on G2 products only. Corrosion protection is not extended to 10 years, and is the only available on the G2 engines. This 5-year anti-corrosion coverage is the longest in the outboard industry.
  • Normal maintenance items, such as fuel filters, are not covered.
  • This is a “factory-backed” coverage, which means there is no third-party insurance company involved that can deny claims or play games. Evinrude writes the checks.
  • It is a “non-declining” coverage, which means that every part covered on the first day is still covered on the last day.
  • The coverage is transferrable to subsequent owners of the engine.
  • Subject to all exclusions, limitations of liabilities, and all other terms of BRP’s standard warranty and B.E.S.T. contract.
  • 10 year coverage for the Evinrude Jet Series is for the upper unit only. The jet pump receives a 3 year warranty.

Extended Coverage Has Great Value

While it is little discussed, extended coverage is available on many engines, including four of the five major outboard engine makers. But that extended coverage is typically limited to 2 to 3 years in addition to the basic coverage period -- for a price. Evinrude’s normal coverage is 3 years just like all of the other major engine makers, except one. But only Evinrude offers 7 years of additional coverage during this sales event which ends April 20, 2018.

The retail value of that coverage depends on the engine model. But on the 300-hp Evinrude E-TEC G2, it is well north of $5,000.


Evinrude’s 10-Year coverage promotional program is the longest available and it is factory backed. It should keep the value of a boat higher than it would be otherwise, and it virtually eliminates the financial risk of engine repairs.

Perhaps the most important aspect of the promotional program is the fact that Evinrude is vouching for the reliability of its engines with its own cash.

Visit the Evinrude website for all of the details…


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