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Photo Length Brand Year Price US$ Location Tested
0ftSilverton1990$24,900Alexandria Bay NY USTESTED
1ftMastercraft2015$123,995Pleasanton CA USTESTED
 1ftMastercraft2015$116,995Pleasanton CA USTESTED
 1ftMastercraft2015$113,995Pleasanton CA USTESTED
1ftMastercraft2015$113,995Pleasanton CA USTESTED
9ftTracker2015$619Pleasanton CA USTESTED
9ftTracker2015$619Pleasanton CA USTESTED
13ftTracker2015$749Pleasanton CA USTESTED
16ftTracker2015$1Pleasanton CA USTESTED
16ftTracker2015$18,595Pleasanton CA USTESTED
16ftTracker2014$16,995Pleasanton CA USTESTED
16ftTracker2015$15,995Pleasanton CA USTESTED
 17ftSportcraft1977$1,595Kalamazoo MI USTESTED
17ftTracker2015$15,995Pleasanton CA USTESTED
17ftTracker2014$12,595Pleasanton CA USTESTED
18ftNitro2015$1Pleasanton CA USTESTED
18ftNitro2015$30,145Pleasanton CA USTESTED
19ftChaparral2013$25,995Nicholasville KY USTESTED
19ftTracker2015$28,995Pleasanton CA USTESTED
19ftChaparral1997$8,999South Windsor CT USTESTED
20ftMastercraft2015$102,995Pleasanton CA USTESTED
20ftMastercraft2015$73,995Pleasanton CA USTESTED
20ftNitro2015$1Pleasanton CA USTESTED
20ftMastercraft2015$75,995Pleasanton CA USTESTED
20ftMastercraft2015$71,995Pleasanton CA USTESTED
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