Marlow-Hunter  - 40 (2014-)

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Test Conditions

Length Overall 41' 3''
12.57 m
Hull Length 40’ 0''
12.19 m
L.W.L 36’ 0''
10.97 m
Beam 13' 2''
4.01 m
Draft (Deep Keel) 6' 8''
2.03 m (deep)
Shallow Draft (Shallow Keel) 5’ 2''
1.57 m
Mast Height (max) N/A
Max Headroom 6' 6''
1.98 m
Dry Displacement 19,700 lbs.
8,936 kg
Tested Weight N/A
Shallow Ballast Weight 6,027 lbs.
2,734 kg
Deep Ballast Weight 5,425 lbs.
2,461 kg
Fuel Capacity 50 gal.
189 L
Water Capacity 90 gal.
341 L
Mainsail Area (Classic) N/A
Headsail Area (105 %) N/A
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Test Results

Performance Chart

There is no performance chart currently associated with this model.

Note: Sailboat performance is contingent on many factors beyond the scope of our simple sailing exercise. Nevertheless, the speeds recorded here at different points of sail can give a relative indication of the boat's performance in the conditions identified and with the crew involved.