World Cat 295CC (2015-)
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World Cat 295CC (2015-)
World Cat 295CC (2015-)
The World Cat 295CC is, first and foremost, a center console boat and that means her primary goal is fishing. But her luxury features and sheer volume of open interior space tell of a boat that is equally well suited for entertaining. Of course we can’t go anywhere near a World Cat without being impressed by how well these boats handle sea conditions, and that makes this a fishing boat that can go out, and get back safely, in conditions that would have others sitting at the dock.

Key Features

  • Bow seating with cushioned backs for 6 adults
  • Flip-up forward console seat with armrests
  • 2 gunwale-mounted stainless steel rod holders
  • Fiberglass top with powder coated aluminum frame
  • Fiberglass console with wrap-around safety glass windshield and opening side-vents
  • Double-wide custom helm seat with twin flip-up bolsters
  • Fiberglass lean post tackle center with 42-gal. raw water and insulated livewell
  • Extended swim platform with integrated handrails and ladder
  • Dual aft fold-down seating with backrest cushions
  • Insulated 300-quart port and starboard floor fishboxes


World Cat 295CC (2015-) Specifications
Length Overall 29’ 1''
8.86 m
Dry Weight 8,400 lbs.
3,810 kg
Beam 9’ 6''
2.90 m
Tested Weight N/A
Draft 15''
0.38 m
Fuel Cap 242 gal.
916 L
Deadrise/Transom N/A Water Cap 25 gal.
95 L
Max Headroom open Bridge Clearance 8’10''
2.69 m
Prices, features, designs, and equipment are subject to change. Please see your local dealer or visit the builder's website for the latest information available on this boat model.

Engine Options

World Cat 295CC (2015-) Engine options
Std. Power Not Available
Tested Power Currently no test numbers
Opt. Power 2 x 300-hp Suzuki white digital 4-stroke
2 x 300-hp Yamaha 4-stroke with Command Link+

World Cat 295CC (2015-) Captain's Report

World Cat 295CC running shot

The World Cat 295CC has a LOA of 29’1” (8.86 m), a beam of 9’6” (2.89 m) and a hull draft of 15” (38 cm).

Mission Statement

This is a boat that is designed to fish in nearly any weather thanks to her World Cat DNA that our tests have shown to be among the best sea keeping boats we’ve been on. The 295CC’s hugely high freeboard makes her among the safest and driest boats as well. With dual everything, she has redundant systems to get home from nearly any problem. And with the level of luxury we’re seeing, she’s also got the moxie to entertain even the most discriminating guests. Just be sure to hose her off from the last fishing trip first.

She was designed to replace the popular 290CC and as such she brings some refinements to the table such as an elevated level of comfort and upgraded upholstery to all the seats. She has more standard features such as the hardtop and she provides a bit more weight, 8,400 lbs. (3,810 kg) compared to the 290CC’s 7,500 lbs. (3,402 kg). With this model, World Cat has also increased the horsepower rating up from 500-hp to 600-hp. Fuel capacity has dropped slightly from 250-gallons (946.4 L) to 242-gallons (916.1 L).

Distinguishing Features

Bow Anchor Lockers. The two bow anchor compartments are interconnected which also makes it easy to reach the rode to manage any tangles.

Dual 210-quart Fishboxes. These are located to either side of the bow, under the forward seats. Use them for storage or as fishboxes since they’re insulated.

Standard Hardtop. Shade is a valuable commodity on the water and here, while most would offer a canvas T-top option, World Cat went instead with a standard hardtop.

Protection from the Elements. The curved windshield goes all the way up to integrate with the hardtop providing a unique level of protection that we’ve not seen before.

Standard Leaning Post. This one includes a 42-gallon (159 L) livewell.

Insulated In-deck Fishboxes. To both sides of the console are two 300-quart fishboxes and both are macerated.

World Cat 295CC running shot

With such high freeboard, it’s easy to see the safety factor in taking this boat on long offshore runs. At the stern, the lowest point, the freeboard measures 27” (68.6 cm).

Systems Redundancy. With separate engines being fed by individual fuel tanks, and even separate electrical systems, it’s easy to envision the safety factor of heading offshore in this boat. We would have a hard time picturing both engines quitting for any reason other than fuel starvation from a captain that didn’t bother to consider the fuel levels when focusing too much on bait.

Features Inspection


We’ll start our look at the features of the 295CC by examining the seating.

At the bow there’s a tremendous amount of open space even after creating more seating than any boat in class.

The seating literally wraps around the bow creating a gathering area that is on par with much larger boats… as in yachts. Certainly no bowrider in this size range can even come close to this much seating space. A full-length grab rail ensures that all seated have something to hold onto. All seats have pleated inserts of a contrasting color, at least with this color scheme, and bolsters provide additional comfort.

World Cat 295CC bow seating

Here is what can only be described as the largest seating area in class….probably out of this class as well.

World Cat 295CC grab handles

Recessed grab handles create both a snag free caprail for fishing, and a safe place to ride in for the occupants.

Ahead of the console is a seat in the typical center console layout, but this one has a flip-up seat, is doublewide and includes flip-up armrests at both ends. The combination of all these seats makes a truly unique gathering area. However, some staples of any bow are missing from the options list. We’d like to see the addition of a pedestal table to convert the area into a dining or “docktail” area, and of course a filler cushion to turn the entire bow into a massive sun pad would also be welcome.

World Cat 295CC console seat

While every center console on the planet may have a seat ahead of the console, this one is doublewide and has flip-up armrests.

World Cat 295CC pleated vinyl

Contrasting pleated vinyl and piping highlights all the seats. Looks like there’s plenty of room under the seat for a carry-on cooler.

World Cat 295CC upholstery colors

Upholstery color choices include the standard tan color or for those looking for a richer look, World Cat offers an optional dark tan upholstery on the 295CC.

Seating at the helm is just as luxurious as the bow, and we’re seeing the same contrasting colors with the pleated inserts and piping. There are also flip-down armrests and individual flip up bolsters. In the lowered position the bolsters are raised a bit to provide a touch more cushioning under the legs.

World Cat 295CC helm seating

Helm seating is two-across with much the same comfort level as the rest of the boat’s seating.

World Cat 295CC flip up bolsters

Individual flip-up bolsters and flip-down armrests highlight the comfort features of the helm seat.

Additional seating behind the helm is provided with the addition of a cushion resting atop the bait station. While our model in this accompanying shot makes this look like a comfortable place to cruise along, the truth is that this lends itself more to short stints for the crew to keep an eye on the lines.

World Cat 295CC seat

Here’s a great spot to sit and watch the line in the water while still keeping close to the rigging station. A flip-down footrest is just out of this shot.

At the stern are two more seats, this time in the form of flip-down rumble seats to each side. When it’s time to go to work, these flip-up and out of the way making more room for bringing the fight to the fish.


With a boat sporting this much room it seems that all of the open space came at the cost of limiting the storage, but that is simply not the case. There’s actually more storage when compared to others in class.

It starts in the bow where there are two 210-quart storage boxes under the bow seats. These of course can be used to hold the typical assortments of fenders, lines and life jackets. But these also lend themselves to holding iced down fish. The compartments both drain overboard, are gasketed and the hatches are held open by a single gas-assist strut.

World Cat 295CC bow storage

The bow seating doubles as basic storage or as a pair of fishboxes with overboard drains.

World Cat 295CC rod storage

Lockable rod storage is under the opening coaming bolsters at the bow. Each side holds three rods.

World Cat 295CC head storage

Additional storage is in the console which also serves as the head. This one includes a 15-gallon (568 L) holding tank.

Of course there’s also plenty of storage under the gunwales to both sides. World Cat is among the most adept at creative use of space, and as such, everywhere one looks throughout the boat, there’s storage. Under the helm is a footrest, and when the lid is lifted insulated storage is revealed.

To both sides of the console there are two 300-quart insulated fishboxes, and both of these are macerated. Clearly, with this much room to store fish, if all boxes are filled up it’s likely that one may find himself over-limit on catch.


Being a dedicated fishing boat, we probably should have started here, but with so many quality features to this boat we had to pick and choose. So now let’s get to the meat of catching fish in the 295CC.

With the standard hardtop, we have a multitude of features. At the rear are four rocket-launcher style rod holders. Multi-color LED courtesy lights as well as spreader lights help when the fishing continues long after the sun has gone down. Outriggers can be added to increase the spread presented to the fish.

World Cat 295CC hardtop

The standard hardtop with standard powder-coated finish comes replete with features to make this a perfect fishing boat.

World Cat 295CC lights

Spreader lights and LED courtesy lights keep the fishing or entertaining going long after the sun goes down.

World Cat 295CC outriggers

Even with outriggers mounted there’s still plenty of room for a wide array of antennas.

The leaning post includes a 42-gallon (159 L) livewell with an 1,100 gph magnetic drive pump and overboard discharge. With grab handles and a flip down footrest it’s also a great place to sit while keeping an eye on the lines.

The rigging stations across the transom includes some much-needed additions such as a cutting surface, a raw water washdown and storage for tackle. No need to worry about getting messy when fishing. A freshwater transom washdown is standard and connected to a 20-gallon (75.7 L) water tank.

World Cat 295CC livewell

A livewell is just behind the leaning post. Note the flush mounted rod holders and pull-up cleats in the caprail. And look at all the storage bins in the bulwarks.


This center console is unique in that the helm is completely protected by the integrated windshield coming all the way up to the bottom of the standard hardtop. Why we don’t see this top to bottom type of windshield on other boats is a mystery but it’s a refreshing change here. It’s a wraparound windshield with no distortion at the curved edges. Opening side vents provide a flow of air when desired.

World Cat 295CC windshield

The windshield running from the console all the way up to the hardtop provides full protection.

World Cat 295CC mounted windshield

With the windshield mounted to a channel at the top of the console, there’s no dirt to collect in the sides, such as when the windshield is mounted to the side of the console. This also alleviates cracking at the screw connection points.

The control station is mounted to the left side of the helm console and there’s plenty of open real estate for mounting navigation screens. All switches and digital gauges are in a single panel just above the wheel. The engine controls are mounted to a 45-degree angle. A molded footrest is just below.

World Cat 295CC helm

The helm leaves plenty of room for two people to be comfortable while running the World Cat 295CC.

The standard hardtop has standard powder coated aluminum frames, an overhead radio box, LED lights, 4 rod rocket launcher, spreader lights and a zippered bag for life jackets.

Managing the ground tackle is easy thanks to a helm control and a set of foot switches at the bow. The windlass is a Pro Series free-fall model with 300’ (91 m) of line, 15’ (4.6 m) of chain and a 22 lb. (10 kg) anchor. The rode is managed through a pair of hatches over each hull and both lead to a locker running the full beam. A washdown hose is included.


The 295CC is rated for a maximum of 600 horsepower, which means 300-hp to each side. World Cat will rig the 295CC with motors from either Suzuki or Yamaha and while we haven’t tested this model, World Cat has shared its performance expectations with us.

300-hp should produce a typical maximum speed of 55 mph. Best cruise would be in the area of 27 mph. According to the company, with a pair of 300-hp Yamaha 4-strokes the 295CC will hit speeds exceeding 50 mph, and will have optimal performance in the 25 mph range.


While we haven’t tested the 295CC we have tested other World Cat models and every one of them has proven that these hulls perform extraordinarily well in snotty conditions. In fact, when encountering waves, our experience has shown that slowing down is not necessarily the correct response. Speeding up seemed to produce a better ride, and a more stable one.

World Cat 295CC running shot

Here we can see that the World Cat 295CC leans into the turn, just like the mono-hulled counterparts.


We’ve just scratched the surface of the many features of the 295CC. She’s a full featured center console with more room than others in class and she’s built tough to take on offshore conditions. With her narrow entry she slices cleanly through waves with no pounding or harsh effects, true to form for all of the World Cat models.

Standard and Optional Equipment

World Cat 295CC (2015-) Standard and Optional Equipment
Battery Charger/Converter Optional
CD Stereo Optional
Head: Fixed Standard
Windlass Standard
Exterior Features
Hardtop Standard
Swim Ladder Standard
Swim Platform Standard
Transom Shower Standard

Standard = Standard Optional = Optional

World Cat 295CC (2015-) Warranty

World Cat 295CC (2015-) Warranty Information
Warranties change from time to time. While has tried to ensure the most up-to-date warranty offered by each builder, it does not guarantee the accuracies of the information presented below. Please check with the boat builder or your local dealer before you buy any boat.

Full Warranty Information on this brand coming soon!

World Cat 295CC (2015-) Price

World Cat 295CC (2015-) Price
Pricing Range $197,115.00
Prices, features, designs, and equipment are subject to change. Please see your local dealer or visit the builder's website for the latest information available on this boat model.

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