Glastron GT 205 (2014-)
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Glastron GT 205 (2014-)
Glastron GT 205 (2014-)
If variety is the spice of life then Glastron certainly has the right ingredients. It is now offering the popular 20’ (6.10 m) GT 205 in no less than four different versions to suit virtually any taste. Choose from the affordable GT 205, the sporty GTS 205, the luxury GTL 205, or head off fishing in the GTSF 205. All are designed with the GT Series retro look of sportiness ensuring that all heads will turn when one comes cruising by.

Key Features

  • SSV hull
  • Glastron custom trailer
  • Two-tone deck and hull
  • Unique windshield design
  • Glastron custom gauges
  • Unique pull-knob switches
  • Sundeck with lounge
  • In-floor ski locker
  • Fiberglass cockpit floor


Glastron GT 205 (2014-) Specifications
Length Overall 20' 6''
6.25 m
Dry Weight 2,770 lbs.
1,260 kg
Beam 8' 0''
2.44 m
Tested Weight N/A
Draft 35''
89 cm
Fuel Cap 32 gal.
121 L
Deadrise/Transom 21-deg. Water Cap N/A
Max Headroom open Bridge Clearance 6' 11''
2.11 m (max)
Prices, features, designs, and equipment are subject to change. Please see your local dealer or visit the builder's website for the latest information available on this boat model.

Engine Options

Glastron GT 205 (2014-) Engine options
Std. Power Not Available
Tested Power Currently no test numbers
Opt. Power Various MerCruiser engines from 220-hp to 300-hp
Various Volvo Penta engines from 200-hp to 300-hp

Glastron GT 205 (2014-) Captain's Report

Glastron GT 205

The Glastron GT 205 has a LOA of 20’6” (6.25 m), a beam of 8’ (2.44 m) and a draft of 35” (89 cm).

Mission Statement The mission of the GT 205 is to provide a sporty bowrider that can compete in the market segment by not only being well-built and feature-rich, but also by adding a retro sports car-savvy look into the mix, making what is sure to be among the most eye-catching boats on the water. By making the GT 205 available in four different models for four different applications, this one basic design can appeal to a large segment of sportboat buyers in its size range.

Distinguishing Features

Exterior Styling. Undoubtedly the most important of all her features is her styling. It makes the statement that this boat is unmistakably a Glastron. First, is her "Reverse Spear" graphic pattern on her hull sides. Second is her retro, late 1950s look with her slightly curved windshield and her apparent tail fins sweeping up from her hull sides. Some have said she reminds them of a 1960s Corvette because of her interior details, others point to the fins which were exhibited on many of Detroit's brands during a 4-5 year era.

Hull Colors Are Offered As Standard. Most builders seem comfortable charging for a hull color other than white. Not so with Glastron as the GT Series is offered in no fewer than four different colors, none of them plain white. Pick from white and Sunburst Orange, white and Laser Red, white and Jet Black or white and Royal Blue.

Glastron GT 205

Standard Two-Tone Deck. Whatever color is selected for the hull, will be matched for the deck, along with white, to blend the whole boat together in the same color and style. This is a feature that is rarely seen, and we think that it looks great on the GT.

Retro Windshield. Another feature that defines the GT Series is the low-profile windshield. Glastron calls it a “roadster” style and it has an all-aluminum frame and glass wings to deflect wind and spray.

Reverse Spear. The custom colored hull is formed in the instantly recognizable “reverse spear” design that has long been the defining style trait of the brand.

Standard Tandem Axle Trailer. We’d expect to see a trailer included with the package on a boat in this size range, but not a tandem axle as we see here. It also includes disc brakes.

Propulsion Choices. Glastron offers power choices from either Mercury or Volvo Penta in power ranging from 220-hp to 320-hp along with a choice of outdrives.

Push-pull Type Switches. Here’s something we haven’t seen since the ‘60s, pull switches instead of rockers or toggles.

Roadster Style Gauges. A throwback to the ‘50s, these gauges have the look and feel of a classic ‘vette with metal collars that project out from the bottom. But unlike the Corvettes, these waterborne units have drain holes in the bottom of the collars.

SSV Hull. The "Super Stable Vee" (SSV) hull was developed and patented by Glastron in 1976. It has the characteristic of bringing together the stability and quick-planing characteristics of a tri-hull with the smooth ride of a deep-V hull. While we haven’t tested these GT models, we have tested other Grastrons with the SSV hull shape and can report that they are quick to get on plane with a minimum of bow rise.

Differences Between the Four Models

With so many versions of the 205 to choose from, how does one decide? Well, quite easily. The hulls are the same, the running surfaces are all identical, but the differences lie in the gel scheme, the interior fit-and-finish, and of course, the functionality. Let’s take a look.

GT 205

The GT version is designed for its affordability. She’s a sporty-looking boat in her own right but the GT Series design touches add even more flair to her features. She includes everything needed in a bowrider and the fluff is left largely to the options list. Base engine is a 220-hp MerCruiser 4.3 MPI.

Glastron GT 205

The basic GT is a sporty bowrider with a retro flair of the GT Series. With the GT series Glastron brings back the classic “reverse spear” graphics.

Glastron GT 205

The helm console has a distinctive sports car look to it with extended lower collars around the gauges. At the bottom of these collars are drain holes. Check out those pull-switches. We haven’t seen those since the ‘60s!

GTS 205

Here the sporty side (S) is taken up a notch with upgraded graphics on the GTS 205. She also adds more items to the standards list. Base engine is still the same, but options can bring the power level up to 300-hp with the engine supplied from either MerCruiser or Volvo Penta.

Glastron GT 205

The upgraded graphics are first on the spotters list for how to pick a GTS 205 from the crowd. But notice how the “reverse spear” is still present.

Glastron GT 205

In the GTS 205, the standard non-skid platform is upgraded to the rubber mat. It’s just one of the many features that get elevated to a higher level of fit-and-finish.

Glastron GT 205

With the GTS, the helm seat gets upgraded to one with a flip-up bolster. In the GT it’s an option.

Glastron GT 205

The helm also gets a bit of a facelift with a new steering wheel.

GTL 205

Now it’s time to add a bit of luxury (L) into the mix. This version will have special appeal to those that are restricted to size by lake limits, or others that simply don’t want a larger boat but also don’t want to be limited to the basic ho-hum designs. Here, the GTL not only looks the part, but she has a clear luxurious level of panache that will satisfy the customer who wants a luxurious-looking sportboat. She has very little on the options list because most everything has been moved to the standards list.

Glastron GT 205

Luxury is the key word with the GTL.

Glastron GT 205

The interior on the GTL is offered in additional choices of Saddle or Cashmere and the upholstery is diamond stitched with contrasting white stitching.

Glastron GT 205

A forward bolster improves the usability of the forward seating. Notice the stainless speaker covers, drink holders and the pull-up cleat.

Glastron GT 205

The helm gets another look from the GTL version. Here, it’s color matched to the hull. A courtesy light can be seen on the side.

Glastron GT 205

Here’s a great shot of the retro switches. The logo plate is laser cut. The wheel is mounted to a tilt base.

Glastron GT 205

And here we can see the gauge styling with the extended collar, and the drain hole at the bottom.

Glastron GT 205

This version also gets the standard flip-up bolster on the two bucket seats.

Glastron GT 205

Here’s a clever use of space that other builders don’t seem to care about.

GTSF 205

The GTSF 205 brings fishing features to the game. SF stands for Ski & Fish and it allows the 205 to seamlessly transition from a Saturday family ski boat to a Sunday family fish boat. She comes complete with an aerated livewell, trolling motor mount, reversible bow seats/fishing deck, casting seats, a bow casting platform, rod storage, rod holders and the ski/fish two tone deck and hull scheme. All that needs to be added is the fishfinder of choice and the desired trolling motor. Oh, and bait.

Glastron GT 205

The hunt for the big one is on with the GTSF 205.

Glastron GT 205

The GTSF interior is more on par with the GT model, but the upgrades are more directed to the fishing aspect.

Glastron GT 205

The trolling motor is after-market but the boat comes pre-rigged to accommodate it. The forward casting deck and pedestal casting seat are standard.

Glastron GT 205

The aft bench seat has the same look externally, but underneath the storage space has been converted to a livewell. Looks like a great space to fill with ice for the drinks when we’re not fishing.

Glastron GT 205

Without the optional snap-in carpet ($233) the cockpit can be much more easily hosed down for after-the-catch cleanups.


Regardless of which version of the 205 is more appealing, they all have the same basic layout for positioning of the seats. The layout can be described as a “modified” sport seating arrangement. Sport seating describes a pair of bucket seats behind the consoles and a bench seat across the stern. “Modified” can be used because the aft bench seat also morphs onto a chaise lounge with the adaptation of a pull-out cushion to the port side.

Glastron GT 205

The seating arrangement is typical sport seating with a clever twist of converting to a chaise lounge to port.

Glastron GT 205

By sliding the cushion back into the aft bulkhead, the non-skid step is exposed. The sun pad cushion is hinged and lifts to expose the walkthrough deck.

Glastron GT 205

Storage is still located under the non-skid step.

Glastron GT 205

Additional storage is in the center.

Glastron GT 205

Under the bow there’s the usual cast of storage compartments. Notice the centrally located cleat at the bow. This makes a much safer location to secure the anchor rode to, as opposed to cleats off to the sides of the bow.

A walkthrough to the swim platform is to port, and at the bow we have the usual V-seating with storage underneath. In the ski-and-fish version the bow cushions are reversible to convert to a casting deck.


Boats in this size and class are excellent for their ability to instantly revert from casual cruising to towing the kids on various water toys. The entire 205 line comes with a standard ski tow eye at the stern, but all will also accommodate an optional watersports tower ($2,660). This not only adds a rakish look to the already sporty profile, but also creates a higher tow point for wakeboarders and the entire tower is hinged to keep the profile of the 205 low enough to still fit in a garage or a shallow rack at the marina. A second version is available that includes a color matched Bimini top ($3,407).

Glastron GT 205

There’s plenty of room under the deck for the boards, and the hatch is ventilated.

Sunning and Lounging

With a boat in this size range, space is at a premium. So anything that can be done to save space only helps. For that reason, the trick of making U-shaped seating instead of the bench seat across the stern just won’t work. But it’s still nice to be able to put your feet up once in a while, so Glastron engineered a clever trick into the bench. At the port side, the seat cushion extends out from the bulkhead and converts into a chaise lounge. When a crowd comes aboard, simply push it back in and we instantly have more available space.

Glastron GT 205

Glastron came up with a clever way to transform a basic bench seat into a chaise lounge.

Glastron GT 205

Even with the seat extended there’s still plenty of room to gather ‘round the cockpit.

One additional perk to the seating arrangement on the 205 Series is at the aft sun pad. Not only does it present a place to catch some rays -- while not underway, of course -- but it also adds another seating option. With the walkthrough to starboard, the cushion needs to be hinged to allow access to and from the cockpit. Glastron seized on this as an opportunity and made the hinge lockable when the cushion is lifted. In this manner the sun pad morphs into a second chaise lounge, this time with an elevated viewpoint of the surroundings.

If even more sunning space is needed, then go ahead and add on the optional bow filler cushion ($200) and turn the forward section into another sun pad.


A Sony stereo accommodates AM, FM and CDs but to the side is a 12V adapter and an MP3 port so anyone’s player, or more likely a smartphone fully loaded with music, can control the atmosphere.

Glastron GT 205

The stereo is tucked into the glove box and there’s an MP3 port to the side.

If there’s a desire to class the boat up a bit, then the GT version offers an XL Package ($1,200) that adds a bow scuff plate, an hour meter and depth sounder at the helm, flip-up bucket seats, 5 pull-up cleats, snap-in carpet, stainless steel drink holders, stainless grab handles, and stainless speaker covers.

Integral Swim Platform

The 205’s integral swim platform is a good size for serving as a staging area for watersports and as a great spot to relax with the feet in the water. There are three styles, one for each of the separate models. The GT swim platform is the usual with a non-skid surface. The GTS uses a non-skid mat with a logo embossed in. The GTL utilizes a soft-step mat.

Pricing And Power Options

Depending on which model is chosen and which engine will power that choice, prices of the 205 can vary between $34,800 and $42,427. Adding options will boost those prices even further.

Glastron GT 205

When considering which power option to choose from, savvy buyers will consider items well beyond which price point to stick with. Items such as the typical number of people aboard and the demands of the activities the boat will be used for.

Glastron GT 205

The engine is easily accessed for daily checks by lifting the sun pad. Gas struts hold it in the open position.

The sporty set will want top-end speed, towing requires low-end torque and the luxury conscious will probably not be worried about speed but will have a lot of friends onboard and will therefore need power just for getting on plane. For a young family only interested in cruising and tubing, the standard power will likely suffice. Larger engines will also carry a higher re-sale price, however.

Other Notable Options

Options are available for each of the three models, and there are definitely some that we’d consider on any of the three that we would purchase.

To begin, there’s the watersports tower that is available for all three models. It’s hinged for easy storage, and there are two versions, the basic ($2,660) and the same model with a color matched Bimini top ($3,407). The XL Package ($1,200) includes a bow scuff plate, an hour meter, depth gauge, dual flip-up bucket seats, 5 pull up cleats, snap-in carpet, stainless drink holders, stainless grab handles, and stainless speaker covers.

Option Suggestions. If boating at night docking lights ($180) should be added on. All of these apply to all three models with the exception of the XL package. Additionally, it’s always nice to have more room at the swim platform and an extended platform is available. A basic unit can be added to the GT and GTSF for $767. For the GTS and GTL it’s a low profile upgraded version for $1,067.

As for the GTL, most of what we discussed comes standard. But if we’re going all out on getting this model we’d also add underwater lights ($613) and the Quick and Quiet thru-hull exhaust ($3,267).


Non-structural parts and components have a 2-year warranty and the hull and deck have a 5-year warranty. There are a number of exclusions so the warranty should be read carefully, although most exclusions seem fairly standard.


We love how the GT Series sets itself apart from the other boats in class with unique retro styling. But there’s much more to the 205s than eye candy. The brand has always been a leader in styling, speed and value, and the GT 205 is no exception.

Standard and Optional Equipment

Glastron GT 205 (2014-) Standard and Optional Equipment
CD Stereo Standard
Power Steering Standard
Trailer Standard
Exterior Features
Carpet: Cockpit Optional Snap-in
Swim Platform Standard
Tower: Watersports Optional
Bimini Top Optional
Cockpit Cover Optional

Standard = Standard Optional = Optional

Glastron GT 205 (2014-) Warranty

Glastron GT 205 (2014-) Warranty Information
Warranties change from time to time. While has tried to ensure the most up-to-date warranty offered by each builder, it does not guarantee the accuracies of the information presented below. Please check with the boat builder or your local dealer before you buy any boat.

Full Warranty Information on this brand coming soon!

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