4 Die as Barge Plows... - 04/09/2008

William Hill Jr., 59, was killed recently when the tugboat, with several barges in tow, collided with his 32-foot aluminum cabin cruiser. The crash happened shortly after 8 p.m. just east of Wilson Dam in Wilson Lakww in the Tennessee River. TVA police said they are sill looking for three other bodies of people said to have been on the boat at the time of the accident. Watch the silent video of boat being removed by crane.

The search for additional victims from the fatal collision involving a barge and a leisure boat on Wilson Lake now may involve three people, authorities said.

Authorities are not sure what happened to cause the crash and some say all of the details may never be known.

"Hopefully there are no more than three others on the boat," Jordan said late Saturday afternoon from the Fleet Harbor command center. "Our plans and hopes are to raise the boat and retrieve the bodies."

The depth of the water at the crash site has hampered rescue efforts, but Jordan said the needed equipment and personnel should be in place this morning to retrieve the boat.

Just before noon Friday, search and rescue crews, using cameras and sonar equipment, identified what appeared to be wreckage of the boat near the north shoreline. A member of the search team said the wreckage could be in water 80 to 100 feet deep. The search was called off Friday at 6:30 p.m., and the effort resumed Saturday around daybreak.