Careful Engine Selection Can Save 20-30% + on Your Fuel Bill - 12/12/2007
We compared two gas engines and two diesels and found some surprising data

Tests of Formula 40 Super Sport (top) and the 40 PC yield some surprising results.

We are all more fuel conscious these days, and that is a good thing, because it forces us to take a good look at engine performance numbers. Just like every boat, so, too, is every engine a compromise-- they are set up to perform best at a certain RPM and load, among other things. Decide what is more important to you (we recommend you consider optimum cruising speed), and see how the engine options perform there.

Here, we look at two Formula 40 Super Sports powered by 525-hp and 415-hp MerCruiser gas engines, and two Formula 40 PCs powered by 370-hp Volvo Penta diesels and 440-hp Yanmar diesels. There are some surprises.

Formula 40 Super Sport -- 2006

Formula 40 Super Sport

Formula 40 PC-- 2007 Test

Formula 40 PC-- 2005 Test